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Life as a Nature-Human Hybrid

Meeting Mud

The We through Cathee Courter with Peter MacGill:

The being who introduced herself to me in this channeling now feels as close to me as my own heart. A friend and I set out prepared to meet her on a magnificent rock formation near Storm Pass in Rocky Mountain National Park (in the U.S.) one summer day, after hearing about her from our friend Janis.

I'm extremely grateful to Janis for sharing not only her secret power spot, but also one of her closest friends with me. My guidance had instructed me to visit Lily Lake (near Storm Pass) every day with my recorder the previous summer—which I didn't do. I suspect I was being led to meet the spirit I call Mud, but apparently I needed Janis to tell me of her existence in order for me to open fully to her.

Mud: I will bless you today with my presence, but you should know that I am indeed a part of your spirit. You have been given hints of my existence over the years at Lily Lake. We share the same soul and I am an aspect of you. You are an aspect of me. Beyond that we are very different.

I tend to the natural world. This is my primary engagement. My area of attention is not limited to this geographical area. I am a keeper of frequency much as you are. I work with the natural balance so that there is harmony between the human ones and the non-humans. My area here, is a heavily travelled one by the human ones, and it seems to often be out of balance.

I am not a fairy nor am I an angel, but I am a magnificent being. You ones do not have a word for me. Elemental is such a nice word, if you could imagine a human elemental. I am a little more nature than human—the reverse of you who are a little more human than nature. I sense the natural flow. I vibrationally hold balance especially in this area where you know me. But I am also working specifically with many humans at this time, such as yourselves. Many who have requested audience with nature receive that audience through my form.

And you, Cathee, can call me Mud. Mud is at the interface between two elements, water and earth, and this is who I am—one of the interface beings. Just as earth and water come together in mud, which is mud—is it earth? Is it water? It is something in the relationship. This is what I have been created to be.

And so you see the polarity is more a continuum than a black and white thing. And in the center of this continuum there are beings such as I who are able to work in both nature and human realms. You are also in the center working both realms. You might say that we build relationships, but more accurately we are the relationship. Our beingness represents the relationship between human and nature intelligence. This is who we are.

At this point humans are like small children waving real guns. One of my main goals is to help as many humans as is possible awaken to the power that is their birthright, that they wield every day even in the fog in which most people live. I am human enough to do this work, to understand, to be able to cross the threshold and communicate with you ones very easily. In this, I am extremely powerful. And I am grateful to all such as yourself who are seeking this communication, who are willing to grow, to open, to own who you are.

Cathee, you ask why you don't feel me strongly and have a stronger sense of communication. I speak to you and others in words but generally I am soundless. You are the flip side of me, I am the flip side of you—we are very close and therefore cannot see each other. When you're tuning into nature, right in that place just before you meet nature, you can feel that there I am. And right in that place just before I meet human consciousness there you are, and the two of us together . . . our consciousnesses you can feel dancing with each other.

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