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Life as a Nature-Human Hybrid

Old Man Mountain

I met Peter as part of a small group working with an ancient Indian stone circle that lies between a busy street and a mammoth office building in Boulder, Colorado. Peter and I worked together easily at that meeting. When I backed out of doing a workshop for the larger group we both belonged to after a difficult encounter, Peter called and we decided to go ahead with the workshop after all—with just the two of us.

Old Man Mountain looks like a tall heap of boulders as seen from the shop-lined main street of Estes Park. Archaeologists have found stones carried there by Indians of various tribes from hundreds of miles away to leave as sacred offerings on their vision quests. It's still a favorite place for locals to do ceremony. I'd climbed it with friends to celebrate the previous summer solstice. I was embarrassed that while others gave prayers, I was transfixed feeling a vortex that was opening up in the surrounding landscape, which captivated me far more than anyone's personal offerings.

Peter: Several channelers talk about Longs Peak being a stargate. One, Karen Cook, says many souls first came to incarnate on Earth through the stargate of Longs, and stargates are still used by ET's. Do you agree and could you elaborate?

The We: Longs Peak has a metallic core that goes a long way down, whereas most mountains have many metallic layers or patterns, so in a way Longs is magnetic for spacecraft.

The ET's most in question, however, are deep in the earth. Cathee felt previously at Old Man how the energies of the new vortex were coming up from inside the Earth. As Earth rises in frequency, it has attracted many of the great consciousnesses you've met or read about, to help. It also is attracting beings from off planet who are here to help Earth change at a frequency/geometric level. You've been conditioned to thinking of ET's as having arms and legs and looking at least a little like you. However, some are deep in the earth—wonderful consciousnesses.

It's not Longs Peak per se that is the stargate. Longs is to one side of it, but it was much easier for Cook to name Longs than to describe the area alongside Longs.

The gridwork that Peter works with in Boulder is largely centered on balancing the Earth there and the living things on the Earth—plants, people, and animals. It doesn't extend very far down. The vortex up here is more experimental. There are energies coming through that are very foreign. It's like someone going to church every Sunday and getting nurtured by that, but deciding to go on a retreat where bigger things can happen. Of course, the people who are happy to live in Estes are those with a value system that can handle these foreign energies.

Old Man has loomed much larger in my life than I would have imagined at that time. The energy at the summit shoots up in playful streams, and I usually feel compelled to take off my boots and dance around barefoot before settling into its pulse. A friend I once guided up its slopes suggested we spend the night at the top. After spending an hour or so there, she realized it would be overwhelming to stay there more than a few hours.

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