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Weness: Chapter Seven

by Cathee Courter with Peter MacGill and the We

Beyond Nature/Human Polarity

In my early work with the land, I didn't require many explanations. Sometimes I would be led to familiar places. Other times I would sense where to place an X on my map and head out, full of anticipation. Just as my body is not separate from the land, the food I eat, or the air I breathe, my consciousness has never felt separate from the consciousness of the land. The wind blows where it is needed, and I walk where I am needed. It's fairly simple.

A section of the Old Ute Trail starts at a broad meadow and winds its way past natural boulder sculptures up along the side of a mountain overlooking a glacier-scooped valley. If you follow it far enough, you ascend through scrub pine and tundra to join up with Trail Ridge Road, which paves the trail from there over the Divide.

A tree-covered promontory on the side of Forest Canyon had caught my attention, which I mapped and set out to find one summer day. Cutting off the Old Ute Trail before its last ascent, I hopped across a stream, folded up my map, and opened my inner map, consulting it every few steps for whether to scramble up the steep mountainside or carefully pick my way over crumbling logs through deep beds of squirrel-shredded pine cones beneath the dark canopy of thick growth overhead. Boulders protruded everywhere. About half a mile over, I suddenly came upon a beautiful cave created by an overhang of lichen-covered rock. I felt incredibly loved to have been led to this magical place. However, my time there was brief. I felt too tired, emotionally and physically, to be able to resonate fully with the cave, and when rain moved in I was encouraged to return home.

I returned with Peter in the fall. This was our first long hike together, and we were in step all the way—in the length of our strides, in the length of our silences, and in our sense of which direction to pick our way across the mountainside in search of the cave. Sharing personal stories didn't seem to distract from my communion with the land we traversed, which surprised me. Taking my focus from the deep pulse of nature wasn't required to talk about human things with Peter. Hiking with him seemed like hiking with Pan.

I asked to stop at a powerful-feeling rock to rest. It was very steep, taller than us, with just a couple little ledges at the top where we each perched, carefully maintaining our balance while the following came through.

When we brought you here the first time up to the cave you found, Cathee, we told you that you were tired and you should go home, but actually you hadn't been opened up. You needed to be activated in certain ways to truly be able to appreciate what's here. You were still working out of a model then that you were going to do something for the place rather than be activated yourself. We're very glad that the insight came through last night that you are here to be activated, and that the relationship between you and the place is what's important. You and this place have a power when you come together that is lacking in either one apart. And it's not just this rock, of course. It's this whole area that we are sending you around to different points of. When you are together, you form a joint energy.

You have read theories that when creation came from light into form there was polarity—a split into male and female—and therefore bringing the two together in sex creates an energy to take you back to the light, to the One. Along that line of thinking of polarity, you could say a human/nature polarity was also set up. And there are certain places that are like a socket and you're a plug with prongs. It's a place you can plug into because it has a certain consciousness that fits with who you are. Just as sex is a way for male and female polarities to join and go back to the oneness behind male/female, connecting with certain places is a way to go back behind the polarity of human/nature. And when you are in these places, you feel your prongness and it's socketness, and you get excited by that, because there can be an experience of Source in these places.

This is such a place. Inherently it is not of special significance to the flow of energy through this area, from nature's perspective, because of magnetic currents, ley lines, or whatnot. It is only of special significance because it is a place that humans can hook into, and this is a very beautiful thing. It is different from some of the other places we have taken you and will take you, in that its primary significance from our perspective is its accessibility to you to take you home, to let you experience a deeper union with All That Is.

So this is why we have brought you here, and this is why we have been telling you this whole way, Cathee, to make your heart totally vulnerable and open. When a human becomes—again to use the lover analogy—very intertwined with such a place, then the rest of the work that you will be led to do is easy. You can tap into nature intelligence much more easily because you have gone to the oneness beyond it, and back into the polarity with it. We know that you have experienced this on a soul level, because you did come into creation from the oneness. But for you now as a separate individual incarnation to be able to re-experience that to some extent—we realize that you'll get just a taste of it, just a glimpse—but to re-experience that even to a small extent attunes you to the oneness behind the many and makes this work so easy.

You are as a planet going back to what feels more undifferentiated, which feels like you're getting closer to Source as you move out of density, and this is very disorienting to many people. We have sensed disorientation in both of you as this has happened in various parts of your lives. This is partly why we see that taking time to experience places like this with your partner, nature, is a very grounded way of going back into that undifferentiated energy. It's a very gentle way of getting comfortable with the expansiveness and diffusiveness. We would like to see a few humans on Earth who are grounded in this transition. And you ones can be, because of hanging out with rocks like this, grounded even in the midst of intense change and energy fluctuations. If you've been to Source and back, everything else changing, changing, changing is not so scary.

Yes, there is a beautiful cave, and Cathee, if you'd like to go back to it, we can see to it that you get there. But we hope that you understand—this is the prerequisite for us taking you there—that this cave has wonderful energies, although maybe no more wonderful than this rock does. But the other half of that equation is finding the cave and those beautiful energies within yourself, because you have to bring the match to it in order for this place to be powerful. There are many places on Earth—most places you go—where the energy is in the land, and if you're sensitive enough you'll feel it and if you're not you won't. But in a place like this you have to bring half of the equation.

In a couple among humans, to go back to our earlier analogy, if only one is in love and the other one isn't, you won't be able to ride the energies very high. This is what we are always trying to find words for—to help you find the cave within you. We love you both so very dearly. And we see so much hidden within you that you cannot see. To us it is so obvious—the thread home, the Source within you. You look everywhere for it, and it is so plain to us.

We are very grateful that you have agreed to let us—we speak as nature here—mirror this for you. We are your partners in enlightenment. It is not just about getting all the Earth grids lined up, and getting everything sparkling clean and balanced. We are in true partnership with you, and you could say our enlightenment and your enlightenment are mirror images of each other, are two halves of a whole. We need you as you need us. We are your other half.

Since you have dedicated yourselves to this work, there are times when you will be asked to do what we were just mentioning—clean up an area or get the gridlines activated—the kind of energy work you are familiar with. There are other times when we seek your deepest love, your deepest vulnerability, and something we can't quite find words for. It is like asking you to be the clearest mirror for us so that we can see our own reflection in the mirror of human consciousness. This is what duality is about, the one becoming the parts so that the parts can see themselves reflected in the mirror of each other. This is true for nature. What is nature without human consciousness to see it, to reflect it? It's closer than reflecting, it's closer than seeing. It's more like a dance.

And so at times we ask you to be the clearest reflection for us that you can be. Remember when Mud was speaking to you months ago, Cathee, and she said you'll find her in that place where you're first tuning into nature and can feel the difference between nature and human consciousness. And it's right on that edge that she lives all the time, and it's right on that edge that you live when you're doing that. Maybe that's the closest we can come to putting it into words. But we can take you there.

There is a glorious future that awaits you as nature-oriented lightworkers. It comes through relaxing into your deepest, truest self. It comes through being who you naturally are. It doesn't come through effort necessarily. We know very few humans who are who they are consciously. We would ask you for the rest of this day to see how much you can truly relax. When you relax in a place like this, you can go very deep indeed into who you really are.

Peter and I sat for a long time in pregnant silence. My body and the rock seemed comprised of bubbles of light. The whole mountainside felt vibrant, and there was no bottom to how deeply I could sink and spread out into it. At moments I feared not being able to reconstitute myself.

The sun dipped, the air chilled, and we decided to skip trying to find the cave. We went lower on our way back through majestic fragrant pines with soft mossy earth beneath our feet. As we returned to the trail, I sat for a few minutes to say good-bye and to ground. In most places I can feel a deva that has a certain energetic personality to it, however subtle. This felt closer to me than any place I've ever been, so close I couldn't stand back far enough to feel the energetic character. The previous evening I'd been up on Trail Ridge Road, and the deva of the area had said it would be very good for me to go back often and get steeped in its energy. But as we were leaving this mountainside I felt that I had so completely bonded with it that it would be a part of me, and that there was really no reason to ever go back.

At trail's end I felt I had returned from a totally enchanted dimension.

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