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Weness: Chapter Eight

by Cathee Courter and the We including Peter MacGill

Longs Peak Love

Longs Peak is the highest mountain in Rocky Mountain National Park and is broad as well, dominating the horizon. Its diamond-shaped face is well-known to technical climbers around the world, as well as by the 20,000 or so hikers that attempt to reach its 14,259 foot peak each summer.

The following channeling took place in Peter's truck in the trailhead parking lot since it was very cold outside. Being someone who usually has to sit on the earth to connect vibrationally with it, I'm amazed at how much energy can be felt in that asphalt-covered parking lot. It's one of my favorite places in the Park.

There are secrets here. We walk you around, and we give you hints and glimpses of the big picture. But Longs Peak has an energy of the mystery of not knowing more than you know. This is because obviously you have to become more to know more, and the mountain puts you through the paces to become more, which is partly why there is such an attraction to this place for so many.

Longs and part of Mt. Meeker too are like a record-keeping crystal. There are places on this mountain where you can access information that is stored deep within it. A metallic core shoots straight up the inside of the mountain which is able to transmit and receive information that can then be stored in the crystalline structures that are so prevalent here. This information is accessible to anyone who is ready, able, and willing to access it. Tremendous history is stored here.

As you spend time here there are so many levels that you could go into—so many little packets of information here and there that can be accessed and read. There are many civilizations associated with this mountain, and not all are third dimensional. We're telling you this partly so that you don't get lost. As we see it there are many tangents you could take because there is so much information accessible, and if you get off on little bends you may miss the main path, the true pearl. Hopefully we will be able to catch your attention if this begins to happen. Not only is there a wealth of information that can be verbally transmitted and come in the form of thoughts, but energetic information.

Most people when they come to Longs Peak think of going up and up and up. What we wish is for you to go down, down, down and in, the opposite direction. This place connects to the heart gridwork of the planet. Just as the human body has chakras, and different layers of the aura correspond to different chakras, Longs connects to the heart layer of energy of the planet. This layer has been hurting for so very long. There are many torn places, many ruptured veins, you might say, much stagnant, diseased energy. There is not a clear, smooth, healthy connective tissue on the heart layer throughout the globe; it is mangled.

You have volunteered to be of service, and the way Longs would request your service is for you to send love out on this gridwork, this heart layer. It is possible to do much more with a little bit of love if you can connect in to the pathways here than it is to send the same amount of love from elsewhere. This is a place where a little conscious intention can go a long ways. It's not like you have to have enough love within yourselves to love the whole planet into health. But as always, one human can represent the many humans, and can give intent. Much has been prepared and protected here, so that these main pipelines are still in good working condition.

There are several places from which to work and some are more accessible than others. The best places are really hard to get to and you probably won't, but we can work in from the side, so to speak. Longs is a delightful spot on Earth. You are very fortunate to have been called to work with it.

We wish to have you remember your common origin. You are both learning to trust the human side. You are both quite willing and able to open to Spirit in Spirit's non-human guises. You both have a ways to go in learning to trust humans to the same extent that you trust non-humans and nature.

We bring you to Longs early in the journey for you because it is heart work that needs to be done here, and we see that heart work needs to be done in you, so it's a perfect match of task and doer. We surround you with so much love on the planes in which we live. There is only gentle coaching that we can do, however, to get you to open your trust levels on the human interactional area of your life. Part of why you have been brought together to do the work that you are doing, and part of why you are both responding to working in partnership enthusiastically, is because you sense and we sense that it would really be cool to trust another human being a lot more than you do. It would be really nice. You chuckle, but . . . yeah, you chuckle.

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