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Weness: Chapter Nine

by Cathee Courter and the We including Peter MacGill

Within the Fabric

Love is a universal, maybe the universal, and being a natural-born mystic I have to be careful to remember the difference between universal and abstract. The mountains are huge, and hugely specific. Words like "grand" and "sweeping" are often used to describe them, but I also feel the immediacy of every step on the way to the Rock, on the Forest Canyon Pass. Passing the homes of picas and then marmots and then ptarmigans. Remembering how the sky over certain peaks looked lit by sunset or lightning. Starting to feel the gentle sweet spirits of the Rock as I drop my worries along the way and open all my senses. That feeling at the Rock of home.

Being at the Rock and looking around is not like looking at my mother's face or my lover's hands. It is grand. Sweeping. Majestic. Immensely powerful. Nonetheless, specifically home, where I feel universally loved.

I channeled the following alone one fall day at home at the Rock.

We love you dearly.

It is impossible to be anywhere in this incarnation without feeling—if you're willing to feel—nature. You are attuning yourself to an awareness of nature everywhere. This is not an earth-startling revelation. We see you still resisting, though, the fact that you are never alone. There is no you that is not us. How odd that you feel that there should be.

As your ever present, ever tolerant, ever fluid counterpart, we're happy to be here with you. When we say "happy" you think that we are anthropomorphizing. You think that you are making this up. In part you are, because you're finding the words for it. But when we say we are happy to always be with you, it means we are, and you are, and here we are. We have been pushing you as your nature teachers, if you wish to continue on this path, to accept your humanness and the humanness of other humans. This is not easy for you. We give you a beautiful mountainside. We give you the gift of a very dear hiking partner. We give you the gift of a healthy body; at least you give yourself that, and we help whenever you ask us to.

Now accept what is, fully. Accept that you are part of the fabric of life, which includes us and Peter, and the Rock. You don't really exist outside of that fabric. There is some mythology among the human ones that you are somehow outside of it, and you came down into it, and then someday again you will be outside of it again. It's subtle, how this mythology has worked its way into your psychology. And it isn't true. So you must let go of the myth. We give you such gifts to make that process easier, to make joining with your whole heart the truth of your inter-fabricness with us, with Peter, with Janis, with all of it, with the elk in your yard. It's all one.

This is all we wish you to feel today. The death of the mythology. The truth of the oneness. It seems very amazing to you that we talk to you in pretty good English, or at least in impulses that are easily translated into English. It amazes you when someone wonderful like Peter pops into your life—so loving and steady and beautiful. We do good work. You do good work at accepting gifts. We call it a gift because he has always been here. We have always been here. We are a gift as well. Whether the giver is you or God or us, all these givers are one. You are a beingness who is wandering and meeting itself. It is time that you realize that when we say we are you, as in "you are the spirit of this place," we do so with love. It's not that if we are you we're incapable of love. It is still that we give you gifts. It is still love.

We know your mind does not understand what we say. Your heart does.

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