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Life as a Nature-Human Soul Family

by Cathee Courter, Peter MacGill, and the We

I'm happy to give you our Shamanism 101, although you may find it advanced.

Soon after Peter and I met, we naively created our own shamanism workshop at the ancient vision quest site Old Man Mountain, along with our guides and various nature spirits. I'd been channeling professionally for over a decade, and was led to use that talent with nature more than humans. We never dreamed that this seminar would continue in two hundred all-day intensive workshops over the next five years! This book covers the first six months of teachings. They're still vibrantly relevant, and the reader can follow in the same sequence the material was presented to us initially. I'm extremely grateful for these conversations and experiences, although at the time they were mind-blowing—as good spiritual teachings tend to be.

I'm posting these teachings at a time when I'm too electrically sensitive to be on the computer long enough to perfect the links, etc. But I feel these ideas are important to share widely. Perhaps one of my parallel selves will take it upon herself to perfect the presentation. She, and I, have learned to leap between parallel worlds based on the foundation of these teachings.

Enjoy. We've known from the beginning that these were given for you, as well as for us.

- Cathee Courter

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