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Life as a Nature-Human Soul Family

Introduction by Jonathan Stone

(from his parallel world)

I was stunned when I came across this book.

I live in a different parallel world than Cathee and Peter, but on the same mountain (that she calls Longs Peak). My world is at a slightly lesser density, and has a vastly different culture—especially regarding how we relate to nature. We have no combustion engines, but use the natural electromagnetic energy of the earth in our transportation systems. We relate intimately to the spirits of the food that we grow and eat, and the spirits of the cotton we use for clothing. In fact, we're close to the spirits of everything we come across in our lives. To us the whole world is alive.

Cathee has become precious to me and others in my world. I believe she'll soon be able to physically walk over to my world, as she walks through the woods surrounding my home on her world. I find this book remarkable, because I see in it the beginning teachings that one would need to learn to eventually be able to walk into my world from yours. I've known Cathee for several years, but hadn't seen this book. (I read her mind as she read it recently). It's almost word for word what I was taught by nature consciousnesses as a teenager as I began my path to become an advanced shaman in my own culture. It's as though the nature spirits on this mountain handed us both the same book telepathically.

This is not the first time I've found what she learned from this mountain to be similar to what the mountain has taught me. And to our people it seems natural that where you live hugely affects who you are. But I know that this is not considered so in your culture, where people usually move about for reasons of a job or family ties, rather than because of a deep connection to land. This is something we have a hard time comprehending. We also have a hard time understanding your love of "virtual reality," which to us means displacement from place into a human-made artificial electrical environment.

Too often in your culture people try to relate to land using concepts that don't support a deep experience of the land, and it often seems like chance when someone does have a deep relationship. It's often spontaneous—a moment of connection and joy.

This book may be slow going for some people to read through, because it contains simple concepts that are rather foreign to what you're taught about the universe in your so-called objective modes of understanding. In this introduction—which I begged Cathee to let me write—I wish to confirm that if you follow these teachings, you'll most likely be able to do parallel world travel too. I suggest you either follow them on the land here at Longs Peak, or call in these land spirits wherever you are. A photo of Longs Peak would probably help. (Longs Peak in Cathee's world is in Rocky Mountain National Park, in Colorado, U.S.A.)

In my culture on this mountain, we're able to follow in through some of the ley lines spoken of in this book—the energy flows—and shift our vibration to where we can enter another parallel world's vibration. Then we downstep our astral body into a new physical body that matches the energy of the land there. Our usual body is back at home lying motionless, but we're walking around in another body that's adapted to the place it's in. In order to do that, we have to be extremely sensitive to the vortices on this mountain that make that kind of translation possible.

The "earth ETs" as referred to in this book allow that translation to happen in such a way that we're now accessing parallel worlds that we've never accessed before, including Cathee's world and the world I presume you're on. So it's a universal movement—which is opening new passageways energetically—that has brought me to you and allows me to speak through Cathee now. And yet, I had to be aware and trained to be able to take advantage of this opportunity. It's a physical thing—a land-based ability.

You're far more loved by land than you can probably imagine. Most likely the land you're inhabiting as you read these words adores you—or would if you would only come into a loving relationship with it.

I wish you well on your journey. Where this takes you may be to other parallel worlds or to just a deeper sense of well-being. Of home.

God bless you.

- Jonathan Stone

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Channelings that describe Jonathan's world are in The Parallel Worlds Handbook, Book Three. (See Book One of The Parallel Worlds Handbook for instructions on leaping between worlds.)

Videos channeled by Jonathan Stone through Cathee Courter are on our YouTube channel wenessorg.

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