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Centrifuge Mountain

The We through Cathee Courter

photo of Old Man Mountain, a shamanic vision quest sacred site in Estes Park, Colorado, near Rocky Mountain National Park

Old Man Mountain is bringing in and integrating within itself frequencies of land from an advanced star, Betelgeuse, in the Orion constellation. Just as so-called "realized masters" are needed to hold the resonance of what all people can become, the frequencies of "realized planets and stars" are needed for the Earth in her ascension process to guide her evolution.

Like humans, many nature consciousnesses are going through a dimensional shift and a process of transformation into the new energies that Earth is now embodying pretty fully, and many people are as well. This means that physical place is less localized. You know this seems true already when through Google Earth you can access any place on the planet and see the satellite view of it, and you watch movies that were filmed somewhere else. Space is less localized.

You would expect this. There's less cause and effect in these times, and probabilities [possible futures] are going crazy, spinning around, multiplying. This is a function of you being more localized in the astral dimension—it's very easy to spin off probabilities here. Which is why it really matters that you meditate every day and choose what you want.

So space is less cohered than it used to be. People still get on airplanes to go somewhere else, or drive or walk, but it's less necessary. If you really imagine yourself somewhere else, you'll get there somehow. This is leading to, eventually, the ability many people will have to bilocate. Or to just go somewhere else and manifest their body there. This has been very possible all along, but to really be comfortable with it is something else. Few people are. If you're on a globe, a sphere, it's like going to the center and then popping back out somewhere instead of crawling over the surface around to the other side. And of course, in the center is a different dimension.

This gives space a whole different feel to it. Distance is not a matter of space. It's a matter of resonance.

Old Man goes first, and and then the new frequencies start radiating out so that other lands can catch these radiances from Old Man. They spread from here, instead of everybody having to connect up to Betelgeuse directly. And why it is easier to get this from Old Man, is that Old Man steps it into a form that Earth can resonate with a little easier than it can resonate with the star energies directly. This mountain is part of Earth, and all of Earth is connected, so it's no problem for these frequencies to spread out.

Cathee, when an individual or a tribe contacts you, this invokes Old Man. (Old Man may be encouraging them to call you). As people who have worked with and internalized Old Man, when you show up and go to their land, what you do is bring the mountain into the human relationship realm. You relate to Old Man here, then you go there and relate to Old Man there, on their land. The wisdom and connections that you've worked out here are instantly put into their land—connections between humans and land, and between land and Betelgeuse—the information that you've been encoded with. Old Man and the stargate he's within here hold the encodement, and you take that out to other land. So it's not that all peoples have to come to the stargate to get these frequencies. But it helps to have people who are used to working with the stargate energies to go out to those other places and activate them.

There are seeds of wisdom that have been given to different tribes to hold. They are their part of the universal human family, their cultural gem, which is in balance with all the other cultural gems different cultures have had. And together, you get a pretty complete picture of this hologram that we're all creating together.

There are both peoples who are on their traditional lands and peoples who are not. And some of these will come back to their land, to receive this activation, which then brings forth their particular flavor, their piece of the puzzle. It activates the seed in their culture which they may or may not be very conscious of. And it allows their visionaries to much more easily grasp their gems, which may be very new to you, but delightful to hear about.

In recent millennia, Old Man became a "vision quest site." What Cathee would call male spiritual expression was practiced here—fasting, exposure to the elements, and self-discipline. Sometimes men need to exhaust themselves to get out of the way, and just let Spirit in. Whereas women who have babies and have to be good receivers of life don't have to get out of the way so much. They're used to the dynamic of receptivity.

So let's look back before the "vision quest." What did Old Man mean to people before that particular genre of spirituality arose? Always people have had to get away from the hubbub of the tribe and the pull of family relationships at times. At times you need to be alone, and at times you need to be with people. That's just human. But the form of vision-quest-male spirituality—it has been for the last several millennia mainly males that went to Old Man, which the Arapaho called literally "man where-sit-he" in their language. They didn't call it "woman where-sit-she." Before that, for quite some time, it was either sex who sought this "medicine."

You have read that, in the swing of the pendulum on Earth, for a time the goddess energies were very big and alive, with many priestesses in other parts of the world. And then it swung back now to where there have been male priests for the most part until recently. But in between the swings you move to a bit of history—maybe it's not as long—where who gives a darn about whether it's a man or a woman. It's a more balanced sense of spirituality. The concept of God is not so gendered. You've swung over to the male, and now you're swinging back. So now we're in another period where who cares so much if it's male or female medicine people that we meet with.

About 5,000 B.C. and lasting for several hundred years, was a time when the medicine people of the local tribes met at the mountain. There was a very rich exchange of cultures and traditions, of spiritual visions, of you might even say technique, between the tribes. At any time there might have only been three tribes that participated. We remember this time fondly. Those were the good old days. Every twenty years people knew they would meet like that, so in those times you may only do that once in your lifetime. The number of tribes would differ. And there was a feeling of knowing that you were to develop the seed that you received from Old Man in your own place, in your own tribe. You were to cultivate that piece of the vision. And then you would come back together with the other tribes that had been cultivating their piece of whatever they got from Old Man twenty years prior, and you would put the pieces together. It was thrilling. When you brought them together, what resulted was like a beautiful stained glass window with different colors.

that was a fun time in history, because you didn't want to wipe out the other tribe entirely if you were warring. And there wasn't nearly as much war—there were spats, we would say, and people did get killed, but usually they knew exactly what they were fighting about. It was very concrete—you took too many buffalo last year, or something. It wasn't just this "you're our enemy." And they didn't want to wipe out, especially, the medicine people. When we say "medicine people" you think of a role and ordainment. They were just the wisest people there. They weren't given a title. The seers, the psychics, whatever you want to call them. The talent in that direction. You didn't want to wipe out another tribe because they had a piece of the puzzle, and what's a stained glass window if you have a pane missing? You can't see the whole message. So those were golden times.

And this is still Old Man's energy. Old Man's very essence is like a stained glass window, where different peoples get kernels of truth to plant and grow, and then come back and share the flowering of that on the mountain again. They camped on what is presently Elkhorn Lodge's land and all around.

This is our vision of Old Man in his/her glory, when he/she is really functioning well. It's not like counting how many pottery sherds of each tribe have been found there, and saying therefore that tribe gets that much of the mountain. It's always been this jumble.

We see Old Man as holding a centrifuge of power, vision and love for an area. You can see it as a circle that reaches clear out to California, a bit into Indiana, to Montana, and part of Mexico. So that's its sphere of influence. And energetically anybody in that area can easily be blessed and have their land awakened under the influence of Old Man.

photo of Old Man Mountain

Just one time, there were thirty-four tribes together at Old Man at the same time, when there was uncertainty about the climate. This was thousands of years ago. And so a call went out to pool the talent of the seers to try to do something about it, or know how to relate to it, or help each other. We have to admit that it was not a real good gathering. There was quite a bit of competition. There is a scarcity of resources here as far as feeding a large group of people, although it was just representatives of the tribes. But it didn't go so well. Any time you're under stress, like fear of a drought, people get a little harder to deal with anyway.

But there have been magical gatherings with as many as twelve tribes, where everyone just appreciated each other.

We find it to be a very exciting time now, that as we go into where the astral realm is easier to reach, and Old Man is leading the way, you will find yourselves resonant with people that you never dreamed you'd be hanging out with.


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