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Holding Old Man Mountain

photo of Old Man Mountain, an ancient vision quest site, in Estes Park, Colorado, USA

The We through Cathee Courter

As we go into the fourth dimension now—isn't that dreamtime?

You're going into the fourth dimension in your external reality now. Before, the fourth dimension was more internal. A different part of your psyche is playing with the fourth now, a different center of personality, which is exciting. Old Man can give you structure, a base from which to choose probabilities very wisely. There is collective wisdom in the mountain, not only of your own past lives but a collective wisdom like a library, only better. You draw forth what you need. The mountain is a matchmaker between humans and the spirits they need, acting as a switchboard. And that's only half of it. The other half is what you draw forth from its knowledge of those devas [nature spirits] and other realities.

In ancient times when you used to choose the probabilities, it was not just, "Do I go hunting next week?" If we're looking way back, at a time when the wisdom was humming in terms of internal reality, it was much like your experience now. If you choose to go into the experience of white geranium, it has its own almost surreal density, own feeling, own perspective on the world. Going into cougar is a whole different perspective on the world. And when you dip in, Old Man Mountain holds you so that you don't lose who you are, so that you can more thoroughly merge into the experience you're seeking, because someone is holding you and you can find your way back. Mountains are rare that can hold people as they have such a broad array of experiences. There are few mountains that can do that for humans as proficiently, beautifully and lovingly as Old Man Mountain does.

So, Cathee, when you moved in to the Elkhorn condos at its base, you had no idea who Old Man Mountain really was, and what he could open up in you, what he could give support for. A few years ago, when you felt he exploded like a volcano, and all the land felt to be tremendously energized, you went to a healer and found that you were clinging to Old Man. When you thought that you were being overwhelmed by him, really you were reaching out to him for support. We see Old Man now clinging somewhat to you, and that energy going out to you. But we don't think it's unpleasant energy. He is probing. He is needing more from you right now than perhaps he has to give. We have talked about that as being that he is asleep. He is in dreamtime. And he is going through tremendous body changes and psyche changes, as you have experienced. This is his turn now to go through this intensity, and he looks to you to help him remember who he is, to reflect that to him. Do you see the reverse of what we were just saying he's done for you?

photo of Old Man Mountain, an ancient vision quest site, in Estes Park, Colorado

So it's a two-way relationship. And you don't have to know how to do that for him, but call in the tribes, call in other people. And you've been wondering if some of these other tribes are now incarnate as whites. You are. So why wouldn't others be? So yes, the call has to go out widely. But natives are needed uniquely, because of the vibration they hold.

What you do when you photograph close-ups of tiny flowers, and blow them up big, is like making doorways into their experience. Making them big enough to look into who they are and their details, their auras, their surroundings and their leaves, as well as their flowers and seeds. It's a kick for you, because it's not unlike the doorways Old Man Mountain has offered you in the past into these beautiful devas.


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