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photo of Old Man Mountain seen from Elkhorn Lodge in Estes Park, Colorado

Old Man Mountain's Wisdom and Power

in Estes Park, Colorado, USA

by Cathee Courter

My sense of well-being comes largely from connecting deeply with nature. And the more environments that have been dominated with human trappings, the harder it's become to connect as profoundly as we once could with something bigger than human—the sense of oneness that nature consciousness holds.

The higher purpose of certain places is to facilitate nature/human relationships, and they hold open the doorway for easy love and communication between the realms. There are many beautiful places that don't have "nature/human communion" written in their purpose that are enjoyable to visit, but not as intimately fulfilling to be with as Old Man Mountain.

This sacred site has been working with humans for thousands of years, and is extremely skillful at helping us tune in. Like a central server, he can read what you need and hook you up with other nature intelligences. I can sit at Old Man and connect with distant land areas very vividly, as if I were there. In the historical vision questing times, people sought deeper connections with nature beings such as the animals, plants, and mountains around them. Today, he helps me open my "channel" to receive information on even futuristic building-related topics, as you can see in other parts of our website, weness.org.

If you wish to be transplanted to a more loving and sustainably viable parallel world, Old Man Mountain will hold you as you leap.

Opening to this portal into nature consciousness can center, ground, and expand you, and give you peace. The old vision questers must have summoned up within themselves tremendous discipline, to be able to tear themselves away from the loving embrace of this precious place after the allotted time!

photo of Old Man Mountain, a sacred site, power spot bordering Rocky Mountain National Park seen from Hwy 34

Not everyone has the genetic equipment to engage in a vision quest, just as "tennis player" isn't in my genes. Old Man tells me that even in the old days, some questers couldn't receive a vision, and concluded that those who did were making it up. But even people who don't have the kind of experiences you'll read about in the following channelings seem to enjoy boulder climbing, the views, the historical perspective and the earthiness of this beautiful place.

I realize that some will come to this web site mainly for directions, to go have their own experience on the mountain that's quite different from mine. And others who visit this site will never see Old Man Mountain, but will be intrigued by the communications I've received from this dear ally. For budding shamans, in the Becoming Mud: Into the Heart of Nature section of this website, you'll find help on how to communicate with nature beings.

The mountain is reaching out to you, in your uniqueness. Consider printing out one of the photos here and keeping it around you. See if you feel drawn to open your heart to this vibrant being.


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