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The Parallel Worlds Handbook:

Leap to a Joyful Parallel Life!

Through Cathee Courter


A Wondrous Destination

Preview of Part 3

Books and Money

Parallel Whirlpool Danger

Land Non-ownership and Sleeptime Teleporting

Parallel Technology Exchange From You to You


A Beautiful Parallel Culture

Roofs Heated with Cosmic Energies

Loving Sub-Atomic Particles in Building

Collectively Creating Parallel Worlds

The Social Costs of Electromagnetic Fields

Music, and Human Mirrors

Travel, Teleportation and Healing

Parallel Pollution Intrusion


Part One: The Whys and Hows of Parallel Leaping

Part Two: Parallel Life Experiences of John Kennedy Jr.

Part Four: Leap to Freedom

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© Cathee Courter and Peter MacGill photo and text.

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