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Books and Money

Jonathan Stone speaking telepathically from his parallel world through Cathee Courter:

photo of thistle

Cathee: I'm thrilled to be going. We can take things with us, but my future host was saying I won't want any of my clothes. What I can have there is so energetically wonderful, why would I want any of these clothes? And books, he said, are really valued there. But they don't have digital books or digital photography. If we want to send something digital directly into the old parallels, we'll have to go down to a halfway station—maybe in Pinewood Springs—and use a computer there and send it. But really what we'll be doing is more trying to put it into the minds of people who will write what needs to be written, and channeled, basically.

It feels like there are books on the new parallel, and people spend a lot of time and pleasure in creating books. But I don't think most of them are physical. You can create a book of thought or fantasy, and tell people it's there, and anybody can go enjoy it.

I was sensing that they'll have something like cars, that'll look not that different from ours, but they are really different. He said they'll look like they're running on air.

So, I might want to take some already printed out digital photographs with me. Although I'm not sure they'll really understand why I feel the need to have them—why I don't just go out every day and see new beautiful things. (laughs) I think they'll find it kind of curious that I was into photography.

Jonathan: Your relationship will be very strong with the old parallels. I'm so glad you're curious and you're excited about what's coming. Because I'm curious and I'm excited about having you here. I can foresee many wonderful long conversations, not only with me, but with whole groups of people here. Because we really don't understand your society. But I don't think you do either, really. So that makes us kind of all working together, I guess. Like, why? Why this? Why that? (laughs)

Let's get out of here, Cathee. Let's go up to the Park.

Cathee: I'm in the Park now. A couple other things were said. One was that they can grow teeth back. Even the root.

I was talking about the medical profession, and he said it's really evil to withhold information from people about natural ways of healing. Most people on his parallel do their own thing healthwise. There's a range of modalities and beings people work with. Most people work with flowers. It's very different.

There is such a thing as evil on their parallel, and there are people who do bad things. But it's not the general feeling that seems to be the case on our parallel, that everybody knows their corporation is doing bad things, so they don't really want anybody to get caught, because they'd all have to stop doing them. They don't have our mass agreement that bad things are going to keep happening. In their world, if someone gets caught doing something wrong, there's great public censure.

Jonathan: We teleport to travel, and step down our bodies somewhere else if we're doing a long journey across the world, or to another parallel. It's not the easiest thing, because you have to clear your mind totally of whatever you usually think about, and have an incredible focus to do it. Which is why half the time we end up being able to step down the astral but not the physical. But I think you'd be good at it, Cathee. In fact, I think you're kind of one of us. You're already doing a lot of what we do. It shouldn't be that hard. You just have to let go of the old parallel.

Cathee: Now I'm sitting where the bend in the river at Hallowell Park holds green moss. It's gorgeous with golden leaves caught in it. Absolutely gorgeous.

And we're talking. I guess that's more important than the picture taking!

Jonathan, have my primary guides lately been people from the new parallel?

Jonathan: For quite some time we've been mixed in. We've been watching, like you've been doing with Carolyn. Will she work out here? Will we mesh OK? Can Mud, the local land spirit, bring her in? You know how Mud's offered to help create the incarnation for Carolyn to come into your parallel world. Well, you can ditto that for yourself. We're talking about leaping with Mud—Mud being on both parallels, and spanning them quite effortlessly. She knows you well, and she can easily help you leap.

There will be some discomfort, we think. It's not bad, but you have to take it easy. You're feeling like you felt last year when you started channeling the Leapers, and you sat and looked at bubbles in a stream for hours on end. And you're looking at bubbles again here. It helps you focus, and we think that's great.

So don't worry about anything. Everything's unfolding perfectly.

I think your books would be very popular if people knew about them. This is not really your book, or my book with me writing it through you. On our parallel, if we have an interesting experience, we say, "Wow, I had a really interesting experience." And somebody may say, "Oh, can I see it?" And I may say, "Sure," and let them into my mind and into my memory. Or, if I haven't really integrated it and enjoyed it myself that much yet, I may say, "No, I wanna hold off." That's how it works. But it's always not really your experience. Think of who all you participated with in having any experience. This river, every leaf, me as I talk to you. This isn't your experience. This is really kind of our experience, through your lens.

So there isn't that sense of, I've gotta be careful and make sure I make a profit on it, if I put this in a form, even a thoughtform. Which is what a book is. I find it very bizarre that we say put this out for free to make it accessible to all, and you do, and then you resent it that you don't have money. I really struggle, Cathee, I have to admit, to try to understand what it's like to live in a world where money is not abundant. Where you have to worry about getting your basic needs met. Many in your culture are heavily in debt, which is such a bizarre concept, because if nature was able to be in debt, we wouldn't have anything. In nature it's not really possible to be in debt and have stuff. But on your parallel people do have stuff even though they're in debt. It's so abstract. It really doesn't make sense. And I guess that's why so many people are in debt, 'cause they figure why not, 'cause it makes no sense to them either, I suspect.

Nobody on our parallel works a stupid job. Nobody spends their time doing anything they don't want to do. It seems barbaric to us that that's not the case on your parallel. It's so easy to create what we need here. And it's harder than we thought to create money on yours.

The problem is not all just your belief system and so forth. Your parallel is just denser. There are a lot of really strong factors that are wanting to keep people from being able to easily manifest, too. We won't go into that, but we see it. You could call it programming, but we think it's even more than that.


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