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Roofs Heated with Cosmic Energies

Jonathan Stone speaking telepathically from his parallel world through Cathee Courter:

Peter: How do you heat your homes?

Jonathan: Until recently in human history on either of our parallel worlds, we didn't realize that microwaves could be used to heat and cook food. When you have a satellite dish, it's usually to collect energy from your own satellites. But there are a variety of cosmic energies that can be used to heat buldings.

This is a fairly recent discovery for us. My grandparents burnt a lot of forests! You would probably think that some of our roofs look like huge satellite dishes. They're concave, and pointed at a very particular angle into the sky. They're designed to gather and process the ethers, you might call them.

If we use passive solar thermal, we design the shape of the roof and the shape of the trough basin that holds the water in such a way that the water molecules can be more easily penetrated by the incoming rays. They can hold more heat than a normal trough of water would hold.

Sometimes we use catalysts in the water to affect the water molecules. You might think the water is almost sludgy. But what we do is not unnatural like what you do with antifreeze, where you put chemicals in to change the property of the liquid. It's way of changing the structure of water, to ask it to do something extra for us. For instance, if we take water out of a limestone area and it's supersaturated with lime, it has different properties than water from a granite stream. So we might build a water trough out of limestone on our roof.

Some of these concave roofs are a beautiful, black marble. They look lovely. There's a series of concave shapes that form a basin that catches rainwater from the sky. It also catches the sunlight and some of the cosmic energies in a certain way, and that all works together. Structures like that will sometimes descend into a room so that the ceiling of the room will be the shape of the roof. And like in this case, that beautiful, black marble would be what the ceiling of the room is. So the heat would be right there.

It works pretty well. We might have our homes a little bit cooler in the winter than you're used to. They're not seventy-two degrees. However, you should see some of our three-inch pile rugs. If you're hanging out with friends, you just sit on the floor and snuggle into the carpet. It works really well. We have bear rugs lying around that last a long time. Some of them have been in the family awhile.

[Please see the following channeling, Loving Sub-Atomic Particles in Building, for more information on heating with cosmic rays.]


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