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The Social Costs of Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs)

Malaemata Wind speaking telepathically from her parallel world through Cathee Courter with Peter MacGill:

photo of towers in Rocky Mountain National Park

Cathee's been concerned about how I'm feeling, because she's had a hard time channeling me lately. I'm having to admit that I'm finally getting it about what electromagnetic fields (EMFs) do to you all. We just don't much have the human-made artificial fields like you do.

I'm watching Cathee go through her reactions to a friend's criticism. We're all humans, so I think we must basically be the same. But when I feel a strong emotion, I think my environment helps to hold me almost like a nice hug while I'm working through whatever has come up. It's automatic, and I just take it for granted. And so it looks like those of us on our parallel are not as into separation, not as into the swings of emotion as you are. But I think you're just not as self-healing, not as able to do self-recovery.

Cathee has seemed so whacked the last couple days. We've hardly been able to reach each other, just from the effects of her working on the computer. I'm totally understanding now, Cathee, why you have not gotten the books done, if this is the price you pay. I'm also understanding part of why you seem to have communities that you say are a lot less loving than ours. From what I can tell, that certainly seems to be the case. And I can see why, if all your community events take place pretty much in high EMF environments. They really do, don't they? unless you happen to be out hiking with someone.

There's the idea of houses that heal their inhabitants. Well, I think that's just about any house that's built naturally in conjunction with nature. I don't know that you even have to have a special technology for that. I think every house I know of here holds its people, and helps to balance them when stressful events happen. And we do have our share of stress too. We have accidents, and we even have illnesses, if people choose to work out some issues that way.

It's been fascinating, actually, to see. At times we're so close, and then if she's been on the computer or something, I can't really reach her, and she can't really reach me. It's seems very awesome to me since I'm not coming from a place like that, what your civilization puts up with in terms of impaired social love, functioning, and health just to have your gadgets. I find it awesome.


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