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Music, and Human Mirrors

Malaemata Wind speaking telepathically from her parallel world through Cathee Courter:

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Cathee: Peter and I are out walking at Hallowell Park. Even though there's wind, it seems so silent. Music is still playing in my head that I was playing at home.

Malaemata: I don't really get into music that much. We do have fiddles. We have flutes. We have other contraptions that make music. Some people have gorgeous voices and some don't, just like anywhere. But I like the silence myself. I like the natural sounds. I hope you won't miss having your big name singers on demand with your equipment.

We don't have mirrors like you do all over the place. We've got a few special ones. A mirror is a nice special occasion present kind of thing. But it's not something that you see on the wall in the bathroom, etc. We know how we are perceived not through an image so much, as through massage. We touch a lot. And if somebody gives you a wonderful head massage, you then know your head like someone else knew it. I mean, through that relationship of touch and contact you then can feel how you are in the world maybe better than just by walking around in your body. So I think we're each other's mirrors.

We do have something like photography, but it's more like an etched metal plate. You can see some of your features, but it's nothing like your photography.

I think that's part of the downfall of your civilization, myself—that obsession with looks.

Cathee: I think so too.

Malaemata: And with youth.


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