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Parallel Worlds Leap Handbook:

Co-create a Joyful Parallel Life

Preview of Part 3

photo of Mt. Meeker

Here we'll explore the differences between two parallels that split off centuries ago—ours and the world to which I'm joyfully leaping. Yes, I've found home!

The Leapers encourage people to put in big requests. If you could have anything, what would you want? A world without war or hunger? Would you like to live where the environment's been cleaned up, or how about where it's never been exploited?

On my new to-be-home parallel that vibrates differently, one of my favorite archetypes—love between humans and nature—undergirds society. Telepathy is a common mode of communication, and every person is treasured. Their reality is a fascinating "road not taken" for my present culture. I live in the same place my new hosts do—near Estes Park, Colorado, U.S.A.—in roughly the same time period. They have Irish ancestry similar to mine. Their forebears also came to this country centuries ago, but treated the native people and land spirits here with respect. Their values have made the difference between a vibrant parallel world (theirs) and a traumatized, dying one (mine).

Some readers may wish to leap to their world. Others may find in these channelings a vivid example of an alternate reality, and of how worlds fork off and can reconnect. By connecting with the fork in the path that we didn't take, we can bring over to ourselves the wisdom that those who took it have gained, in a quick quantum jump.

In the nineties, I worked for The University of Iowa at the Center for International and Comparative Studies, while simultaneously building my channeling practice. Many of my scholarly colleagues were also my clients, and I felt comfortable blending intellect with intuition even in that academic setting. More recently, Peter and I had been given visions of starting an institute to collaborate with people in other parallel worlds, bringing over their nature-friendly technologies. Little did we know such an institute already existed.

I met my leap sponsors, Jonathan Stone and Malaemata Wind, six months after the first part of the leap handbook was completed. I'm deeply in love with them. Since our first meeting, not a day has gone by without one or the other sharing wisdom and encouragement, even though I've yet to meet them in the flesh.

Jonathan and Malaemata are part of a cross-cultural networking center in their world often called The Institute for Parallel Exchange. It sees our cluster of rogue parallels as high priority to influence, study, and help, because our destructiveness is infiltrating their parallel. They take for granted their intimate alliances with the Leapers and other nature beings in their work. At my former university, nature was never consulted—an omission I've found odd since working with The Institute. It now seems most effective in problem solving to send out several parallel selves to gather information, and insert the best ideas into pivotal places back in space/time. That is, if you really want results!

Even years before I met my new colleagues, my lifestyle was uncannily similar to theirs. I would often spend more time in telepathic communication than in face-to-face, phone or computer-based conversation during a given day. And much of that talk was with nature spirits on the very same beautiful land where they live, just a density distance away. My attitudes in many arenas such as land ownership, sexuality, and sustainable technology are similar to this foreign culture's perspectives.

close-up photo of Mt. Meeker

Jonathan, Malaemata, myself and others have been leapt into an intimacy that makes us, with the Leapers, a high-power, cross-parallel, broad-spectrum leap team. Peter is my bastion of support, right with us. We have together leapt thousands of people over to Jonathan and Malaemata's parallel world. This happens first on higher dimensional levels—I often "see" people leaping in their astral forms, before they are incarnated physically there. I want my readers to trust this process, so I'm offering, shyly, the story of my own experiences to help you understand these parallel world transitions.

Some of you may be wanting a big leap, such as to a very different culture. Others may want a small leap, such as to a state of being where you no longer have an addiction, or to where you can implement a new ecological way to heat your home. Even those who are requesting a huge leap may find themselves getting there through smaller steps.

Cross-parallel exchange, including leaping, is leading edge. Whether you decide to leap or not, the multiverse is beckoning you to open to it intellectually, intuitively, and heartfully. I'm extremely grateful that we all have more options available to us than our sinking ships provide. Patching our problems without changing underlying paradigms is not effective, nor do we have the time and resources to retrace our steps and rebuild on better foundations in economics, governance, ecology, etc. Leaping parallel worlds may be a starkly dramatic option, but it is one an increasing number of people feel can lead them to a joyful life in a sane society . . . somewhere else.

Some of the parallel worlds these words are able to reach will likely experience in their futures a collapse of the electronic infrastructures that support the internet. We urge you to print out this handbook so that you have it available to use in that event. (I'm posting these conversations in the order they are happening.)

And although we are exploring the idea of putting out hard copy or e-books, we know they would be accessible only to certain parallels, and not to some of the ones we need to reach most urgently. If you feel so led, please send thoughts of support, link to this site, or otherwise share this hope with those in your world. We're very grateful for donations, since many of those we assist—some of whom are in key positions—cannot send financial support across an incompatible money system. Many parallels are in extreme trouble, and now is the time to reach out to them quickly in a big way.

Wishing great happiness to all your parallel selves—

Cathee Courter


photo of Mt. Meeker

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Part Three of Parallel Worlds Leap Manual

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