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Parallel Worlds Leap Handbook:

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Parallel Pollution Intrusion

Malaemata Wind to and through channeler Cathee Courter:

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I'm scared when I see your culture through your eyes. And see even when you burn newspapers to start a fire, how negative the news is. Everybody reads it and reinforces those negative outcomes with their thoughts, and the negativity just grows and grows. Everything seems so without love.

It seems like you tiptoe around family situations, you tiptoe around friends, you tiptoe around so many. I don't see any totally clear relationships in your life.

So I don't know if it helps to know that half of the frustration you feel, Cathee, is mine. You were just feeling, "Do I have an entity attached?" Well, yeah, you have me. You have me. And boy, I'm not gonna leave you behind. That I promise you. I promise you we're gonna get you out of there. I don't care if you come with a lot of hang-ups. We'll deal with them here. I feel almost like you're a newborn baby that I need to protect and bring home safely from the hospital. And I'm gonna do it.

I know it's really hard for you to think of leaving your parents. I know you're very frustrated. You were just telling Peter, some part of you wants to get a book out just to have closure on this life, and feel like you can express what you were feeling all this time, and who you were.

Cathee: And John feels that way. I'm afraid we're preventing ourselves from leaping because of it.

Malaemata: I get that. I get that, that you still want to justify your existence somehow, that it wasn't all a waste.

Cathee: Where's the way through? Can you tell us, Malaemata, do we need to leap now because of what's happening in the world? I mean, is it dangerous to be here or are we at a safer parallel? The news doesn't sound like we're on a safer parallel. I'm real confused about that. If we need to get out tonight, let's get out tonight. What do you see, or can you see, or do you come and look at the world through my eyes, and then you can't see any better than I can? (laughs) 'cause it's so dense.

Malaemata: This is an important question I want to explore very carefully, OK? The way we see, and what we see.

A lot of times, if we're working with one individual like you, we will go into that person. I hope you don't mind. I know you've read about brain control happening from cell phone towers, people being able to get into your brain and see what your memories are, etc. I am doing it lovingly. (laughs) Don't be afraid. I'm not gonna change your memories.

Probabilities are a result of mass consciousness. Certain things are a consensus reality, if you get enough people thinking a certain way. Mass media is great for getting people thinking a certain way. We do it on our parallel more through dream influence on a conscious level. I mean, we call it "dream," but really it's like the theory you have on yours, that if enough people meditate on a certain day, or think the same thoughts or visualize the same thing on a certain day, that'll be especially strong if everybody's in synch. So we work a lot on our parallel, especially with our pod in handling everyday problems, with trying to get our individual energies—the thirty-five or thirty-six of us—in synch. We'll spend hours with certain physical exercises, certain dance steps, or all going to the same power spot. I guess we have a concept of power spots. That's your word. But to the same place. And working with the same deva at the same time of the mountain, or whatever. We do a lot to try to line up—especially if there's been a lot of disagreement.

For instance, Jonathan told you his brother decided he was gay after being married with kids. That caused huge. . . . I think it's hard for us to describe what discord feels like in a community where we're not used to it. When Jonathan told you about it, you thought, "No big deal, that happened to me too. My ex-husband is now gay." It was a big deal to you. But it tore us.

And it wasn't just the gayness. We don't have a problem with homosexuality in general, but we do have a problem with dishonesty. And we all felt like he knew he was gay when he got married and had kids. We felt like he wanted kids, and he wanted to fit in. We don't do artificial insemination and all that. That's not in our concept of natural as a way to have babies, and we don't think it would make very healthy babies, actually.

So here we had a situation of having to say, well, is there more discord in splitting this family apart, or in both of them trying to stay together when there's that realization of the deceit? And was it really deceit? If someone deceives himself, is that . . . did he really consciously do this, or? It was just this eerie, eerie, eerie feeling of things not quite being something we could figure out. Of things being so out of alignment with what feels like harmony to us that we didn't even know where to begin, to know how to approach it.

It definitely felt like a community problem to us. We don't see these things as just between the people most involved—whatever they work out. These children are a part of our lineage, part of our clan, and so were both parents. And of course, we love these people, and we're hurting when they're hurting, especially when she was hurting. She actually came from another pod, but a very similar background. I mean, she came from a distance, but a similar psychic level of attunement and value system and everything. She's definitely a mountain person.

So we felt helpless, and in despair that no solution seemed good.

Smoke from a Shadow Parallel

To be honest, that was when we did a lot of what you call meditating. Looking, looking, looking into the parallels to see what was going on. We have words for these things . . . the Akashic records is not it . . . but you don't really have a word for where to look. We tried to look at what was going on there, and why. What message did this have for us? What did we need to learn as a community to grow from this? And what could be gained. And what the heck to do with it. And I think that's at the point where Jonathan and I both saw that your parallel was affecting ours. I think we distantly knew of your parallel. We knew that there were parallels that polluted themselves. We'd had just glimpses that some of them had explored technology to the bitter end, and it's too bad.

What I saw was a dark, smoky cloud, and it was seeping into our reality. We felt like the point of this whole thing happening was partly for us to catch this and see it. And then we thought, we've gotta do something about this. It felt like it was too big for us to just put a wall of light between our parallel and your parallel. We have done that before, in the past. We have blocked. More likely what we do is put like a rip in the fabric, a hole, a void between us and another parallel that we just don't want anything to do with.

I'm beginning to wonder if every parallel has something to learn. You've read that the Lemurians weren't willing to be physical enough. An otherwise utopian culture had its downfall there. And actually, we're aware of the Lemurians too. I think our soul family has had a lot of incarnations there over the centuries.

We started to look at our own utopia. I feel that it's the best darn parallel that I have seen. But then, it's where I grew up, it has the values I hold dear. I have never seen another parallel I wanted to move to, put it that way. I love it here. I love what we've built. I love what we do. I made a sarcastic remark (laughs) to you recently, Cathee, that I sit around and look at bodies a lot, of the people who are elsewhere. But I travel too, so people trade off and watch over my body here while I physically bilocate. It's such a funny word. Bilocate. I wonder who came up with that word in your vocabulary. Our word for it has a much richer meaning. "Going to serve" is implied in the word for bilocation. Like, "she's off on a mission." Cathee's trying to get away from that concept of mission, but really, I don't think it's a bad concept. Mission to serve.

So that's when we realized the darkness was seeping into ours. And that maybe we had to look at our wanting to be isolated from this part of the universe, from the things we don't like. We're trying to see it as similar to when you talk about looking at your shadow self. Like, OK, this is our shadow parallel. In a good/bad polarity, we got the good and they got the bad. Do we have to bring those together to go beyond polarity as we ascend in these new energies?

This is where we're coming from. The problem with his brother was very recent, by the way. And so, yes, we are very good at inserting channelings back in time—we've told you that. We can honestly say we haven't been watching you that long, but some of the channelings have come to you back in time. You think it sounds like we've been talking to you for years and years. Well, that's circular time. I know your mind can't understand that. And I can't say that my mind totally understands it either, to tell you the truth. But it gives me hope that we're all living what we inserted back in time. (laughs). And we're counting on being able to work back in time to do the most powerful work with your parallel that we can.

It helps to let it play out enough that we can get a handle on the dynamics of your culture. And part of that is letting things play out on kind of a light, wispy probability line, like the Leapers and we have talked about. And then see what we need to do.

It sounds like we're playing God, like we're always complaining about people in your culture doing with science and technology. But I don't see it that way, because we're very close to nature here. As has been explained to you many times, nature is very into divine will. And so we literally feel like we're agents of divine will. But divine will has to be stepped down sometimes into living, embodied people to work in density in a way that's meaningful to people with free will to be able to have experiences that will help divine will be implemented.

I really have a lot of sympathy. You're all in such a crazy reality. It seems to me that a lot of groups just don't work. And I think it's because you don't have a sense that divine will is what goes, you know? It's kind of strange to me that people in your culture maintain the illusion that they can do anything but divine will, really. (laughs) And live a happy life.

A Tied Fate

But here we are. We're at the end of [an age] . . . going through a big change vibrationally, anyway, and that's on both your parallel and ours. I feel the more I look at it (and of course since we've made direct contact with you we're seeing more and more clearly), that the fate of our parallels is very tied together. I feel that that's very true. That feeling you got when you were channeling a few days ago, that Johnny almost seemed like he came from our parallel, went into yours for a mission, and then came back. I think that's how he kind of sees it, feels it. It doesn't make rational sense unless you just see it as, a lot of our soul family is here. And so, you might say we collectively decided to create Johnny, and there he went. Just like we collectively decided to create everybody on our parallel, including me. And this is what I meant when I told you earlier today that I need you as much as you need me. That we're a teamwork. This is why I feel so strongly about you. I feel like you and Peter, Johnny, Jonathan, me and others all split off a parallel self where we would be a team.

I feel like you feel—how'd I get here? Why am I the parallel self that has a walk-in? Why am I the parallel self that needs to leap, when I have so many parallel selves? Well, that just is what is, you know? You are the one. And the same is true of me. I'm like, why am I the parallel self of Malaemata? I find myself as the parallel self that is responsible for working as deeply as we can with your parallel, like it or not. (laughs) And I will hopefully get to experience the intense passion and joy that comes from love with someone who comes from a world of separation. Maybe mine will be the richest, most beautiful parallel, who knows? But right now (laughs) it's a little discouraging to know that there's really no out for me, either.

Jonathan told you before, we have to succeed. We have to succeed. He told you that we can't see the bigger picture of, maybe this whole part of the universe is supposed to be dragged into a black hole by your imploding civilization that's playing with nuclear and zero point energies. But if it's not . . . and I don't really feel it is. I don't think that the Leapers would have bothered to create this team for nothing. Everything has a birth and a death—everything—so our civilization's bound to come to an end too. But I don't think this is for nothing. I really don't. So hopefully, we can have some success, even if it's just kind of an intermediate success, before we go into a black hole! I feel this really deeply, and this is what keeps me going. I feel like we are supposed to be on the parallel where we manage to avoid a lot of pain for a lot of people, and in the process, have some kind of rich understanding come from it. That's what I feel.

Now, I may just be co-dependent, and not really know it. But I couldn't keep going if I didn't believe this.

So I guess we've told you to leap up to here, but then you're back in it. Well, sorry, maybe it's a little counterproductive, because it doesn't really get you away from the smokiness, does it?

Divine Will

Cathee, I see a sorrow in you that there's not some guy in charge who's going to save the day, like you grew up thinking. Although, the Christian idea of saviorhood doesn't really make sense, because if Jesus saved us all, why is it still such a mess? So I'd say that's a failed paradigm. But I'm looking forward for you to be here and feel how incredible it is when we connect across the whole world in consciousness, with the same beat, the same vibration. When we're really working on something, and there are millions of people working on it, it feels like I think what you would say God is. It feels amazing.

And like I say, we talk about "divine will" as bigger than all of us. That's not our exact term, but I like that term. Or divine love as being even bigger than us mere creations. Something bigger than all of us. And I think you will find some peace in that. I know that that's what a lot of people meditate and try to tune into on your parallel, and I think it's a lot harder there. A lot of our powers like bilocation and healing seem so miraculous, but some of these things are so much easier in a healthy living environment than to do them there.

So here we are. And you're saying, what are the answers? What do I do? And I'm saying, I trust things to unfold. I trust to go up and look from a higher level when it's right to do that. I feel like it's right to get in here and grieve with you when I feel led to do that. That's easy to do. I feel like we will know when the time comes, whether you should leap tonight or leap in a month or leap in a year.

We are looking at probabilities. We are scanning things. And every thought you think and everything you do gives us more information to put in the big computer in the sky, as you say.

That is one difference between us. I am comfortable with that process of not knowing. In your culture, you're supposed to know everything, or someone will sue you (laughs) for being liable for something that you didn't know. We're not like that. We trust the flow. So to me the main thing is to totally be feeling our feelings. No more numbing out. Be careful what you focus on, because you want to create a parallel where you have an impact. But you know, sometimes looking at negative stuff does give us, who practically see through your eyes, an idea of how to rework this.

What I feel most of all, Cathee, is just a burning love for you and John and Peter and others. I truly feel love will heal this parallel. And love is what remains beyond the polarities, when the polarities are gone.

I do love you, Cathee. I love you tremendously. And I know you love me too, and I love being loved by you. It's good. It's all good.

We're gonna make it.


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