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Travel, Teleportation and Healing in a Parallel World

Malaemata Wind speaking telepathically from her parallel world through Cathee Courter with Peter MacGill:

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The airplanes on my parallel are very sensitive, like hanggliders are very sensitive to subtle movement. Like when you're on a bike and it turns. They skim the electromagnetic currents, like ET spaceships do. They're very lightweight. They're not metal like yours.

But if you're going to go from continent to continent, you'd probably take a boat. The boats are very fast. And again, since water has so many ions, they can really skim over that. It would take maybe a week to go from coast to coast, continent to continent, if you're going to Europe. But that would give you time to acclimate to new time zones.

Of course, if you're going for a short time, you could just teleport. But if you're going to go for several weeks, you would definitely take your body. And so you'd probably take a boat.

We love to take journeys. We're not like you with two weeks vacation per year. (laughs) We like to travel. We're as a culture set up for that. There are really nice bed-and-breakfasts all over the place. And like we've told you, we have lots of people come out in the summer to our mountains too.

But not everybody teleports. In our "pod" commune, most people are either trying and getting pretty close, or do it. But down in the Valley and out East and such, they don't so much know how to do that.

Our leadership is not so centralized and solid as yours. I mean our government. We are pretty autonomous by region and also by pod. By clan, you could almost say. Our pods are not exclusive to our clan, but a lot of pods, or even towns, tend to have a lot of family in them. Which there's an upside and a downside to.

Peter: How do people from other regions view you?

We mountain folk are very highly regarded by the rest of the continent. Longs Peak is a very special place. (We don't call it that, of course.) The purpose of the land is the same on our parallel as on yours. And that's why I think we'll be able to leap quite a few people over who are already close to the land on your parallel, and strongly allied.

We are called upon by people to intervene in situations. Sometimes with that kind of intervention, someone might say that an "angel" came and intervened in an accident or prevented one, or averted disaster somehow. We materialize and dematerialize in situations where that is needed.

We are also called upon as healers of last resort. We are known for being extremely skilled at that. But we're also known to be very demanding, and if you come to us to have a disease healed, we're going to put you through the paces on all levels. And gonna change your life! (laughs) Our pod and our extended family are especially known for that (laughs). Like I've told you, we spend time down on the plains gardening, and then we come up to the high country too. Our region here is kind of the Mayo Clinic of our continent, where people go.

So I think we're pretty respected for the teleportation, and people understand what's behind it.


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