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The Parallel Worlds Handbook:

Leap to a Joyful Parallel Life!

The Leapers through Cathee Courter

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Don't go down with the sinking ship of your civilization!

If you're reading this, you're an inhabitant of one of the most destructive parallel versions of Earth. But you're not stuck there.

(Parallel worlds are consensus realities, each with their own density and core archetypes. Infinite parallel worlds are created as we explore potentials by splitting off various paths in our collective past, present, and future. For example, on many worlds there have been no world wars.)

In this free online book/video series, the Leapers—the natural forces of incarnation—present much more than a self-help guide for transitioning between parallel worlds. They offer to re-create you to be a more fulfilled version of yourself, in line with your desired goals, soul purposes and the needs of your destination world. They want you to retain your talents, body, and wisdom of experience. From a safe place, you can send love back to your former dying parallel world, and contemplate what you've learned from our experiment of taken-to-bizarre-extremes free will.

This transformation is like your natural process of branching parallel selves out into many experiences, except that you'll consciously participate, and the Leapers can change your life more dramatically than any positive thinking on your part could possibly do.

Channelers Cathee Courter and Peter MacGill are working primarily with three parallel worlds. Their native one—where Barack Obama is president of the U.S.—is in economic and ecological turmoil. A parallel world where John Kennedy, Jr. is president of the U.S. has met a dead end. A third parallel world—which has great love between human and nature beings—has accepted many refugees from the other two. Principles from this series of channelings can apply to leaps between many other realities as well. In fact, if you've never heard of Obama or Kennedy, it may be all the more miraculous that this information has found its way to you.

We're in the process of creating a new parallel world. There, individuals whose DNA has been damaged by artificial intelligence and other technologies can heal, and co-create with nature non-predatory computer networks.

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The Leapers are happy to help you do huge leaps like relocating to a new world, or smaller ones like releasing an addiction, healing, etc. In both cases, they'll help you split off a parallel self who is living your goal.

You might entirely leap over, or have a parallel self on both the old world and the new one. If you leap entirely over, your friends and family on the old world, if they don't leap with you, may begin to relate to another earlier parallel version of you and not readily notice the difference. (We all do small split-offs often—especially when making choices where we choose both options—but rarely huge leaps.)

Many people will, through their own frequency beautification, find themselves in fulfilling worlds without help from the Leapers. Even they may find this handbook helpful in understanding the natural process of splitting off parallel selves, how members work together to fulfill their soul family's purposes, and avenues of exchange between worlds.

Most of this work came through before Cathee had studied the physics of parallel worlds. The metaphysics and the physics are compatible. This opportunity is real.

Cathee Courter and Peter MacGill have helped thousands of people leap out of worlds whose underlying paradigms have become bankrupt of meaningful expression. And working with their own parallel selves, they're facilitating the exchange of culture and technology between parallel worlds.

In order for this help to reach all who need it across parallels, irregardless of whether they share Cathee's world's financial payment system, we're offering this handbook for free on this site. Please donate if you are in Cathee's world and find this book valuable. No contribution is too small.

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Your "leaping" is between you and the Leapers and Divine Will, but Cathee Courter does offer personal psychic readings for those who desire to consult with the Leapers through her.

Our software team has made this site accessible to a wide variety of parallel worlds. Please don't feel frustrated if you can't access all of it. We're reaching you in the external, but your intentions and prayers are heard on the inner planes easily. If you wish to leap, hold that desire strongly.

Many Blessings!

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