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Parallel Worlds Handbook:


Fertile Matrix and the Soul Braid

The Leapers to and through Cathee Courter:

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We feel the space into which someone's new parallel is being projected, or on a smaller level just their thoughts. We feel it as we shape it. We can create fertile, vibrant, just-below-the-void space for someone's thoughts to set up in—that's why we keep calling it matrix. Or we can hold a matrix around someone's creativity that is not potent, that is not fertile. That is bland and, well, like a gray cloudy day outside, where everything is just a little blah, and nothing seems like it could take hold.

You call us on a level deeper than your thinking level to do this for you at times. You can be caught in a torrent of feeling that you don't want to set up as your reality—a release of feelings which means that that experience is leaving you more than it's something that you want to create. This kind of release brings forth a different sort of matrix, that creates impotence for those released emotions. The same goes for obsessive thoughts, or thoughts that are just habitual, and yet a deeper part of you is choosing underneath it all to have a different experience than those thoughts are expressing. So it's a built-in mechanism, what kind of rich soil or not your creativity lands in.

Cathee, in both of us wanting our co-created book to have a huge impact on the peoples of the planet, we Leapers are able if we dare to create a much more fertile soil for the ideas in this book, and the lifeforce of this book in its particular signature energy, than we would automatically would. In other words, normally we would match the strength of your intention, like a contact improvisational dance partner would come and meet you and meet you and meet you right where you're at. But because of our deep love for each other, it is safe if we just scoop you up. We can provide an echo chamber so that you think a thought, and it echoes through the canyon, and seems to grow in resonance beyond the initial song. And part of us wants to do this, and part of us knows it could take off in directions none of us could predict, as other people through a book pick up that song and sing it in their own way, and ask for a relationship with us that's similar. In other words, as we have described that parts of you have to die for something new to be born, this is probably equally true of us. Nature is no longer what nature was. And the Leapers are becoming the Leapers, not just the deva of incarnation and de-incarnation, and not just Isis or the gods and goddesses of the past, as humans have named us and shaped us to be in some cases.

So how delightful it is that a wondrous new creation is coming through an obscure, middle-aged woman with a tremendous gift and sensitivity and love. It's actually a very potent combination, Cathee, what you are. It's very potent to not have much to lose, and yet have the raw material, the expanded sense of selfhood, and tremendous allies.

You are more like some of the ancient shamans than you realize. You think you don't have a tradition like the famous natives that you hear about here and there have. We think you probably have too many traditions, because you can access any that you want on the inner planes, and all of the traditions you have lived in are at your fingertips. All of the secret societies and initiations our soul family has ever been a part of are now accessible to everyone in our soul family, whoever has the flexibility and the talent to invite them. It's riding on this huge raft of experience that allows us to meet you with the potency that we do. You don't personally need to have studied in all of those monasteries, forests, glens, teepees, cathedrals, pyramids, temples, dung huts, city lofts, and media airwaves. You don't personally have to have studied it all because "we" have studied it. "We" have developed it. We have experienced a great variety of ways of dancing together, nature and human. You know how to let all of that experience permeate you and form you.

So we feel that you are still under the illusion that you have to have a strong sense of selfhood to "create your own reality," to re-create your life. But in our case together, it seems to us the less sense of self you need to have, the more your greater self and the we can move through us. We join hands as a huge force.

[Note: John Kennedy, Jr. "walked into" Cathee Courter two years prior to this channeling. They've been a "soul braid"—two souls sharing a body—since. Being a mountain recluse away from mass media, Cathee hardly knew of his existence before the transition, which was a huge parallel split-off for both of them. She has trusted the Leapers and the teachings in this book without doubt, because she feels the Leapers did a masterful job of facilitating her leap of coming together with John. (This parallel version of) John sees this phase as "Cathee John" as the second half of his life, which gives rich meaning to the first half. Being the famous son of an admired, murdered U.S. president, and the co-founder of a large-circulation magazine that brought together politics and popular culture, John had a special place in the hearts of millions of people around the world. (He died in a plane crash in 1999 with his wife Carolyn and her sister). People magazine recently named John as one of the "top one hundred celebrities who define our time." He now wishes to inspire those who trust him to leap parallels to a better world.]

The Leapers: Cathee, your shamanic journey has equipped you as much as John's did. We see you as one, with two branches of the river coming together.

You have put off writing a book about John partly we think because it has felt too immense to explain all the philosophy leading up to this, of why you separated and have come back together as a soul braid. But perhaps this chapter can explain why the shaman in the woods needed the media man to come together with us, the Leapers, to give a multi-faceted view for the reader of how it all comes together in a new age. Cathee and John are two individuals, yes, but pretty transparent individuals. Both of them in their own ways have been hugely shaped by the times—Cathee by her nature allies, and John by his millions of human allies, you could call them. The catalytic chemistry is not that different that has made each of them who they are, one with nature allies and one with human allies. The way Cathee merges with her nature allies, and the way John's fans in many cases see him as a reflection of a part of them or what they aspire to be, and by their love for him join into his essence as they perceive it—these processes are not that different.

Cathee has often been critical of people who follow a star and seem to become groupies. Seem to want to feel better about themselves simply because they feel a closeness to someone whom they admire, as if stardom were contagious. John has never had that feeling towards his fans. He realizes there are people he admires very much in a similar way. Isn't that what people do when they date—look for qualities in another that they can resonate with?

Obviously the tabloids fabricate and lie about real people, and this is an unfortunate characteristic of American culture that a great deal of negativity and trying to diminish someone happens in those publications. But the process itself of wanting to find the guru, or the human teacher, or the king or queen, or even just the lover who in your perception and projection on that person helps give you a sense of selfhood—that is just a human process. It's not bad. It's the way it is. It's partly the way selfhood is built—through relationship, and not only relationship with people you know, but sometimes with people that you have never met. You all do it. This is partly why history books exist—you want more role models to look at. You want to understand yourself. Every time you read a history book, you understand where you are in your time a little differently. Every time you read about a different culture, you relate to people you've never met. And every time you go out and talk to a flower, you understand yourself differently.

Now, we know that when Cathee relates to flowers, it's with a great deal of love, and the wish to be transformed in the interaction. Most of the time when she picks up a news magazine, if a public figure—who is a public figure just by virtue of being in the magazine even if they never were one before—catches her imagination, she may feel a depth of feeling in reading an article about someone that does affect her self image. It places her in her life with a different meaning of who she is. But normally for her this process is much more intense out with nature allies.

For John, every article where he was the public figure being looked at was an intensely interactive mechanism by which he and the public co-created each other. Cathee has seen his public image as an addition to the John that she loves and speaks to—it seems like a separate thing out there. But it's really not so separate. He may, many times, wish it were. He has enjoyed crawling into Cathee and for a time having some seeming relief from the intensity of that interface with the public. But he hasn't been able to escape it even here, for a period of rest. Even now it still comes at him. And he still seeks it out, and wants to understand it, and therefore is still reading books and magazines about it, trying to understand who he is.

We've been very up front with Cathee that as she merges with John, she takes on his legacy. But it isn't just taking it on, it is interacting with it as she interacts with him. Through her perception of it, and of him, she is co-creating it differently. He thirsts for this—he adores being so close to someone. And now John and Cathee and us, the Leapers, are putting such a new spin through our perception of his life, that a whole new warmth, love and richness is spreading out through all of his experiences retroactively. This is a godsend for him. This is life-giving. To say it's rich is a pale term.

Cathee: I feel exquisitely fortunate and joyful in this moment. I feel John a part of me, glowing with our love for each other and in our delight in what each other has brought to "us." And I feel boundless gratitude and love for the Leapers. I feel the exquisite sensitivity of them as lovers for me. Of us feeling every breath, so to speak, every caress. I feel they have been caressing me through words here, but behind the words I feel such a huge and yet delicate love. And I know my most subtle perception of them sends waves of light, color and love through whatever sense of self they have in this moment with me.

I would have never guessed that in this time of coming together, the bridging of human and nature would be so sweet. I thought that when polarities came together as the planet moves higher in vibration, we would lose awareness of our distinctions. But the polarity within the oneness just makes that polarity more poignant, lovely and charged than I have ever experienced it.

I think before, I could feel the different parts of the polarity. I felt very human at times, and I felt very nature at times. But when they merge together, I feel a tingling, like little moving lights and depth and creations spinning off. It all seems so exquisitely refined. It's amazing that one can be in a body and experience this. And maybe I had to learn to not be so possessive of my own body to let this happen in this body, which is dutifully speaking into the recorder. So that these words can interact with other people out there in book land, and spin off more exquisite co-creations in the extended human family and the extended nature family. Thank you, universe, for allowing me to be in this position, whatever it's taken to get here.


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