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Love and Loyalty and the Secret Service

Stan: Cathee, Malaemata awhile ago told you I was driving them crazy with all my parallel selves jumping around. (laughs) And you've wanted an update. We've worked out the problem. They felt like they had to track me all over the place to host me. And they didn't know me well enough to trust me. I was doing some parallel traveling with their kids, and I think they were nervous about that. Remember Cathee, when their daughter Tabitha told you she wants to go look at the CIA with you when you come over. She said that'd be fun. And see what the Illuminati's up to, too. She thought that I'd be great to do that with, and I would, being as I'm a former Secret Service agent. But I don't want to go back. I don't even want to look.

So I think they were a little concerned (laughs) that they didn't even know me, and I might get her into some places that they couldn't get her out of. And they didn't really know my ability. And then of course, the Leapers have said that since I was abused since the age of six, they want to take me back to that age to re-create me. I mean, a six-year-old's going to take their daughter to visit the CIA? There were some obvious questions being asked. But I think we've got this worked out now, because with the two thousand leapees that recently came over, they are so busy, they're happy to have anybody helping out who could do anything.

And they're finding that I'm pretty darn talented at telepathy. But also at looking at parallels easily to see where people want to go and what they want to do next. I've got my hands full with helping the Leapers leap people to the right kind of incarnation they want, in the right setting here, with the right host family, if they have one. Not everybody has one. A lot of people came with their own community of family and friends, and they don't need so much help getting established. They're making their little enclaves here and there.

I feel that my services are very appreciated. Maybe it's true that I'm not working right with Jonathan and Malaemata—I'm down in the valley. But I don't want you to get the feeling that we're not on good terms. I'm happy here. I'm extremely happy with what I'm doing. I feel like I'm easily in touch with everybody in the network. The whole network has slowly opened up to me, the more they trust me and see what I'm up to.

I feel like I'm in my purpose here. Before, sitting around watching whatever you were thinking and Johnny was thinking—that was not using my gifts. (laughs) This is really exciting. It's like there's a central core here of what was lacking there. Like I said to you before, people think the Illuminati has a central core, and my own selfhood didn't really even have a central core, and the Illuminati didn't either. But here, I'm feeling like this is a tightknit group of people. I think they're doing it right. In the network, they are all masters of putting out parallel selves and absorbing them back. But there's so much love. They all seem to feel so loved, that they hold a sense of selfhood for each other. Everywhere they go here, they're bound to run into somebody who can give them a beautiful reflection, a beautiful deva of relationship. That's what we didn't get in the CIA training, was a sense of devas of relationship, or connection to nature—it's all about love. We didn't get that in our training. (laughs) They tried to fracture us and create parallel selves that way. Or create many selves, anyway—multiple personalities, I guess. That's not a parallel self. That's a fracture. That's weird.

And so, I feel like there may be a part of me that will go back to six years old. But it may be that I'm here getting the benefits from it being as if I had never run into the CIA. If the Leapers created a parallel self of me that went back to six and is living his life out now, I'm certainly feeling the wholeness from something, whether it's from that, or just from these people being so loving. I'm beginning to feel like I am someone.

Stan is my real name. You keep getting "Russell" in your head instead of "Stan." Stan is my birth name. Russell was my code name, and that's why I don't want to go by that. I haven't been called Stan much since I was little except by my family, who I'd occasionally see. But I want to reclaim that, so that's what I'm going by now.

Cathee: It's really good to talk to you, Stan. I really appreciated your friendliness and advice. You seem like a good person.

Stan: Thanks. That means a lot to me.

Johnny: I feel like Stan is here wanting more acknowledgment or something. Is there something, Stan?

Stan: Yeah. I was of service to you in the parallel life you knew me in. And I feel a tremendous gratitude and loyalty to you, because I'm still geared towards that secret serviceman idea that you serve someone, and you are proud of yourself if you're serving someone you really like and admire. Johnny, I'm just wondering if I can be of any help to you. I know that you're about to put a whole slew of your channelings up soon. And you've avoided doing that for a year, not sure if it would be safe. Or if people could handle it, or if Cathee would have any friends left. A variety of things. Didn't want to bother to type 'em. (laughs) Besides typing, which I'm not good at (laughs), I just really want to make myself at your service. I mean yes, obviously I'm busy with all these other people too. But I would dump them in a minute if there was anything I could do for you, Johnny. And Cathee. And John. Especially as you put these up.

Cathee: Whoa. Can you touch people's hearts? Can you impulse the people who could benefit to find these channelings? Can you help us spread the word? Or what did you have in mind, Stan?

Still Connected In

Stan: Cathee, I know you and Johnny and John have enough people watching you that you never get privacy already, so I don't want to be in your hair. And of course, we are assuming that if you put out love, you will get love back, and you won't need a bouncer. But, as you know, I am connected into those who watch you.

There are several ways I could see fitting in here. One is to attract people who knew me who want to leap—to bring them over. To let them know it's OK. What it's like here. And of course, you do that, Cathee, by putting this stuff up.

I think I have a choice, from what I can tell, of whether I stay out of communication with the network I was part of. Or whether I feed back to them—in other words, let them still read my mind and see what I'm up to, so you don't have to type it all (laughs). And I haven't decided yet. I'm not clear yet on whether it would serve you guys or not, for them to be able to watch me here, at a different vibration. Obviously they're watching you there.

I was, of course, lifted in vibration like everybody else when I came here. In fact, I don't think I could have gotten here on my own without quite a transformation. I've gone through very intense density dropping. If I seemed to have disappeared here for awhile, it wasn't because I went to visits relatives in Jersey. Oh, man, it's been intense. Because, well, I had so many horrible things happen to me in my life, you don't even want to know about. I was one of those really programmed people that they broke. And even in trying to get back to what I was like when I was six, and what I cared about—and the Leapers have been great—it took us a lot of work to even be able to find the six-year-old. Anything in me that was Stan, really. (laughs)

Some of it was just me with the Leapers, struggling. Some of it various people have helped with. I think they've kind of been sending me around to different people both to get help from them, and also to say like, look at this guy. Can you believe what they did to him? I'm the dream patient for an apprentice learning how to work with healing and fractured selfhood. I knew exactly what they were doing, but really needed help, so I could give a lot of feedback on what was effective.

For me, it's just been pure love, and purely marvelous. It was dropping trauma, and healing and mending and dropping, and dropping. I think I have appalled everybody. I mean, they're not appalled by me, but by what your parallel does to people. I think people can hardly believe it when they look at me.

They told you that I managed to get out of the worst clutches of the machine by making so many parallel selves that nobody could keep up with me and match all those parallel selves. (laughs) That's somewhat true. But I also think—well, I'm very grateful to you, Cathee, for your invitation when you were on the phone with your friend. I mean, it's that simple. You said, "If anybody's bugging me, I'm offering to leap you." And you did. It was like, man. (laughs) I think if you make that offer . . . and I know that you can't make it alone, that Jonathan and Malaemata have to be ready to handle an exodus of Secret Service agents. But baby, you got it, if you really offer that. I sat and counted one night. I think there's about thirty-six people I know who I think would be very interested. Yes, family and friends. But also those in the services who have similar talents to mine, or at least similar intelligence—who know a lot—who would come in a minute, I think. Just like I did. Especially since I'm here. Part of my offering to open my mind to them is contingent on whether you're ready for them.

In a channeling you put up, Johnny said he felt so alone since he didn't even have a secretary, he didn't have Secret Service agents, he didn't have any help around. And I don't know if he still feels that way, that he'd like a staff, or not. I obviously could become physical on your parallel. I'd rather not. (laughs) I'd rather stay here in terms of physicality.

Cathee, you're wondering what's happening to the gazillion selves I have out there. I think they'll be coming over too, or to wherever I end up. But I don't think they'll be a problem for anybody. They'll just melt into me, like aspects of myself.

People talk about soul retrieval as being a big thing on your parallel now. I think it'll feel like soul retrieval. My parallel selves will just come back to me, I hope. Or they'll fade out if they're too tortured. I don't want to bring home a lot of parallel selves to this one if they're so fractured that it would take major healing. Malaemata told you, boy, she could spend twenty years healing me. Well, I think at first, when we were looking for who the six-year-old really is in the middle of all these selves—who is the core. It seemed like all the parallels that could come home, that needed healing, could easily have taken twenty years to heal at several a day. (laughs) But now that I do have a sense of the core, I'm just letting a lot of my parallels go. They'll compost. They'll die. And that's OK with me.

It's like, how many of those experiences were meaningful and would be useful now, even at your service for the intelligence gained? I don't know. It's hard to feel. I'm asking the Leapers to make a lot of the determination. I just really trust them. Always have, by whatever name.

So I think the majority of parallel selves I have, that hadn't already blended back into me, will either blend in real soon and drop density in this intense process I'm in. I mean, quickly just drop it, not requiring individual attention for healing. Or else they'll just die. Run out of juice. I didn't have much juice anyway. It think when Johnny said "you look pale," that's what really got me. It was like yeah, can you help me with that? I knew that was true.

I'm just ecstatic. I'm so happy. And I want to thank you so much, Cathee and Johnny and John. I'm so grateful. And I hope that I can make my life meaningful now in service.

I think it was a miracle that I was the guy who was standing at the end of the hall when Johnny was president. And that I was able to see how wonderful he was, and trust him, which led me here. I'm utterly grateful. Life gave me such misery for so long, but I really like what the Leapers have said about the soul family coming home. That it really is all-ee-all-ee-all in free.

And you know, I haven't done a lot of awful things. (laughs) I'm pretty clean in that I was never attracted to the really dangerous assignments. As I indicated before, I've been mainly involved in the boring work of gathering information and getting people to trust me. So I am a pretty nice person, compared to the movie image. (laughs)

When Johnny would give speeches or go to a rally and be out in public—you've gotta look, touch, and blend in, but you've also gotta be pretty nice. If you want the crowd to move back, you don't start pushing people. (chuckles) You try to get their cooperation. It's a public relations job, really. You are their government. And you don't want to look like you're a Soviet soldier about to shoot into the crowd or something. That's why it's a job I liked. Even though you're on super alert, you feel like you're doing something good. It does feel good to be one of the ones protecting the top dog of all the country.

Cathee, you hear so much about torture happening in the government now, and that's true. And people's homes being ransacked, and their computers taken. I think . . . OK. Now I'll start getting you in trouble by telling you real information. It's still a very factionated Secret Service and CIA and FBI and NSA. There are so many factions. And some loyalties go across the agencies, and some don't. I would say the typical person employed by the government in that way just takes their orders and does them. But they knew I was very talented, and in some ways they knew they couldn't control me, because they couldn't keep up with all the parallel selves I could split off.

I spied on my superiors much, much more than the typical person does. And I was spying across the agencies too, much more than the typical grunt in the Secret Service does. Cathee, Johnny's only been in you a year. I haven't been out long from that parallel world, so it's still pretty fresh for me. And my contacts are still pretty fresh. Not that I can't go backward and forward in time.

This is what I see. You've been told that a lot of people are disillusioned even within the government. And of course on Johnny's parallel, it depends on where you look. The chaotic parallel is certainly still, as far as I can tell, a strong probability there. Really, a cluster of chaotic ones. But if you go back even before that, say twenty years back—I don't know where to pin it, but I think Chernobyl was a huge deal. We realized that all it would take is a bomb blowing up a nuclear power plant—a regular old easy-to-make bomb—and you essentially have the same damage that a nuclear bomb could do. If the nuclear power plant was bombed, you couldn't do much to contain the radiation. And I think everything changed for a lot of people at that point. I'm a little younger than you. I'm forty-two or forty-three, I guess, in your time. But I remember Chernobyl. Of course, I've been a part of the government since I was six. (laughs)

At that point the emphasis was on information, definitely. That's when the emphasis switched to terrorists. We knew that if Russia decided to drop a bomb, or even a crazy dictator of a small country did, there would probably be some statement of intent. They would do it for a reason, and they would let their reason be known, hopefully. I think what is of much more concern is that some Joe from Jersey (which is where I grew up after they got me) . . . you know, the person you would least expect. That just some crazy guy would be the one to blow up a nuclear power plant.

I think that's the main focus of the surveillance of the public. I know, Cathee, you're thinking it's to prosecute people who are anti-government. There may be that going on. And I'm not really a part of your parallel so much as I am of Johnny's. So I'm probably reading your mind here, and maybe things are different. Maybe there are more factions on Johnny's parallel. Or maybe yours is more headed towards a dictatorship. I'm not as in the know about yours. But I know on Johnny's, the surveillance of the public—and it was just as intense as it is on yours now, checking e-mails, checking phone calls for key words. It was mainly on ours, as far as I knew, to catch the lone bomber. And not worry so much about political protesters of any sort who were just exercising their rights to talk. Or demonstrate something. Or bitch to their friends on the internet about the government. (laughs) We didn't take it personally if they were anti-Johnny. If they thought he had lost his ability to dress well or something. (laughs) That's the level a lot of conversations on our parallel were on—appearance-oriented and very trivial.

Cathee: Well, when you were tracking me, was that for your parallel's government, or for my parallel's government?

Stan: It was Johnny's parallel's government. That's why they needed someone psychic, someone pretty talented, to be able to follow him over and know where he was, and track him here. There are also others we wanted to track on your parallel, or their alters.

So I don't think you should worry so much, unless your parallel's really different from mine, and it may be here. But I still think. . . . OK. This is what I'm seeing. And again I don't know your parallel that well, but I think I could find out much more here fairly easily, by looking. You know, reading the minds that are trying to read me. (laughs) That's the thing. Once you show up and start reading somebody's mind, you've opened yours to them. You do what you can to block them reading you back. But you open the door.

Once you put me up on the web, I'm sure people on your parallel will start tracking me, and will be therefore opening their minds for me to slip into them. So I dare them. (laughs) I hereby put out the announcement that I'm willing to be tracked if they let me track back. Otherwise I'm very hard to catch up with, as you know, with my particular gift. (laughs)

But I now feel like I want to be on Jonathan's parallel essentially. I'm talking to you across parallels here. But just like people here bilocate and come back, I can certainly do that. And I can probably do that for extended periods of time, maybe even more than they can. I do have a body, though, that needs attention. It's just, the support they give each other's bodies, and just the vibration of that whole parallel, compared to what I'm used to. . . . I'm used to hardly any support for my body when I'm out working, in terms of loving support. Sure, they'll feed you on my old parallel, but the love and the massage and everything's so wonderful here. They'll throw you a prostitute on my old parallel. But the whole land and everything is so supportive on Jonathan's, of anything you want to do.

It's a whole lot easier to bilocate from this parallel. Since I've built up such a muscle from not having had that kind of support, I can be out working longer than they can here. I've got such a strong ability now to bilocate and make it back, hopefully. (laughs) I've got to watch myself, and make sure that I don't go nearly as many parallels out as I used to. I'm just going to go out and then come back, until I train myself to not go anywhere that I can't bring my parallel split-off back from. Otherwise it's not worth it, whatever information I could get. Is it relevant to the Stan on Jonathan's parallel? Otherwise, who cares? I'm not going to have all those extra parallels out there any more. I promise myself. So today, talking to you, I'm firmly here on Jonathan's.

I want to tell you, though, that you are being watched, and that's not a bad thing. If anybody from some faction would move in to do you harm, Cathee, with Johnny there, you would have tremendous help available to you. I can promise you that. And I know you're thinking, then why didn't someone help when they got Johnny? Well, I told you there were potential Al's that were being killed to try to keep that from happening. I'm not saying that people would be all-powerful. But as I told you before, I think being very transparent is a great gift, because then they don't have to put a lot of people on your detail.

I was fascinated with what Al told you at solstice. And how the Leapers talked about the good/evil paradigm no longer being something that our soul family is willing to support. And that people who are into the good/evil morality would not like you. (chuckles) They would think you're evil. Again, I'm talking from having been on Johnny's parallel more than yours, but if we're leaping primarily the nature/human hybrids out, I think we were the least liked. (laughs)

Loyalty is a strange thing. Cathee, you know the whole idea of breaking a child to make them a good spy, supposedly—all the things you've read about—the hypnosis, the programming, so that you can make them a trained killer where you just say the key word and they'll go kill somebody. Unfortunately, that happens. However, I think that strategy of breaking somebody down and fracturing them through torture, or through brainwashing. Through . . . not loving them. There's the pseudo-love that Al was talking about, but I think people know the difference. The craving for real love never goes away.

This is my own theology, OK, of life. That either you believe that there must be somebody out there who could love you—whether it's your mother or somebody else—and that sometime you are going to find someone you can trust, someone who really sees you and loves you. Either you believe that, or you die young. There's no reason to live.

I have seen this, Cathee. They lose. I'd say of the people that were in my graduating class (laughs) of people that were being abused by the government, hardly anybody's made it. I'm only in my forties, and hardly anybody's made it this far. Torture weakens you, yes. But I think even more, if you don't find someone along the way to love you, I just don't think you can live. I don't think you can. And Cathee, I think you don't really feel loved by anybody in the deepest, deepest way who is not part of our soul family. There may be honorary soul family people around. But I mean someone like Peter, like Johnny, like John, you know, like Jonathan and Malaemata. You're not going to find that kind of love, I don't think, outside of your soul family. That going back close to the void, the core of who we are.

And so no matter what you do psychologically to somebody, soul family's going to win in their loyalty. When the Leapers were talking to me when I first met you, they said, "Johnny can reflect you back to you." And they asked him whether he was willing to do that for me. That's intimate. And that is darn loving, what he agreed to do. And he hesitated only a minute. He said, "Sure." That's love. And I don't care what perks or what threats anybody anywhere that I've ever met would offer me or give me, nothing's going to look better than coming home.

I have a feeling that they can tell if you're totally their pawn in their hand or not. I don't think they trusted me, from my twenties on. They trusted me in the Secret Service to do things that were noble. But I think I got out of what they had probably hoped, that I would be another Sirhan Sirhan [Bobby Kennedy, Jr.'s assassin]. Someone they could use that way. I think they gave up on me pretty young, to control me to, to be able to hypnotize me to do something that I did not believe in. They just couldn't get me there.

I was of use to them. But I was assigned to factions that weren't doing the worst things. I didn't get assigned to Al's job, for one thing. And I could have done it. I could have done what Al did, as far as talent goes. Yuck. Why would I want to do that? By the way, I think Al's been messed with incredibly. Who knows what he's been through at their hands. Obviously, he was working for some crazy people, who would even think of cloning Johnny. They were broken too, at some point. I don't know if humans end up that crazy without being broken somehow.

Anyway, if a bunch of our soul family starts leaping out, they may just say good riddance. (laughs) Really. Because of the loyalty thing, and that feeling loved. If you really get it out there how much love you guys bring—and I'd like it if you would put this out there, that I feel so amazingly loved since I leapt—you're going to have a lot of people wanting to come.

And I think the Leapers may have to hone in on the purpose of the leap, whether they want everybody who is just dying for love. I mean, that goes for just about everybody I know. Or do we try to put information out, try to make the parallel you're on now more loving? But I don't think the Leapers would have said they're willing to leap the whole soul family if they didn't mean it. I feel like I was willing to go into the darkest of the dark places, and it feels like I went with almost some unspoken agreement that I would get pulled out if need be. I don't know if I'm just imagining that, or if there really was some feeling on our whole soul family's part that we would participate in this experiment on condition that we can pull out if things get too crazy. In which case, I think we want to pull as many of us out as we can. And let us go onto something more interesting, even in the same body.

It's hell out there. It really is. But I feel like as long as you stay in a loving space with this, and I think you have such beautiful love, Cathee, especially with John and Johnny with you. If you're offering love, you're going to find, yeah, people that may wish you harm, but there will be other people who are in our soul family who are not even going to carry out their superiors' orders if those orders are to hurt you. I really feel that. That the loyalty is going to go the other way, and be the big thing. Especially as this theology gets out, of soul families and who we really are, and how we've been willing to go into the really dark places. For people like me to know, man, you were never abandoned, and you were never really alone—I can't tell you what that means. I just can't even tell you the hell I've been in. But you can stand anything if somebody loves you.

So I would say, the more you put out there, on the web or in talks—any way you can get it out there—that you're loving our soul family members, who were willing to go out there and see the worst of it, and you want us to come home. You are going to be too busy leaping people to worry about the secret government. And a lot of them may be from the secret government. It just makes sense. Why would anybody's loyalty be to the secret government, if they can come to a beautiful parallel like Jonathan's? I mean like, hello. (laughs) It's a no-brainer, once the trust is there.

Personally, I feel like I'm in contact with five different Malaematas and five different Jonathans pretty closely. Different ones are specializing differently. I'm especially fond of the ones who are close to you, though, Cathee. They're developing the same sense of humor they've always said they admire in us. The ironic, "this is hell, what can we laugh about?" They're delightful.

Cathee: Stan, this is so helpful. I can't tell you how helpful this is. If you can just keep me informed of what's going on, that would be wonderful. It's too bad you don't type. (laughs)

Information Stretching

Stan: Cathee, one thing I can do, is take what you put up and help to pull it into more parallel worlds. We want to get across the vibrational and paradigmal boundaries of different parallels, so that someone from a parallel that normally couldn't access something from your parallel on the internet can.

It's like, you've always been told that your talent was to meet the nature beings that are very hard for humans to connect with in consciousness. But once you do, then everybody can connect with them. I think that's true of information, too. And it's certainly true across parallels. Like, Tabitha is able to go vibrate with amazing parallels. She's even way beyond me in her range. And then, once she manages to resonate with somebody—like a different species—then if I'm right behind her trying, I can probably tune into her deva of relationship with whomever she contacted. And make a deva of relationship with the deva of relationship between her and that being. Which is easier than making a relationship myself cold with the original being. Because I love Tabitha, I can follow her energy into her deva of relationship with the other being, and then create my own relationship.

It's like that with information, too. Once one person from some other parallel finds that they can pull your website up on their computer, whether through the internet or who knows how. Or if they can just somehow tune into it, even telepathically, and get the feel of your channeling, your channel. . . . You know, the whole idea of a channel, like even a TV channel, is that there's a certain resonance on a certain channel. And if they can get you and your channeling's resonance, and they start to pull it in, whether psychically or whether they pull it up on their computer, then it's a lot easier for other people on their parallel in their mass consciousness agreement there, to be able to access it. And so that's another thing I can do for you, is try to increase the range.

Now, this may complicate things for you, because we'll be dealing with people that don't know either John or Johnny.

Leapers: Yes, we want that. Definitely, we want that. You're a godsend, Stan, if you can link this information into people on more parallels. That would be a blessing. And even into places where people don't have the internet, like people in POW camps that don't have computers. Give them hope, just through connecting with them with our vibration. You'll be busy, Stan.

Stan: Yeah, I know. (laughs) It will be tempting to split off a whole lot of parallel selves. But I'm not going to do that! I'm always going to come back home. (laughs) This is great. I'm so happy. I'm just so happy, with selfhood. It's wonderful.

Johnny: Stan, thank you so much. I can't tell you how happy I am that I wasn't just surrounded by a bunch of Als. (laughs) I can't tell you how healing it's been for me, just to have you loving me. Thank you.

Stan: Let's affirm that only the good guys—I mean the people that are wanting to support, help, and love us—are going to be those from the secret government that show up in our lives at all. Let's just think that. Let's just feel that. And let's make that so. I think we can have that. I really do.

Malaemata:. Stan, I know we said you were driving us nuts. And you were. (laughs) But please don't take that personally. I've watched your progress, and you're the miracle baby. You are so different than when you first came over. We're very happy to have you. I apologize that you heard that. Of course, you heard that. (laughs) We're very happy to have you.

Stan: Thank you. I kinda knew that, and I kinda knew how I was driving you nuts when I first came over, too. You know, it's only been a month.

Cathee: I'm so incredibly grateful. I'm so happy that I could cry almost, to have your support and your advice, Stan. What a gift. Thank you so much.


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