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Parallel Worlds Leap Handbook:

Co-create a Joyful Parallel Life

Natural vs. Accidental Techno-induced Leaping

The Leapers through channeler Cathee Courter with a friend:

Cathee: We're asking for clarification. Nicole is concerned that every criminal will want to leap out of here rather than go to prison. And Jonathan might not like them all coming over. (laughs)

Nicole: And that other desperate people will escape from here as well.

Cathee: Well, that's when this information came through—when I was feeling pretty desperate! (laughs)

Leapers: There are as many different kinds of leaps as there are different people. Some will be sudden changes in a person's life, like with Cathee's friend whose husband suddenly got a job across the country, and there they went. Others will split-off and drop a lot of density, and have both an old self and a new self. But there will be some pull-outs, like happened with Al.

When helping to facilitate people leaping from Johnny's parallel world, Cathee's primarily been working with them at the point at which HAARP has been turned on full blast, and time is standing still. Or they're almost to that point, where the electromagnetics have already messed with time/space so much . . . we haven't talked about this. But on Johnny's parallel, even prior to him becoming president, being cloned, our leaping him out, and his body dying, there was a rash of people disappearing all over the place. They wondered if it was the secret government nabbing people, or some totalitarian takeover, or what was going on. But really what was happening was that people were messing with zero point energy, like HAARP can produce. Some people have their own zero-point energy generators now, for their homes. A zero point device can tear the time/space fabric. It can put dents in it. It can shape it differently. It can create a condensation of time/space or an expansion of time/space. And people can walk into other realities.

When you split off a parallel self, it can look like your life suddenly went a different direction. Like Nicole, when your parent died around the same time your daughter was born—that was a nexus point of time/space continuums of meanings coming together. But there was enough continuity that you didn't question "am I still in the same parallel reality?" You weren't. And when you moved to Colorado, you weren't in the same parallel reality you'd been in at all. In those cases your soul split off a new parallel self, a new direction, a new cluster of meanings of what your life's about. Every split-off is centered around meanings of what your soul wants to do next. So this happens all the time.

From a certain perspective, matter is energy coalesced. On Johnny's parallel, with the electromagnetic playing-around they were doing with the substance of what reality is made of, there was a rash of people who you might say walked into a black hole. That's not technically what happened, but that would be a concept in your popular idioms that can help you get a visualization of it. There was a warp or a tear in the time/space fabric. And it didn't have to do with someone's soul splitting off a parallel self to explore a new meaning and a new direction in life. It was someone just living their life and falling into something.

Cathee in high school was shown a book about the aftermath of the nuclear bomb that was dropped on Hiroshima, Japan. Someone had taken photos of people whose flesh was hanging off their bones. Talk about a tear in the time/space fabric! Their bodies were not holding together. There had been an explosion of what matter is, of what holds things together, on multi-dimensional levels. We've often said that if you die in a nuclear blast, your soul memories of your whole life are erased. It's multi-dimensional.

Resonating Relationships

Someone can reach in with an etheric cord and can resonate with you so closely that you're resonating more with the person who's reaching out to you than you were resonating with your surrounding environment and the people in your environment. And then, you go. You go with what has pulled you.

It's not that someone has captured you, although we can give a lot of protection. Like in Al's case, we had to cut the cords he had to his past relationships with people in order to be able to get him out, because they were cording him at that point without his permission. He had decided he wanted to leap, but they continued to cord him to keep him controlled in their massive secret government structure there. Since he said he wanted to come with us instead of with them, you could say we corded him so strongly that we were able to pull him over. That's really just a way of saying that we resonated with him, and he agreed to resonate with us. Right before it happened, Cathee was told to hold a loving space for him, concentrating on everything that she could see, feel and resonate with of who he was that he would want to take with him. Because his sense of selfhood was going to be rearranged, as all these other relationships were being deleted from who he then was going to be. So she saw it in her mind as whirring—like whirring scissor blades, just shuuuuuuuu, huge—chop, chop, chopping all those cords. That was her mind's finding an image for our changing his resonation of who he is, to no longer be resonating at the old energy level from when he was all corded up by the secret government, but to now be resonating at Jonathan's parallel's level. And of course, when you go through a transformation like that, you're not the same person you were. So it takes a lot of faith. "I think I will like who I will become better than who I've been," is basically what you're saying when you say, "I want to leap."

Nicole: That's what I felt when I moved from Chicago to here. I felt pulled. I did not look back. Once I was here, I thought about that other person I'd been back in Chicago as a different person.

Cathee: Yes, like a past life. And it sounds like it was a dramatic change, happening within a few weeks. Did you feel like a different person?

Nicole: Oh, immediately. Like cutting cords, literally, from everything and everybody there. It was just me here. I did have two friends in a nearby city, but I came here—it didn't matter where they were.

Cathee: So it was also the land. It was place too.

Nicole: My friend brought me up the road here, and I remember that feeling. "Wow!" And I just hopped. A week later I bought the house.

Leapers: The land helped to create your parallel self. It provided a space for you to incarnate into.

Nicole: Nothing else mattered when I got here. I didn't leave the land and house for weeks after I got here.

Leapers: You are familiar with that kind of letting go as being associated with death. But it doesn't have to be associated with death. It is the death of the old, definitely. We have a chapter in Part One on how when you leap, you go through the death of a lot of the parts of you—subpersonalities, relationships, etc. And of course, we're big on saying that who you are is primarily relationships, with land, with people.

Accidental Disappearance

But back to Johnny's parallel. He flew through a zero point field in an airplane. And they were able to isolate his soul from his body, take the body, and essentially split off a parallel self of him that walked around with, in this case, Al's soul in Johnny's body. But it looked like Johnny. Same mannerisms, same speech—that's all in the brain, and can be used.

Now, what is a zero point field, and what does that have to do with splitting off a parallel self? A zero point field is like going back to the void. It's like a nuclear explosion. It's a change in the time/space continuum that allows for something else to happen.

When you naturally split off parallel selves, there's a similar kind of physics going on. It's pretty amazing that humans have found how to do that technologically, to create something out of nothing. The pursuit of it in your parallel world is now popularly centered around having free energy to heat homes with. But it does a lot more than produce free energy to heat your homes.

Cathee and Peter were consultants to investors a few years ago who were looking into putting several hundred million dollars into a company in Germany that creates zero point devices with spinning magnets. You'd have their device sitting right outside your house, and it would produce energy for your house. It would be self-perpetuating—you wouldn't have to feed it a source of energy except to get it started, but it would produce electricity.

On Johnny's parallel when these devices became popular, people were disappearing. And others were trying to figure out if there was a pattern to who disappeared. Were ETs abducting them? Were they involved in a cult? People didn't really catch onto that the disappeared all were around these free energy devices. Companies were even trying to make them into little portable things you could run your computer with, but that idea never really got anywhere.

On Johnny's parallel, they really weren't so much for home use, like companies have been trying to make here. At the time they got into the worst crisis, they were starting to be used in homes, but most were for large corporate buildings. So it was mainly the guy who ran the machine, or whose office was beside it or not that far from it who was affected. The machines were usually separate, outside of the building, but often close to a parking lot. And the weird thing is, one person can resonate with that resonance and end up caught in it, whereas someone else might not. It's just not in their reality. And that's a little harder to predict. For instance, are people who are interested in sci fi more open to being sucked into that, or? See, we're not explaining it very well, because we can't say we really understand exactly why some people got caught in it and some people didn't. But obviously secret government types were trying to develop it to where they could intentionally clone government leaders. And they succeeded. In Johnny's parallel as well in this one, a lot of military technology filters out to the public. The government comes up with the technology, and then other people try to see if they can apply it for civilian uses. Which is why it has such dark energies around it.

So in his parallel, they were kind of getting used to people disappearing. Statistically, it was a small percentage of people who were gone. But enough that there was a panic about it, and the news media played it up.

On your parallel, there have been well-documented instances of the government creating tears in the time/space fabric. And even people falling through it, disappearing, in some of their experiments.

Cathee never watches movies, but there are sci fi depictions where they have a gun that can just make somebody, fwuuuup, disappear. That's kind of a zero point energy field idea. In fact, we were telling her the other day that that's part of her protection. She can learn—not to vaporize someone in that they turn into molecules that dissolve, but—to dissolve them out of her reality. So that they still exist in their own reality, but they would not exist in her reality. And that's a form of protection—to split off a parallel where they don't exist in your parallel any more, but everything else does, the same. When Jonathan's daughter Tabitha travels through different parallel universes, she's protected because she know how to not perceive someone any more. And therefore they're not in her reality. It's a little more complex than that, but that's the principle.

You will likely have more instances of people just disappearing from your parallel world. And of course, since there are enough kidnappings going on, it's easy to think that's the problem.

We are working with parallel split-offs the way they've always been done. Where Nicole, when you left Chicago, people didn't think that you had died or vaporized or something. They had a story line, because they had a split-off themselves when you left, which might have been different than the track they'd been on. So we're talking about meanings, and the whole thing making sense and just shifting. This is how we prefer to work. It's just that we can take people a little farther faster, as we are always saying. Like, oh, you want to move to Colorado? How about next week? Which is what just happened to a friend of Cathee's. Her husband got a job and left four days later for a whole different state. Got an apartment. Starts Monday. A huge shift in less than a week. And really, you could say that shift happened the moment he was given the job. Everything changed. Her life changed, and her kids' lives changed.

But Cathee, we do want to say that you're still going to be working a lot with Johnny's parallel, where the time/space continuums are really messed up by HAARP and by other devices. And so, we'll be leaping a lot of people out of Johnny's world. They're at a standstill. They're in a hopeless situation. And boy, are they ready to go. We've already leapt quite a few of them. And it's a little different leaping them from their parallel at this point in time, because there are all sorts of wormholes we can use, that do make someone just seem to disappear.

That is a place where we can whip people out. (laughs) It's already chaotic. And people want that. They're not worried about what their family will think if they just disappear. They are just like, "Take me. Get me out of here" because a lot of them know their survival depends on it. And even if we work back in time a little bit, to where it's not quite as bad—it was building up for a long time, to that point.

Natural Leaping

The leaping from your parallel world will probably involve us being able to establish strong relationships between people and the people and land to which they are leaping. Those relationships begin to seem more real and more important to people than the relationships they're coming away from. That's why we want the people who want to leap to Jonathan's world to be on the land up there. They've got to start having a relationship with the land and people there, which is probably going to be easier if they're there in that vortex. So it will be more of a matter of the heart of people—whether they really feel at home. Cathee feels much more at home with Jonathan and Malaemata than she does with her own family. And so she has a longing to be with them, and that longing will establish enough of what you might call a cord. We don't know what word to use for the strong resonance that can then manifest in an event. It may involve very slow steps of just feeling more and more at home there, which has been going on for her for a decade or two. She's felt like she's been in a different world when she's up in the high mountains than when she's down in Pinewood Springs, even. The change can be very gradual that way. Or it can manifest in a quick shift to where that's then your life. But in this organic process way of doing it, it's more like Nicole leaving Chicago. It will make sense to everyone, and we don't know how to explain this—they just won't remember things being different than that.

Things could get so much worse on Cathee's parallel that you could easily end up with the same kind of tears and mess, societally. It looks like your world is going the way that Johnny's went. But at this point, it looks like there can be a gradual transition for leapees.

We've told Cathee that if she can handle the discontinuity and change in vibration, she may be able to spend some time in Jonathan's world, and then come back here. What would it be like for her to live in Jonathan's community of beautiful houses and people with a really different culture, and then say I'm going to go visit my parents in Kansas? She felt last time she went to Kansas that it was an alternate vibratory world. It felt awful to her. She kind of feels that way every time she goes to Boulder now, only twenty miles away. We think it's not that different than when Cathee was married to a Thai man in Iowa City, and they'd visit Thailand. It felt like a different world, with a different vibration there.

Nicole: I felt that when I went to Chicago once. When my great niece was born, I went back for two days and it felt really, really weird. Very different. I couldn't wait to get out. I didn't go out of my way to see anybody but who I was seeing in that house that day. I didn't see my sister or my brother, even though they all live in Chicago, only twenty minutes away. Our paths didn't cross.

Leapers: So you know what we're talking about.

Cathee was noticing that in the last video, what Malaemata mainly talked about was trying to get people to resonate with her through the video. She was saying, let's do this together.

So the idea is relationship—between people, and between people and land. If it happens that way, it's not going to be jarring (unless people have in their consciousness that they have to create a crisis with it.) And if someone's just trying to escape from going to the penitentiary or something, they're not going to be able to resonate in such a way to get to a new world, or even for this information to reach them. They would not create it coming into their reality.

Nicole: Right.

Leapers: We want to put your mind at peace. If you were on Johnny's parallel, or if this parallel were as bad as that one, then people could fall through holes. But that won't happen in a situation where we're actually creating the space. Accidental leaps are not going to happen with us. They may happen out there other places where people disappear, but it's not going to happen with us unless everything is organic around it.

It is possible—we don't think it'll happen a lot, but it is possible that someone could be in a car accident and leap off right before then. Split off a parallel, and then the parallel they were on would result in death.

Nicole: Like people who were supposed to die three days ago, and they're still hanging in there in a comatose state. Usually when a person is in a coma, they're outside of themselves. They're not really trapped there per se. They stay out, and then the body dies, or they'll come back in and "oh, it's a miracle!"

Cathee: Well, that can be parallel shifting around, too. Not just leaving the body, but parallel shifting with the body. I did some readings for a woman with advanced colon cancer. Her guides told her, "There are two parallel selves we see for you. One is going to die of cancer soon. The other one is going to have a miraculous healing." Then they outlined the benefits and learning opportunities of being either parallel self, and let her choose which one she wanted to be. She chose to be the one that healed. And her doctors say there is no trace of cancer in her body now.


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