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Parallel Worlds Leap Handbook:

Co-create a Joyful Parallel Life

Trying Out a New Parallel World

The Leapers through Cathee Courter with Jonathan Stone telepathing from his parallel world:

Leapers: We're going to bring millions of people through the Longs Peak portal. It's an easy place to jump people in, and jump people out to other destinations. The power there has been made that way by many civilizations. But sometimes you have to actually meet people before you know if they'll fit into your world or not, into your future.

Cathee: Are all the people who have leapt here just extensions of their consciousnesses in advance, or are they real? And is the Jonathan who's talking to me an extension too?

Leapers: Sometimes a scenario will play out in a very light density. All of these are real. It's just, are they going to fill in, or are they going to dissolve? Anything you live is real. But when things are chosen, sometimes they can immediately become more solid.

Let's look at the gathering that happened here last week, with the two thousand coming over to Jonathan's world. We gave Dave, who came from Cathee's parallel, a very conditional, "well, we'll leap him here to get him out of a crisis, and then he'll probably go somewhere else." And once he got here, you all fell in love with him, partly because you were so impressed with his courage and his willingness to be cleaned up. He was very humble about it. You like him, but you didn't expect to, really.

Al seems to be gravitating to other parts of the country more than he is here at this pod, although he'll still be very involved in our work. But he likes to be gone quite a bit.

There's a feeling among many people in Jonathan's pod that Dave has something special. And when his son came over, and Jonathan, you saw how much he loved his kid, that was sweet. So you chose. It's like your soul said, do I want this probability where Dave comes over and stays? And when everybody agreed, then it went OK, yes, so this is real.

The same thing happened, Jonathan, when you and Malaemata first met Cathee at Onion Rock. She was lying there, and she felt you [telepathically] saying, "Hi, we're your new hosts." You told her your name was Joe, because you thought she had too many Johns in her life. Joe and Wendy, or something like that (laughs) because you didn't think she could handle Malaemata as a name. Cathee that day, as usual, was totally in awe of the place. She was so in joy, and in love with Mt. Meeker, and with Onion Rock and with onion. She'd been there several times before, and was so happy. And you thought wow, look at this one. It's not that you hadn't kind of been watching her, and felt that she was out there somewhere, and kind of knew that she was channeling. But you were smitten, Jonathan. You were smitten by her when she was up there that day, and she was so open to you, and so happy to meet you, and trying so hard to be able to feel you. And ah, she was smitten with you. At that moment, everything shifted. Look how different both of your lives are now. That was a real hinge moment, and it immediately threw you into a new probability that has been very solid. And your connection is solid enough now to help other people over.

Then when Peter met Malaemata and Jonathan later at Onion Rock, it was a very decisive moment. Cathee was smitten with them, but did Peter want to also come? It wasn't guaranteed that you'd both go the same way. When he laid down in the indentation in that rock and tuned into them, he immediately felt a glowing energy shift. Peter made some huge decisions that day.

There were little moments like that with John, Cathee, before you considered him officially walked in. And it'd be great sometime for you to listen to the recordings leading up to that walk-in again. There was a lot of little looking back and forth. And your then recently deceased cousin's recommendation of him. But it didn't have to happen. It could have stopped right there. Even after all those years of preparation, you could have been on the probability where he didn't walk in, if things had not gone well.

You both felt so much pressure, actually. Soon after he walked in, you both wanted it to go well. And it was difficult. But it has gone well. And we're so pleased that it has. And you're still both really wanting it to go well. This is a very great parallel you're all on, we think. We truly do. It's enjoyable, and sparkling with potential.

So Jonathan, you may have lots of those kinds of moments as you meet the people you meet. And other people meet the people they meet. And you pay attention to, are they going to work here? Would this person make my life happier, or would they be a burden? Would they be able to adjust? Do they feel like one of us? Think of how many times you told Cathee soon after you met her, "You just feel like one of us." (laughs) That's what you want. That's like a precognition that they will be one of you, if they feel like one of you. The future works backwards sometimes too. If you've chosen a happy future (laughs) them being one of you will feel good.

Jonathan: Thank you, Leapers. I should have known this, but oh, I'm so relieved. See how much I got into the thinking of your parallel, Cathee, already, where "oh, we have to help the refugees." This makes total sense to me. I think you've prepared us for this. A portal in, and a portal out is in the same place, right?

Leapers: Yes, it is. It's all in this mountain. And some of the people coming in need to spread across the country, and have these meetings with the places they really would end up in, through the same process.

Is this real or not? Well, it depends on if you choose to make it real. And if you don't, there will be probably a fade out. And the "you" in wherever you were before you leapt—that "you" will find itself with the weight and the energy back in it. That point of decision will go a different way. If you're one of those people who leapt over, saw the potential host family, and didn't like them, you would be the potential that would fade out, and nothing would come of it. And your soul energy, you might say, would go into reinforcing a different probability that would stem off from that point. That's kind of what we mean when we say a parallel self will fade back in sometimes. Your energy would go back into supporting some other parallel. And the knowledge that you had been on Jonathan's parallel, and had looked around—that would stay with you. That was real, but it might seem like a dream if you even remember it consciously at all.

Your dreams can affect you even if you don't remember them, and so can these kinds of experiences. Say someone goes from Cathee's town, and comes right back. She tries out Jonathan's parallel, and it doesn't feel like a good fit. She misses her cell phone too much, and comes back. Then the rest of her life she may be an organic gardener. She may just know that there's a way you can talk to nature—it's a hunch she has. And she may never know where that hunch came from, but the change came from having been on Jonathan's parallel. Maybe from then on, her friends will say, wow, she suddenly got totally into organic gardening, and we don't understand why. And she may always feel like it's just not quite as organic as she'd like it to be, because she knows it could be more. (laughs)

This happens practically every day of your life, that somewhere some part of you is trying out something. Especially these days, it's all over the place.


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