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Johnny's Cloner Speaks

Through Cathee Courter with Peter MacGill in Rocky Mountain National Park:

[Note from Cathee: I had several conversations with Alan. When I first met him, he gave me a ten minute hug, which was lovely, in which we thoroughly scanned each other's energy fields. Alan sounded like a cross between an aspiring cult leader, a stereotypical used car salesman, and a sweet brother. He said he was the only person on Earth transmitting his particular healing energy, freely admitted he didn't know the source of it, and pushed hard for clients. I was very concerned about the effect he was having on Kari, who was so corded up by Alan (or by someone reaching through him) that every time I talked to her, etheric suction-like cords would come at me through her. But oddly, I always felt a kinship with the man.

The night before the following encounter took place, I was told that both Kari and Alan had parallel selves on Johnny's parallel. Kari's I will call Karyn, and Alan's I will call Al. Al was high up in the background government, and had inhabited Johnny's body when Johnny was cloned. He'd also cloned Karyn. I talked to Karyn telepathically, who'd been extremely traumatized by that experience. I find it interesting that I first met Alan only a few days before Johnny leapt over, out of Al's grasp.

Johnny and I'd been given intense visions of the total bedlam that had followed his cloning and leap out (in one probability at least). His body wasted away within a week. Widespread rioting ensued. HAARP was turned on full steam. And time actually froze, with everyone frozen in it.

The Leapers are trying to work "in from the side" from my parallel, to change events on Johnny's parallel earlier in time and prevent this hopeless outcome.]

Johnny: I am needing so much from you right now, Cathee. I feel like I need your constant attention because I'm trying to do so much, and I need the connection to the body to be very strong, when I haven't really had much time to develop a connection to the body to begin with. I'm going wild feeling the urgency of what all needs to happen. It's enough to tear me apart, and I know you feel it in the background. You feel it as if it's your own emotion, and own emergency. And in a way, we do share the same emotional body. I don't know how to tone it down for you. I don't know how to tone it down for me.

My experience is of lines of connection to millions of people. And when there's big panic on the airwaves, and when I look at situations that are saddening, it comes right back up to me. It's like do something.

I'm used to being the one heading the country. Everyone expects the president to do something, especially if there's a disaster. At least reassure people, if nothing else. I don't know if it's inappropriate for me to still feel that kind of responsibility, but it's very hard for me now to be so multi-dimensional, because I can feel pain from several parallels at once. And it's very complex to figure out what to do—I mean, the Leapers really do rely on us to give feedback and information from a human perspective.

I feel so out there alone. I don't even have a cabinet. Don't even have a military any more. Don't even have a secretary any more, a staff. Just us. And I don't even exist to most people, because I'm dead. I wasn't on their parallel anyway.

But we're not alone.

Al: This is Alan's parallel self. I think what I've been wanting from you, really, is help. I haven't been trying to torture you or something, with the cording.

There's a certain contingent in the secret government that thinks they know better than the president, and the public that elected the president, what needs to happen for the planet. And at least part of the cloning and being an imposter (I realize that a lot of it was greed too) was thinking we knew better than Johnny did what needed to happen. He was on amazingly cordial terms with his military advisors, even though he suspected something awful was going on, like with his sister who was cloned. We took that as tacit agreement that he would submit to what we were doing. Although, what else could he have done but try to keep peace with us? In fact, he's told you that he was surprised at how honest some of his advisors were about HAARP, etc., and why they let him get elected.

I'll admit there's a big ego rush when you're part of a certain level of government that thinks it knows—even more than the president knows—what needs to happen on Earth. You become heady with power. "We have the power to clone people." But even you don't know who's running you. We all had a blind spot about that. We thought we were in charge, and we weren't really. Like Alan thinks he's in charge on your parallel. Really, he's not.

When you're talking about power grabbing, and not knowing where the power that comes through you comes from, ultimately, you're talking about zero point energy—which we called something else. You're getting into the power of your thoughts, and the reflections from your thoughts coming right back at you, as events. And you realize that nobody's really in charge, because if you're not in charge of your own thoughts—and who is?—then it seems like the world's out of control.

So at that point, when you've set up certain procedures and grand plans, or at least you're a small part of them even if you don't know what the whole big organization is. And you start to question whether anybody really knows anything. Do you blow the whistle and say, "We should all stop until we know what's going on," when you suspect that the universe is more mysterious than anybody knowing what's going on? Or do you just keep doing it? Do your best. Be the best darn cloner you can be.

I feel like you're misunderstanding me. When I inhabited Karyn's body, you're assuming that I didn't do it with love for her. Johnny has told you that it was torture to be cloned, but I feel like it's not as dismal as you tend to think. Just because I was involved in her cloning—taking over her body and her life—doesn't necessarily mean I meant her ill or didn't care for her. I tried to inhabit her body as conscientiously as I could. Care about the body's needs, etc. And not do anything stupid when I was being her that would embarrass her later.

So I have been a little surprised at your level of anger at me, when I was just doing what I was given to do. I didn't think it was that bad, at the time. And that's carrying over—oddly enough, on your parallel, I think Kari trusts Alan.

Even though you've expressed fear about being able to talk to me, I'm speaking to you partly because I want to tell you that I don't think Alan sees what he's doing in cording people as bad, any more than I saw what I was doing as bad. (I mean, if I step back from it enough, I can rationally work my way to understanding it as probably not too cool.) So I don't even know if you'll get very far in talking to him about it, especially when Kari seems to want it so much. She seems to be saying yes. Cord me more. It's kind of sadomasochistic or something. (laughs)

Cathee, last night I told you I would lay off from harrassing you. And then you said, "Why don't you come home?" But you have no idea what that means. I have an image of what that means, and I think it has to do with my experience of zero point. I think there's a place undergirding morality, and who's dominant, and even what suffering means to an individual self. I don't think that I could inhabit anybody's body and keep it going who was not soul family with me. Who was not consenting on some level. I don't know how to explain on what level that consent is given, but I think it has to do with overall archetypal dramas of the age that are being played out to the extent that cloning naturally would happen. And everybody in this drama has consented to some extent to this playing out of roles and experimentation. If you ever eat GMO grain, you are consenting to genetic engineering. Cathee, you buy cashmere shawls, even though you wonder if they're slave made because they're so cheap, in which case you're supporting that. You don't like the oil companies, but you buy gas.

So I feel that anybody alive has somewhat consented to what happened to Johnny and Karyn. Maybe I'm rationalizing, but I feel like it's been a group playing-out. And like I said, I did my part as well as I could. And if the archetypes are now shifting on a mass level, then there's no reason for me to still be doing that. It's time for me to shift, and to understand. To go back to the Leapers and say, "I'm ready for a new assignment." And with things so bad on the parallel I was on, I don't know if that means death and starting over for me too, or if it means leaping and physically ending up somewhere else with all the knowledge I have of civilization taken to the extreme. And technology. And human manipulation, to be honest.

I must tell you, basically what I was doing was possessing Karyn, and possessing Johnny. And I'm talking past tense, because who I am talking to you is a dream state persona of who I am, not me in my particular time. I am able to have an overview of what I did, or am doing—however you look at it.

In order to possess someone, I think you have to do what I would call love. Love them. You have to be very sensitive to their energy, and to their bodily needs. To their rhythm. Kind of like an actor playing a part has to imagine what it's like to be that person. I was like an actor. I had to be able to be a convincing Karyn. I had her body like a puppet, but I had to be able to speak what she would have said, in the way she would have said it. It's even more demanding than an actor having to get the accent right. But it's not that hard, once you get the hang of the brain. It's not that different than channeling—someone putting thoughts in your head, Cathee, and you willingly speaking them. Karyn was not willingly speaking. But I had to know her so well that I could convincingly seem like her.

I know Johnny has said that when his sister Caroline got cloned, it didn't seem like her soul was there. That's a legitimate observation. On the other hand, I think I could make it seem so real that it almost seemed like the soul was there, because I was so close to the people I was doing that with. I could be wrong.

Jason said about black magic, that some people will hug you and suck in your energy. And then they'll reflect it back to you, so that you trust them right away and feel a compatibility with them, when it's really just your own energy you're feeling. You can call it black magic, and that's obviously what I was doing to the extreme. But to be able to do that, I still think there's some element of honoring the person and loving them involved, to be able to reflect back to them a good approximation of their energy.

I feel like you see me as absolutely evil, and very scary. And on the one hand, that's probably legitimate. But—and maybe I'm naïve—it seems to me that Kari is sure giving her consent now, whether or not she did on the other parallel. I know Cathee, you have been through victimization of this kind with a husband, and Peter, you with a cult. But you knew at that time there was an intimacy in it too, I think.

I don't think Alan would have a clue of what you're talking about, at this point, if you confronted him. I think Kari would, but I don't know how she'd feel about it. She may just dismiss it.

But I promise you, Cathee, that I want to understand these things. Even if I'm not doing this well, I want to tell you I do respect you. And I want to learn. I want to learn from my experiences, and on my parallel there's really no one with the wisdom or the perspective that you have from the Leapers to teach me anything. To stand back and look at it. Everybody was so involved with making it happen, or resisting it, one or the other. Nobody was talking about the archetypes like I see happening with you and the Leapers. I've been reading your mind a lot.

I'm not telling you to trust me. I'm probably not trustworthy. But I guess I am saying that polarizing things is not going to help either. Hating me is not going to help. Being angry does tell me something. (laughs) And pushing me away does tell me something that maybe I need to hear.

I'm as curious as you were when you just were asking the Leapers what the highest good is that can come from this whole thing. You should say it as, what are we all learning? Where is the most beautiful place all of us can come out with it, recognizing that we are bigger than it? We are bigger than anything we're learning and experiencing collectively. I think that's the only level on which we can get anywhere with this.

I know that there is tremendous grief and sorrow connected with what happened. I mean what happened to individuals like Johnny, and what happened to the whole dang parallel, especially in America. But I think the only way to really grieve it, if grieving is to be done, is to grieve it all together. Kind of like Israelis and Arabs grieving together that their wars happened. It comes down to "why did we create it? What were we hoping to experience and learn?"

As I speak to you, I am like a dead person, I suppose. Carolyn has talked to you from this after-death state, and your past life Wameewa has talked to you. I'm almost an archetype of Al (laughs), like his essence. And yet, that essence carries all through the lifetime. You're speaking to me from your own essence that way. You are planted in time, and yet your ability to speak to me is not so planted in time/space.

I'm feeling extremely alone right now as I speak to you, because you can feel our soul family connection, and yet you still highly distrust me. And as I'm saying, you may be the only one I know of to talk to about these things on the level we can talk about them on. I mean, I have guides to talk to too. But it's very fascinating to see you in the body interacting with my parallel self Alan. And yet, I think you can probably talk to me better than you can talk to him. This is odd, isn't it?

I would hope that there's something just in the fact that we are willing to talk that is healing of itself. We are the one talking to itself, and valuing the experience of the people down on Earth that we are. I think that in itself is healing, to together be able to look at things from a multi-dimensional level, even while at least one of us is sitting in a truck.

So this is what I would propose. I think you must tell Kari what you know about my cloning Karyn. She deserves that as a friend. But I don't think I would expect anything back from her at this point in terms of emotional support for you. She'll have to deal with this information however she deals with it. Whether she dismisses it or struggles with it, it's not going to be easy for her. I think you know that.

As far as Alan goes, my feeling is that whatever Kari and Alan work out together as a result of her knowing is up to them. I think it's none of your business, to tell you the truth.

So maybe something wonderful can come from it, and maybe not. I don't know at what level either of them are in wanting to look deeply at the archetypes like you're looking. My feeling is, why deal with Alan when you can talk to me, and I'm the one who's been harrassing you anyway, through him.

I think you've been confused because there are so many different levels going on here. And as the guides have said, one of them is Alan's unmet emotional needs that came at you. And Alan's need for the mountains, to have a base for his power. And those are Alan's. If you feel that stuff from Alan, like an umbilical cord coming out at you—that's not me.

There's another level where I've probably been the one you've felt watching you all the time, like you've described as a spider at the edge of your aura looking for a way to come in. I wouldn't have thought of it that way, but I'm just so used to coming into somebody. That's what my job was—inhabiting somebody. (laughs) And it's been a surprise to me that you've been so threatened by that, and feel it to be such a violation. But now that I've been watching you for awhile, I can see why you would think that. You're not cloned. You're wanting your own energy field.

And here I am doing it again. I'm in here in your field talking to you. And so, I guess what I need from you—if I have the right to ask for anything—is to please gently tell me when I'm making you uncomfortable. You got my attention when you started screaming at me to stop cording you. But I guess that didn't make me totally go away, did it?

I do have my own needs that you're probably feeling pulling on you. But they're more a desire to understand on a we level—like I've been saying—what's going on and how the whole universe works, from your perspective, my perspective, the soul family's perspective, and the Leapers' perspective. I think Alan has the loneliness of being a spiritual leader with no one to talk to, really. But I don't think it's loneliness I'm coming to you with. It's like I said, you seem to be one of the few people who can help me understand. And so I'm drawn to you like a magnet. And yeah, I guess I'm pushy. I don't want to give that up. I do want to watch you and what happens there. But, you know, if you chase me out, you chase me out.

I am in need of a teacher, in that sense. I know it's not just you—it's the Leapers through you. This is like when you felt the ghosts at a haunted lodge listening to you channel for a client there, instead of going directly to their own guides. I'm sitting here listening to you channel. But it's in a way that I can absorb. I can watch it come through your brain, and I can feel that and understand it.

I want my relationship with you to be very different than Alan's is. Sure, my parallel has a lot to do with your parallel, but not entirely. As far as I'm concerned, my relationship with Karyn here is not all about what's happening with Alan and Kari there. They have their own gig going. Parallels should have their own legitimacy, or you wouldn't bother to live a new life, a new split-off.

On our parallel, there are many probabilities, and Johnny is working very hard to shift them. Maybe we'll all get erased here anyway.

Cathee: OK, Peter just left for a walk.

Al: You dare be alone with me! This is a good sign. I'm trying to respect you, Cathee.

Cathee: Now I feel Johnny and John, and they're saying this is a good talk. We'll be with you.

Al: On my parallel, Karyn only lasted as a clone a couple weeks. I know you've been feeling her cries for help. But that was from a particular time that lasted only two weeks of being cloned.

Cathee: Then did she go back to her old self, or did she die?

Al: She went back to her old self. And she was like one of those the Leapers described to you before. Some people remember being cloned as being like a dream—it doesn't have a huge traumatic impact on them. Although the Leapers did say, it's like taking a digital jpeg photo and making too many copies of it. It degrades. That may have happened.

Again, I'm not defending that it was right to clone Karyn or anybody. But I'm saying it happened to a lot of people. You know the spy system is getting intense now on your parallel. There's no better way of seeing what someone has in their brain than to clone them, and let someone get in there. There are psychics who can read pretty well what's in somebody's brain, but I don't put much stock in machines doing it. They're more like your voice recognition software, that doesn't know the difference between "where" and "wear." They're crude. Your feelings and thoughts can be interpreted a lot of different ways if a machine's reading them. Say, someone's afraid. OK, what are they afraid of, and how do they that handle that fear, and what are they likely to do as a result of that fear, etc.? To work them with a machine is not like being them.

Maybe the cloning is a way of expressing a weness. Again, I don't blame you for getting mad at me for thinking this is OK. But underneath it, there was that sense of unity. The cloning was like the ultimate in empathy, in a way. It was really seeing what someone else felt and thought.

Of course, the ethics were not only in the cloning, but what happened with that information. If you were thinking negative thoughts about the military, for instance, there probably would have been action taken to control you more. It's the ultimate spying mechanism. But its side effect, you might say, was an incredible empathy that had inherent in it a compassion that I think Alan is still expressing. I mean, I'm a parallel self of his. This wasn't even a past life. We're both very connected to our parallel selves, just like Johnny and John are so much alike and yet different.

Cathee: Well, Al, tell me why Johnny had such a different experience. I know it's been said that he was much more conscious, and saw it coming. But he felt like it was hell. And you were the one inhabiting him as well.

Al: Yeah. I do feel utterly, utterly shy speaking to you in his presence now. What happened with him was different, because he was conscious, and because he was who he was. There was a soul entrapment, like he said. It was not a "dip in and dip out" for a short time. We dipped into Karyn partly just to see what she was thinking. It wasn't that we needed to have her make policy decisions. She was, because of people close to her, very visible as someone who was watching us as much as we were watching her. She was obviously someone you wanted to keep an eye on. We wanted to know how involved she was in any resistance on any level, on any parallel. And so we "tapped" her. (That's what we called it.) And we don't think the people around her even noticed that much difference in her while I was in.

I enjoyed being Karyn. I think she's very sweet. I really like her. (laughs) I really love her. You know what I mean? I enjoyed being Karyn. I know that sounds weird.

But Johnny was a different story. From the beginning, there was little chance that once we took over, we would let him go back into his own body—unless it was at the end of his presidential term. But even then, we recognized that he was conscious enough in his soul entrapment that he just wouldn't have made it back into the body. He was upset, to put it mildly. (laughs) And what would have happened? You put him back in, and it's like a woman who's been horribly raped. It's very hard to cohere a self. Or someone extremely tortured. What do they have to live for, even if they get free? There's so much damaged selfhood.

So Johnny's cloning was a whole different thing. For me to apologize to him is, I know, horribly inept and inadequate. That was torture. But being chosen to inhabit Johnny was the high mark for me. Again, I couldn't have done that if I was not close to you all on a soul level. That's just the way it works.

Cathee: How long did that last?

Al: Well, there were parallels that split off from that moment. There was one when I was in for a year and a half, but that's a very weak parallel. I mean, that hardly happened. It's a wispy one.

I think from your perspective in time, it was an instant. From the perspective of looking from your parallel—from this hybrid Cathee-John-Johnny—it was a moment. And then there was John pulling him out. It's all how you look at it. But either way, Johnny certainly had the trauma. I think he knew he probably would not be allowed back into his own body, and didn't know how long he'd be in hell, in isolation.

When you have even a moment like that, it doesn't matter how long it lasts. Kind of like your moment, Cathee, clinging to the wheat combine in your childhood accident, when you thought you were dying. You look back and think it probably lasted only a minute or two before your dad pulled you out. Five at the most. But it seemed like eternity. Your guides say that distance is a matter of resonance. Time is too.

So my humble, humble, humble apologies to Johnny for having the evilness in me to have looked forward to participating in being president. I thought it would be a tremendous creative challenge, kind of like Daryl Hannah must think when she gets a movie role she really wants. Wow, what a creative challenge to play that person. I was really excited about it. And I knew that there was a chance that I wouldn't make it back to being Al afterwards. It was almost like going into a new life. It was like a leap for me, only with a new body. I don't know if you would call that a walk-in. It's kind of like being a walk-in, except I knew there was a chance—especially if it didn't work out—that I could go back.

Cathee: Well, did you?

Al: Yeah. I made it back to Al on this probability where it obviously didn't work, and John's body disintegrated. Which caused riots, so we all knew that it had been a very dumb idea to try to do someone like Johnny.

Johnny had tremendous power. See, part of the problem was that all those lines of light that you've talked about ultimately are soul lines. They have something to do with the astral and etheric bodies. Obviously, cords to your family, especially, are on all levels. But to fans who have seen you, and the level at which he felt like the father of the country—that's soul level, largely. And I could not emulate that. I did not have those links. They weren't there in the apparatus when I came into it. They were still with him, even though he was isolated and cut off from his own body. He still had those links to those millions of people. They're such a part of who he is, and they make him such a big soul, that in retrospect I think we were foolish to even try. I can't even remember why we wanted to do it, because he was actually cooperating with us a lot. It's one of those things where I don't even know exactly who my higher-ups were, and who was behind the whole thing, ultimately. It got out of hand, to where we were just kind of cloning everybody we could. It was fun. It was kind of like channeling, to see what it's like to be somebody.

As I speak, I know this sounds utterly nuts that people could do that and not feel guilty about it. I don't remember ever feeling guilty about it, because we had the narcissism, I guess, to think we were doing the right thing. Johnny told you he felt like the father of the country, like he was a father to everybody. And I think I felt like—well, maybe it's like making love to a lot of people. I felt like I had an intimacy with lots of people through cloning them. And that made me feel like I knew a lot, because I had all that knowledge of, and that intimacy with, and that energy from all those people. It goes beyond cords. Well, you call it allies, I think, when you are many beings. They affected me like I affected them. I felt a kinship from it. And I felt there may be some good in one person having experienced what it's like to be all those people that would create—probably like the cult idea—a family, some weird closeness, interconnection. If I've actually lived in your body, we're connected in a way. We've had common experience, and so therefore we're part of the same nation. And then I got to be at the head of that, in the center of that, like Johnny was at the center of all of his voters' affection. And so it seemed like, wow, to be both. To be both one that has. . . .

Cathee: How many people did you clone?

Al: Oh gol, Cathee, I did this with dozens of people. And a lot of those people were very connected, like Johnny was. Public figures, with a big fan base.

So I thought that experiencing that intimacy, and then experiencing being president too, would be like . . . it's like a drug. I was delirious with joy at thinking of approaching that. Some of my feeling was that maybe I could be an even better president than he was, because I had these intimate connections with his staff. (laughs) I know, it sounds wildly like insanity now. But when you're in that energy, it feels great. It feels really intriguing. And I felt like we were doing stuff that I didn't know if anybody had ever done before. What a society—the new society of clones that have a central connection.

Like I said, I didn't even know who was behind me, making this all work. A lot of the really, really, really higher-ups you wouldn't talk to, except just before taking an assignment. You would never see them in person. You would talk to them through telecommunications, not even telepathy. They didn't want to be cloned! They were careful. It was always on the phone. So there wasn't an intimacy with them, even through communications.

Your equivalent of chatting on the internet is a little different in my reality. It's a little more intimate than your e-mail—a lot more of your energy would come through. Actually, what we did was, we would speak and the other person would end up with like an e-mail, and then they would speak back, and I would get the written. As I spoke, the written would also be on my computer. So you'd essentially have a verbal conversation in terms of the time it takes. It's much easier to speak than to type. But you'd end up with a written transcript of the whole conversation. Some people liked being able to, at a glance, look back at the conversation from a high level meeting, especially if there were several people involved. And be able to see what was said a minute ago, if they didn't quite catch it.

So my apologies. I can't tell you how ashamed I am, and embarrassed to be speaking to Johnny's soul braid, and to realize how I felt no qualms at the time. I am in your debt, big time. I don't even know how to approach you, Johnny, and apologize.

It especially hurts me to have so horribly hurt someone that I actually had such respect and admiration for. I don't know why I didn't think about what it would be like for you. That's that madness, again, that delusion that we were bringing in a new society, and so what if we had to knock off a president to do it. I think there was a confusion that who the president was, was the body and the power and the name, and not the scared man inside, the soul. It was that kind of objectivization that you see in your video games. "Oh, there's the president." Not, "Oh, there's Johnny." There's a real person in there.

Maybe I forgot that we actually displaced souls, I could play the person so well. After awhile, you forget that there's a soul inside that person that belongs to that person, that deserves to have that place.

Cathee: I really appreciate your talking like this, Al. This is helping a lot, to know what we're dealing with. Can you tell us about Johnny's son Flynn, who's eleven?

Al: Yes. They wanted to clone him in the sense of having another person, not just a parallel going out and then needing to come back. They wanted to reproduce this boy genetically. And I think they were able to get ahold of some sperm of Johnny's and an egg of Carolyn's soon after Flynn was born. I'm guessing—I don't know that. I've always wondered if John and Carolyn were trying to reproduce in a laboratory to have more kids, or how did they get ahold of this stuff? And I don't understand the mechanism of what all they needed. So I really was not in the loop there. But I was told offhandedly that they were trying to create a body that could exist in the same room, like a twin with their own soul but an identical body.

I don't know why they wanted to do that to Flynn. Like I said, I was not in the know on that one. But I'm guessing that part of the difficulty that Johnny is probably concerned about is, are both bodies precious to him? It's all the same DNA. Do you go in and try to pull out just one or both? And what if someone who shouldn't gets ahold of the second child? Is that your child? I know this sounds horrid. I don't even know how successful they were at doing this, and maybe Johnny does know. And I don't think that that would be a case where someone like me would come in and inhabit the second body, because that would be for life. That would be . . . well, again, it'd be like a walk-in. But I think that would be an awful lot to expect of someone to be that person for life, and in such an uncomfortable situation. The second one would have to remain hidden most the time, you would think. I mean, how would you do that? It would be elaborate. What would you tell them? I don't know. I think messing with parallel selves makes much more sense, myself. (laughs) As long as you have the science.

To me, the genetic thing is a lot cruder. But as a culture, we were trying all sorts of things. Steve told Cathee the other day, he thought they were messing with human-and-machine hybrids to prepare people for outer space, etc. I think it's more like Cathee has expressed— boys and their toys. They just want to see what'll happen, without any ethical considerations whatsoever for either the people involved or the planet. Or the future of humanity.

I will cop to that. There's kind of a machismo in "I can be more irresponsible that way than you are." It's a show-off thing. It's playing God. It has a lot of arrogance in it. But it's fun. I think it's like when people get their first new computer, and it's like, oh, what you can do. It's a sense of power, that you can compute faster than a hundred thousand people thinking. It's intoxicating.

I can tell Johnny is not going to talk to me. I am so sorry, Johnny.

Cathee: So, what to do with Flynn?

Al: Cathee, I have no idea. My sense is that death would be merciful, at least for the second one. But like I said, I don't know that much about it.

I feel Cathee fading. I think this has been an overload as it is. The sun is now setting. So I think we should stop this conversation right now.

I will admit, Cathee, that I do not know a respectful distance to keep from you, so that you don't feel like I'm cording in. You remember when your friend in junior high used to touch you lightly with her hand as you were walking or standing in line. She just kind of wanted to keep hold of you. I think that's what you were experiencing my cording you to be like. I wasn't trying to drain you. I was trying to keep track of you. And it hasn't been terribly easy for me to do that. I had to get your signature energy to be able to track you once I knew I wanted to. But that probably did drain you. I probably pulled on your energy to see what it was like, and you didn't like that. But I think (laughs), I think now I know your energy enough that I can find you when I want to talk to you. Or when you want to talk to me, you can find me. It's real natural for me to just kind of dive into somebody. I hope I can catch myself, and not do anything that will offend you.

I do feel like we're very close on a soul level, obviously, or we couldn't be talking like this, period. And I hope this has been useful to you. I guess maybe I'm doing penance. If my explaining what happened and my perspective, as well as my apologies—if that can help in any way, I obviously owe it to you. I feel very deeply that I'm in your debt. Besides, I want you to figure this out. I think you have fascinating perspectives, and the more we share information, the more those perspectives can grow. What is life? What is energy? What is selfhood? These are things that we're all trying to explore.

As far as advice. You can let Kari live her own life, and do what she needs to do. Personally, I think if you just want to get together and play cards sometime, that might be about the best. I think you have to tell her what you know, but you can mail it to her, and when you get together, just have fun. Have your own relationship with her now, just like Alan does.

I think you were tuning into just a moment of Karyn's life where she was crying for help, but generally. . . . I mean, she's cried for help a lot, clone or no clone. She knew she was being followed. But I don't think you should feel like you have to go in and rescue her. Johnny did need rescue. And I think it's brilliant that the Leapers have worked out this situation where he can bring his memories and go into your body, and walk into your life. And that you can equally and lovingly tell the story. I think that is utterly brilliant, and much more evolved than what I was doing.

But I don't think it's a similar situation with Kari, in terms of it being important that she bring that other parallel over. I don't know—again, I'm just talking from my perspective. I'm not the Leapers. You can ask the Leapers. But I don't think she's in mortal danger and the kind of pain Johnny was in at all. And I don't think she has the so-called importance to the country that Johnny did, either. So what weight Johnny has now, even as he tells his story, is considerably bigger than Karyn telling her story, anyway.

Kari might find this all interesting, but it probably doesn't have the immediacy to her that it did to you. Once John knew where Johnny was, he had to go. He had to get him out of there. But Kari may be more interested in her relationship with Alan now than she is in any parallel. I wouldn't blame her if that's true. If they're having a good time, I think I would just let them have a good time. And if things get weird between them—if she's feeling drained—then she'll probably do something about it. If she's not, she probably won't. That's my feeling. But, you know, I'm very prejudiced in that.

I don't know if Alan is taking advantage of her or not, because as I've told you, I don't know how to read permission, 'cause I never asked for it. And I don't know if Kari is being incorporated into Alan's energy. I could look. I'm afraid to look. I don't really want to look right now. I feel like that would be almost a boundary infringement, until Alan knows that I'm talking to you. Then, at that point, I'd be happy to look into him, and let him be part of the conversation. It's funny that I'm finicky about ethics now, of all times. But I guess part of it is that I don't want to get in a situation where I'm asked to take sides on anything that's going on in your reality, OK? I really don't want to be in the position of telling Alan to clean up his act, or something. I feel like, who am I to talk? Although, I suspect that Alan needs to clean up his act.

Like I said, I'm at your service. I really want to help in any way I can. Now, I don't know if I'm willing to go back and insert myself at a different point in the timeline, and contradict my bosses. I don't think I am willing to do that. No. So, I'm still a rascal. And I know Johnny's trying to rewrite the history of that timeline. And you know, he'll probably out me. (laughs) I'm probably gonna be in bad shape in the new timeline!

Anyway, Cathee, if you never want to see Alan again, I think you're justified. And hasn't this been interesting, huh? And I do wish Johnny luck in re-writing the mess that I helped to make. And I say that sincerely. Bye.

Johnny: That was utterly amaaazing. Amazing. I was, like, talking to the devil himself! I never dreamed I would ever get to talk to him. I know he was just the inhabitor, not the one who did the mechanics, but my gosh. I am just appalled and grateful and horrified and endeared and, my gosh, I'm just flabbergasted. I can't believe this happened. And he feels like the one. (laughs) I mean, this feels like the real thing. Wow.


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