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Presidential Cloning

The late John F. Kennedy, Jr. through Cathee Courter with friends:

John: I don't want to scare Cathee. But part of my walking in has been wanting to learn how to incarnate consciously into the next life, like people do when they reincarnate. And part is to set an example for people who are becoming more fourth dimensional in their focus, of what's it's going to be like to have radical intimacy. But part of the Leapers bringing me into this incarnation with Cathee . . . you could say that my parallel life as a president of the U.S. was first. And that was so disastrous that the Leapers and others said, "How can we ameliorate that parallel to make it not as bad?" It was wrenching. It was horrid. And so part of the solution was to try to backtrack from the presidential life where I was brainwashed. I mean, I was brainwashed. They had me.

[Note from Cathee: HAARP (High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program), the U.S. government's array of 180 transmitters in Alaska, is capable of bouncing 3.6 million watts of radio waves off the ionosphere, or permeating it. HAARP's uses are secret, but according to its capability (in my parallel world) could include weather modification, missile electronics disablement, earthquake-causing weaponry, radio communications enhancement, and mind control of large populations (HAARP uses the same frequency as our brainwaves). HAARP can also refer to a system of smaller stations across the country.]

John: HAARP during that lifetime was so utterly controlling the whole globe that even the big bad guys got me elected because they thought that I had persuasive communication with the public. Even the Pentagon people knew that they'd gone too far, and that we had to back off from it. We had to step back for the plants to be able to grow. They thought that I could probably communicate that better to the people than Sarah Palin could, and so that's why they let me be elected.

But at that point, you can't just step back from something that big, because the eco-system has adjusted over decades. You can't just switch it back. It's all trying to balance itself, trying to balance itself. So you'd have to step back very carefully, very slowly. And I don't know this for sure, but I think they did me in when they realized there's nothing I could really have done, to take us back. It was just hopeless, hopeless, hopeless, as far as I know. And it's not like all my advisers and defense people told me everything, but I was surprised how much they did tell me.

I was glad they did me in. I was clearly glad to get out of there, although at the time I didn't realize it. At the time, I was a martyr and thought I would help somehow. I felt responsibility to not just the American people, but to the whole Earth.

When you reach that excruciating point, the we says, well, how can we put out other probabilities that will help? So that that one doesn't really have to happen, or it doesn't have to have the difficulty it did. All of you are part of that wanting to somehow go back in time, and split off other ways of doing things so that we can change the outcome.

So the Leapers are these kindly beings that want to help leap us because they love us, but they also are really trying to work this. They're going to work us, I'll put it that way. It's not like they're gonna leap you to a nice vacation parallel, and you're just gonna jacuzzi the rest of your lives.

Kari: I was hoping, for awhile anyway.

John: I know. Please give us the illusion of that, anyway!

Cathee has said many times she feels like I came back for her, to leap her out of here. But it's more like the Leapers created both of us—all of us—with a specific soul function to work together. Kari, you've had some brushes with some of the really dark governmental stuff. But you know, the rest of us. . . . [laughs] I mean, Cathee's from Iowa. She grew up walkin' beans. But my background is, of course, growing up with assassinations and secret service guys. I was a little prepared for this.

But you can see why I need you. And you can see why I would choose to walk into someone who is very connected to the Earth, who can hold me. And Kari, I get the same feeling between the two of you, that Jim can just hold you and connect to the Earth, and soften what you've been asked to do. Put you back together, when needed. Peter does a great job of that for both Cathee and me.

Cathee: John, you walked into the most apolitical woman in the world.

John: Yeah, Cathee. You know, I've had a lot of sympathy for you, that you got stuck with me. I know you've been blown away, but you got a Kennedy. Like, why me, Lord? Hello? Of all unlikelihoods.

Cathee: It was funny during the last election.

John: We were sitting here with a debate on the radio, and Cathee and Peter were doing their usual cynicism. "Yeah, sure you're gonna do that." And I was pleading, "Look, the guy is trying." [laughs] It was hell for me to listen to their attitudes. I think Cathee was feeling overpowered. "How in the heck am I gonna live the rest of my life with a Kennedy? It just does not compute."

And the power. She sees me as having so much political power, and she hasn't a clue what that's like. And here she is. But nature has the power, let's face it. Shaman Cathee, it makes total sense to me that we're a good match. It's funny.

From the perspective of someone like me who has felt firsthand the dark forces and the people connected with the dark forces, a person who is deeply entrenched there and may be able to turn around is precious. Who has that kind of clout. I don't know how to describe it, when someone who has been involved with the dark side—I don't like that term, but I don't know what else to use—turns around. The weight of that is like the weight of ten lightworkers who have never been involved in the darkness. I don't know why. But I guess that's why there are spies who infiltrate things. They get into the heart of what needs to be transformed, in a way that most of us never get in there.

And when you're getting into the heart of what needs to be transformed, there's a very good likelihood that you won't make it and transform it—that you'll get sucked in. Like I did. They really blew my mind out.


When you think of clones, you think of genetic reproduction. But there are clones that are more on the level of parallel offshoots that have everything but the soul. It takes very sophisticated instrumentation to be able to create them. A clone is a version of the self that is soulless, but everything looks like it would have a soul. That offshoot goes out and does something, and then comes back into the person almost like a dream self would. It's a variation on the idea of parallel selves, only it takes quite a forcefield. It really is detaching someone from their soul, but their astral, etheric and physical bodies go on living and doing things that you're hypnotizing them to do. And then when that parallel self comes back in to the main line—to the whole person—it just feels like a dream self went off and did something, if they remember at all. But to people who see that parallel soulless self, they seem very real. And you can even touch them.

It's miraculous what the manipulators can do with that. Zero point energy is involved. Sometimes they mess up and can't get the clone back. If they mess up and can't get the parallel back in before the real person is out in public and seen, you could end up with two versions of that person being spotted. And that has happened at times. So they don't use it a lot with very well-known public figures. They use it more with mid-level people who are important in decision-making, but not figureheads where the press is going to notice if they're there and there.

Peter: Do people know that they're being cloned that way?

John: Their families sense that there's something weird about them, once they start being used that way. They never seem quite back together again, with the soul totally back in. And I don't know why that is. They're like jpeg photos on the computer—if you clone them too much, they start losing their viability.

Jim: Download them too much.

John: Yes. And I don't think this is nearly as perfected, but here's a direction they're going in working with ET races. If an ET wants to come in and do something on Earth, they can ensoul a clone, look human, go about what they need to do, interact with people who think it's the real person, and then leave. So it's like entity possession, but entities usually don't have that much control over a person. I don't even know whether to say it's an electromagnetic field that allows this to happen. When we're talking about zero point, we're going beyond EMFs. But it's somehow related to them—the gravity. I don't know what you'd call it that allows you to separate out the soul.

Since the astral body is part of the body, it has the personality characteristics—what most people think they are. I mean, most people think they are their personalities. How many really get beyond that anyway?

What we saw at a friend's Thanksgiving gathering was so bizarre. Everybody else was chitchatting while we were getting vivid visions of my parallel self's life. We couldn't explain them to anybody, and we didn't even try. The rerun of Oprah's interview with me happened to be broadcast at that time, and we were getting washed by waves of thoughts and emotions from multitudes of people who were watching it and still feeling sad about my death. We didn't remember that the program was on until later, and didn't know why we felt emotionally run over.

But anyway, what we were seeing was that when my parallel self's presidential plane was taken out, it was just flying along, went into a zero point field, and disintegrated. It was like going into the void, where everything just disappears. They use zero point fields, and if you come back out, you hope things are still constituted the same. But you don't have to come back. You can just disappear into the void. My plane didn't come down, it just dissolved. They might have found a few little pieces of it that didn't get totally into the zero point field. But that's what it was like. And that's what HAARP can do.

You can make everybody a clone, if you develop that enough. You can make a whole planet full of clones, and you can tie up the souls. There have been cultures that have done that with sorcery, but they haven't had machines that could help. Antenna. It's amazing what they can do. It's amazing. It's like you take all these old sorcerers from the old Indonesian cultures and so forth, and you say, "Here, have a gun," you know, "Have a tool. You've just been sending voodoo, and now we're going to let you like, rule the world." It's awful. It is awful. And that's where the Leapers say we've got to remove our attention and let that fade out. Because there's really nothing else you can do about it. Just leave that reality. Because how do you dismantle that? We're too far past the point where we could say, "No, don't build that stuff. We're not going to fund you." That's what it comes down to. If we had at some point said, "Secret CIA budgets? Forget it!" they couldn't do this.

Walking into Cathee's been pretty hard, but I'm on vacation compared to that parallel. I want to do what I can, certainly, to help that parallel. This one is a little better than that one, and where we're going is a lot better.

I think Cathee was in more despair pre-Leaper channelings than the rest of you all, because of her disability caused by EMFs. But it would have caught up to you guys too. Sending love back from a safe space makes a lot of sense.

Kari: You're putting out a lot of great information. If people are taking that in on a deep enough level, they're working with the Leapers. You just have to believe that, Cathee. I really do.

Jim: You give everybody a reading with the channelings.

John: I'm very hopeful. I think this could be fun, if we don't get bogged down by the old parallel energies. It's fun to think that we can put a beacon out. That really is a blessing for us too.


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