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Parallel Worlds Leap Handbook:

Co-create a Joyful Parallel Life

Sending Love to the Bad Guys through Cords

A telephone conversation between Cathee Courter, two friends, and the Leapers:

Leapers: Helen, you have been a specialist in your reincarnational lineage, exploring how the soul of anything interfaces with its body. Which is what Monsanto is exploring too, in their own backwards way. "How much can we genetically engineer and still have anything come up?" At a certain point the seeds would not be viable at all.

John is very concerned about his presidential parallel self—who we'll call Johnny—and wants to help him as much as he can. Helen and Steve, you both have split-offs on that parallel too. You have always affected your parallel lives to a great extent, but to see a world that has reached this degree of dead-endedness is unusual. And to have Johnny there in the position he's in is a unique opportunity, to be able to see what he sees. That parallel is not that different than where this one is going, but this one feels a little easier for us to work with. There's some difference with what's in the water supply, which makes this parallel a little more hopeful than that one. In Johnny's world, something in the water supply of most of the country led to a docile population. People were not as willing or as able to question things. They were more dumbed down. There was a gradual increasing of this over the decade before Johnny became president. There are a lot of pollutants on this parallel, but at least you can still think somewhat.

At what level do people agree to participate in these dark scenarios? Is there a point at which free will is no longer available?

If you trace free will back to the soul level, you know that you all come in with certain life purposes and karma. And so you wonder, was the color of my eyes really free will on my part, or was that a Leaper decision? [laughs] You go with those parents and you get those genes. At what level does the whole we decide what each individual in we is going to be and for what purpose?

The recent experiment we're doing is saying that even once you're incarnate, you get to help choose what your parallel selves are going to be. This is pretty cool stuff to be in on the decision now. But if you participate in a culture where your free will is actually taken away from you by what's in the water, by your inability to think clearly with electromagnetic fields (EMFs), with a variety of control nanotechnology—there's a whole list of things that are happening now—can your free will be taken from you on a soul level? Is it even possible that free will can essentially be deleted from the experiment, by creating androids that are a combination human/machine, that don't have free will?

Steve: A lot of research has been conducted, to see if they could either diminish or destroy the soul. They wanted to know if that was possible.

Cathee: And who are "they"? The people that rule the world?

Steve: Yeah, them.

Cathee: So if you blow that a little bit bigger, can they interfere with divine will, is the next question. And that would imply, can they prevent parallel selves from reaching over and waking something up? We have to almost enfold those parallel selves into ourselves.

Steve: Wow. That means circling the wagons.

Cathee: Another way to say it is, can you prevent love from being the strongest thing in the world?

Steve: No, you can't. But you can sure dampen it. That's the glue that holds the world together, so it can't be removed.

Cathee: Did you guys go to the healer, Alan, who was recently in town?

Steve: No. Did you?

Cathee: No. I met him at a gathering and made an appointment with him. But I went for a walk in the Park the next day, and couldn't feel the land. I could see it, but not connect with it, almost like I was watching it on TV. I ambled along feeling drained and depressed, and couldn't stop thinking about Alan. Then I realized he was sucking my energy.

He's done this three times, even after I've called him up and said, "Stop it. I'm cancelling my appointment. Don't do this any more." I don't think he knows what he's doing—he's probably not trying to do it.

The Leapers are saying the way he did that—reaching over on astral and etheric levels—shows that he is close to me on a soul level. He used that connection to cord me and drain me, but you can also use something very similar to send love. He could have sent love with a similar extension of his consciousness.

I've been struggling with this all week. I keep pulling these things off. Maybe the value of this for me is to see how strong they are. I mean, not that I didn't know. But the Leapers are saying it goes both ways. When he's made a cord to me, I've asked my guides to pull it out. But I could take that cord that he's extended over to me—which I think is what cult leaders do all the time, actually—and I could use that like a hose, and run something else back to him.

All the past lives and parallels where we have been involved, ourselves, in some pretty dark stuff—we still have connections to those lives and parallels much more than other people do. Other people can say, oh, those awful people in Atlantis who took people's souls away. But we've got a connection to those people that we can send something back through.

Steve: So we are corded to those people, then.

Cathee: We are. And the information can also flow very easily to us, of what they were doing. We can learn to reverse what they were doing by knowing what they did. And it's true also with our parallel selves. It's a similar kind of cord. But we have to learn how to work with these. And to learn how to work with them, we have to acknowledge and admit what we were involved in.

Helen, you need to own the entity that's been bothering you from your past life in Atlantis, where you tried to separate people from their souls. That entity is potentially a very rich repository of information. And it's something that you can send energy back through, into your past life, that then will affect the whole human history, really, if you change something back there.

Leapers: Most of the sorcery that is going on now has always gone on before. It's just on a different level now. The ancient sorcerers were using zero point energy too, but they didn't have contraptions with the ability to blanket the whole world with that control. So you might think, "I've got to be totally up on sorcery and have utter control of my mind and even have machines that do the reverse." But we're saying that it's the human heart that has needed to evolve, in the love factor. And if you've got that evolved in this life, then you already have the knowledge from other lives and from other parallels of the mechanics.

This is why we have only somewhat met Cathee's request in this last week. We took Alan's cords off of her three times this week.

Cathee: And you know, he showed up. I felt like I had a telepathic conversation with him one night. And he was saying, "I've got the healing ability, and you've got the verbal channeling ability. Let's work together." And I said, "I really have both, Alan." I felt like that's no reason to come cord me, because he wanted to work with me. I had asked him earlier in person how he would work with a walk-in, because I'm really picky about healers working on me if they don't know how to deal with a walk-in. And I could tell that he couldn't see or feel John. I think he had no idea what to do, even though John was trying to really be present. But I felt when he was talking to me telepathically, it was like he looked up and saw John finally, and it was like, whoa. And he left. He wasn't prepared for that.

Leapers: Part of the reason we didn't just totally move him to the other end of the planet energetically from you, was that we feel that he is quite a master at cording people, even though he doesn't consciously know anything about that. He's got a gift. And you could actually learn a lot from him, and he could learn a lot from you, about this. We think this coming together within our soul family, and pooling of talents, even though it's a bit uncomfortable, would be good.

Cathee: He's a nice guy, and when I confronted him on the cording, he said he could use a mentor. He seemed open to learning about it. And it's interesting that he showed up soon after the guides had started talking about helping John's parallel life.

Leapers: What our close soul family potentially has the talent to do—because of where we've come from—might not be something you want to talk about too much with other soul families! But nonetheless, it's there. Alan has talked about growing up in a bad neighborhood, with fistfights every day. He said he developed his talent at being able to read people's energy fields to help them, because he had to be able to look at a bully coming towards him and read from the guy's body language and energy what was likely to happen. So he came about his psychic gifts in a difficult way.

Cathee, we'd like you to eventually, when you're through being so angry with him, see this as an opportunity to play with the connection between you.

Steve: Isn't that what we're also learning to do? We're learning to see the bullies before they get on us. And figure out how to deal with them once they arrive.

Cathee: You're right.

Steve: And it's just as traumatic right now as it was for him.

Leapers: So the stronger you can make your connections with the parallel selves that you have in difficult places, the more you can work across those cords. And that's what Cathee was doing when she had a vision of herself and John going over to his presidential life, and it felt so real, she felt like she could see the room.

Cathee: It was dark—I think he was praying before he went to bed. But it seemed like I was really there.

Helen: Can we strengthen the connections just by intention, and sitting down and doing the work?

Leapers: Well, Cathee learned a lot about cords by being corded. [laughs] Helen, you and your friend Kari have quite a connection like that. You could read each other's thoughts easily. It was intentional that you would meet in this lifetime, and that you could, in a way, never be alone. If Kari got in over her head with this kind of work, you would be the one we would turn to first to get her out.

How this cord came about between you in past lives may have been from you experimenting on her. It could have come about in a way that's not the best, in her learning to overcome that control in some ways. But it's there. However you got it, it's there.

So just as we're saying Cathee and Alan could experiment with the cording there, in a similar way you and Kari could play with it until you felt confident to then work across parallels in a very effective way. And what we're talking about with you is more to change the minds of those who are setting up the experiment on that parallel. It's really espionage. It's kind of doing the same thing they're doing, only for good. John talked about how on his presidential parallel they controlled his mind, even through planting things in his head subliminally that he wouldn't normally say, but he found himself saying them. The mind control that they are doing, you can do to them. And some of that is just sending love across, and waking something up in them. And of course, it isn't your parallel self who's doing those dark things, but it's close soul family still.

When we've talked before about the human free will experiment having gone too far and now being over, we have mainly referred to people not in our soul family who are seeing how far they can take it. But as a nature/human hybrid family, we have held space for the human free will experiment, and if we withdraw our support of that experiment, it can't go on.

We've held space for humans to learn about the limits of destructiveness. And you can imagine, as part of that function we would have had to have been just about anywhere, with representatives of us in all sorts of situations. We have soul family on the good side and on the bad side. We have incarnated not only in sweet churches and temples, but we have also had lives in the thick of some of the worst intrigue that was going on. And we're very grateful to the beings who have been willing to hold that function.

It's time for those of us who are in fairly good places to reach over to those of our soul family who are in the really dark places, and send so much love. We may have to also send a lot of information, thoughts.

Cathee: That's what the Leapers are doing through me in this moment, is sending thoughts into my head about the nature of reality. We'll be saying, it's time to come home now. The game's up. "All-ee-all-ee-all in free" is basically what we're doing [as is called at the end of a game of hide-and-seek]. And to be able to reach those extensions of the soul family that are in the darkest places, it's much easier to reach them over from the side through other incarnates of our soul family, whether through parallel lives or just other soul family members. We're close to their density, and we're incarnate with actual physical brains that think through a certain mechanism, that can more easily resonate with them than to teach them to channel the Leapers themselves.

Leapers: So that's part of what we mean by reaching in from the side, and agreeing collectively that we are withdrawing our support from the worst parallels, and the worst scenarios.

We realize that you are on a difficult parallel yourselves, trying to reach even darker ones in this. Different ones of our soul family will end up on different parallels, and will reach different parallels. It's a very complex layout, as we collectively pull back together and decide that love is going to be what's strongest here, and withdraw our support from the nightmare. You are waking up from the nightmare. This is how you do it collectively.

There are soul families that are primarily human, who are doing the same thing in their own way. But the nature/human ones can just remove the support from the game.

So, how do you like that for a work assignment?

Helen: It sounds like a lot of etheric work.

Leapers: Yes.

Helen: Are we already doing a lot of that at night?

Leapers: Yes, you are.

Helen: Is that why we need so much sleep?

Leapers: Yes. Absolutely, let yourself sleep as much as you need.

Helen: I think that's pretty exhausting to the body.

Cathee: They've often told me that I accomplish a lot more at night than I do during the day. Sometimes I get very sleepy or almost dizzy during the day, because they want me to tune into something.

Steve: If we are creator beings in training, and I want to create a world, I would want to know absolutely for sure that I would not ever wake up on the wrong side of the bed, while holding that responsibility. That I would never ever feel a sense of a rude thought, or a rude behavior to another soul. So I would put myself through the darkest of the dark until I got so sick of that, that I could be assured of myself that I would never breed a negative thought.

It feels like that's why we're experiencing this, as creator beings. I want to be sure that I can fit into the seat correctly and without fault.

Cathee: You mean through many lifetimes?

Steve: No, what we're doing today. This lifetime. I think we've gone past the university stage, and now we're into higher graduate work.

Cathee: So you're saying that everything you've experienced in your life, and everything you've done, whether it was good or bad, has led up to this.

Steve: Yeah, all the dark, and all the sinister stuff, even including HAARP. I have to be so thoroughly clear that I would feel nothing but empathy for another human being. I would never feel jealous or hefty or something like that.

Cathee: Wow, do you feel like you're there?

Steve: No. I still envy John. I have a ways to go!

Leapers: Part of the game is that it's going to be easier and easier to feel the jealousy and let it go. Whatever comes up, let it go. That's part of the end of the age and the shift in frequency. It's going to be easier, coming out of polarity. And we think once you get those cord connections going, you're going to really care about the ones you're working with. To think of them being stuck over there will awaken compassion like nothing else. So don't worry about being perfectly pure or something. That will come. You'll get excited as you get closer and closer, not only to the ones you're working with on other parallels, but also among us here on this parallel. The love will deepen and deepen.

Helen: May we ask about your history, Leapers? Have you been incarnate or not?

Leapers: We're incarnate in all the millions of people we help incarnate. We're part of you. But no, not as independent beings. We are not human, except through our merging, our co-creation with you. We're more like a natural force.

Steve: Yeah, our relationship doesn't feel like a cording, it feels nurturing.

Leapers: We'd like to find a better word for cording. You tie knots in cords, and you can tie people up. So that's not a good image for it. To just talk about a hose or a straw, though, sounds a little strange. Maybe streamers.

Co-Creating Money

Helen: Some practical things. I feel like where my heart is drawing me is to do a lot more of this kind of work. And yet I feel so bound up in the everyday financial aspects of trying to keep our lives together. I feel like I need to go off into the wilderness to do a lot of this.

Leapers: We think you have the ability to turn things around in your financial situations big, and quickly. All it takes is a little electronic wireless blip going from a satellite down to your banks, shifting the magnetics of an electronic transfer just a tiny bit.

What you really lack is not the know how, or the skill, but the willingness to do it. Because if you do that you will have to own that you're very powerful beings.

Steve: Say we want two million dollars. Does that mean we have to live our lives as if we have the two million dollars?

Leapers: No. This is part of what we've been saying about leaping you as being different than you creating your own reality. We can create things with your permission that you may not be able to get yourself wrapped around enough to live "as if," and have the perfect emotions and attitudes to manifest. You give us permission to override your blocks around money. You give us permission to override your fear, and it's really a joint creation at that point.

But the problem is that you have to trust us, and we have to really be in a jointness in this. We have to be very close, so that you don't freak out at our power—really, our co-power. And that's big. Most people would rather be poor than believe that there are beings out there that are so powerful they can put two million dollars in the bank with you, because that seems out of control for a lot of people. "Who are these beings? Oh my gosh, what will they do to me next?"

Helen: Yeah, what do they want from me.

Leapers: Right. Right. So that's why we've been trying to build our relationship slowly. But we think our conversation with you about money right now is in the context of how much is beyond your control anyway— HAARP, genetic engineering, parallel leaping, and cording across parallels. We think you know the picture of how you were created to fulfill a certain purpose for the soul family and for the Earth, and all you really have control over ultimately is "yes, I'm going to do this with finesse," or "I'm going to do this with rebellion and balk and try to sabotage it." You have some creative options within that. But a lot of it is, "what was I created for?" We've said that can change, that can switch around, we need you over here, we need you over there. But once you accept that, then it seems like to not create the money that you need, that will free you up to have time to do what you're really here to do, is kind of an act of rebellion and sabotaging more than it is a limitation.


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