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Johnny Braids In

The Leapers through Cathee Courter:

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Cathee: Yesterday I went for a walk in the afternoon up the hill behind my house, and Jackie [John's late mother] was with me as I walked. She told me that John needed a lot of focussed attention and love from me. That he was somehow losing himself, and needed to be brought back to himself stronger, his selfhood strengthened. I'd not felt him around as much as usual, but had just figured he'd been astrally at his uncle's funeral a lot. When I finally tuned into him, he said that he'd been working with a parallel self of his. Jackie implied that he needs to have this as a very strong, safe, loving home base to not get lost over there. So we returned home, and I lay down and he came more fully into our body than he ever has.

And I realized I'd been feeling him as kind of a fifty-year-old guy. He seemed older to me in the images in my mind and also just in his energy. [John on this parallel died at age thirty-eight, and his parallel self would now be fifty.] He talked about bringing the other John's energy over into us. The guides had talked previously of providing a selfhood for John's parallel self from here. Of a joint we being stronger than the individual selfhood that was under attack there, being cloned.

I've been thinking about what daisy has said about how this is the time of year [February] when the viable seeds start to draw to themselves the energy from the seeds that aren't really viable in the ground. The ones that will become compost give up their energy to the ones that can possibly bloom. And I'm also thinking about how the Leapers have said that we're reaching those in difficult parallels collectively, and as a soul family saying we're no longer giving support for the evil/good type polarity. I'm wondering if something is happening with pulling the energy over from John's presidential parallel that could be like a seed in the ground pulling energy over from a non-viable seed. John has made it clear, we've got to do this now. We can't wait. And I wonder if this is the time of year.

Leapers: These are good questions, Cathee. You were recently saying to Peter that you don't know many lightworkers who deal with the really dark, tough stuff. You don't know anybody who's very good at it. But you do know sorcerers whom you don't think have integrity. It doesn't go away, does it? The need for the kind of energy work you do in clearing land and decording people is very widespread, as well as addressing the bigger social issues like EMF-related mind control. It's needed that a lot of people step up to the plate on this. So you encourage that. We think your section on space clearings in your website is good.

Our sense is that you are deeply rooted in nature in your very identity. In the past nature—the matrix of it all—was generally neutral in sorcery. But now it is pulling away its support for the good/evil game, and so the more you identify with nature, the less you'll get involved in the intrigue and shenanigans. And that, we think, is a safe place. We're just pulling the plug.

So we're really not worried about you very much. But we know that you're still getting negatively corded at times, ironically by other people in your own soul family, and that's not a good thing.

Natural Parallel Cycling

Back to your question of whether whole parallels give up their energy to other parallels, like seeds. It's all at what point in time you look at it. All things die eventually, or at least change dramatically, which could be called the death of what they were. So if parallels come and go—even in terms of parallel civilizations, not just parallel selves of individuals—this is a natural process, Cathee. This is not some seed gaining energy and then living forever. It's that some seeds gain energy and become plants that bloom, and then they die and their seeds get passed on. But the seeds come from a dead plant.

Now, as you know, what we're talking about in this leap is letting the old parallel you were on die. Consciously. You're like a seed that will go on to bloom in a new parallel world. But in this case, you're like a transplanted plant, as we keep saying. So maybe transplanted plants are a little unnatural compared to the process of seeding. Nonetheless, even the new civilizations to which we leap you will die too. You don't expect to live forever in this body, no matter how many leaps you make in it.

We think you'll increasingly be relating to people on the level of soul. What gets transferred between incarnations in a reincarnational sense, which you and John are exploring consciously in your walk-in experience, is something that is rather seed-like. It comes from a death, but it gives its life force over to a new creation. And so it depends on what level you're looking at the cycling, whether you call it "death and rebirth" or just "continuation." It depends on where you put your core focus of identity, your selfhood.

In what looks like struggle in the predation of animals, it seems as though some animals win and others lose. It's funny how you had never thought before of seeds in the earth being like that, although Darwin's natural selection, we suppose, kind of implies that. The energy goes into some viable forms and not others as species evolve. If there wasn't a human ego, this would not be seen as a competitive thing. And if there were not the human fear of death and even of transmutation, you wouldn't be talking about the survival of the fittest. Survival is such a strange word anyway. You would be talking about a group fruition. Same thing.

For clarity, we'll call President John Kennedy, Jr. just Johnny. Now, for Johnny to be able to tell you, "I was president, and in a plane disappeared into a zero point energy field" implies that that his life was a finished life that he's looking back on. So if we're pulling the plug on that parallel, is that like a film that's already filmed, but we're somehow disintegrating what the film is made of—the plastic magnetic stuff—or undoing the digital bytes? If we unzip it, what does it disintegrate down into? If it's going to compost, do the things it breaks down into, like nutrients and minerals, have a memory as they become compost that can be reshaped and reused?

To use the analogy of compost, if instead of letting it compost down to where plants will feed from it. But if we see it more as being eaten, like animals eat each other, or animals eat plants, what if you and Johnny eat a wisdom and memory of his parallel? Is this like cording someone and sucking their life force? Or is this more a very natural process of digesting and absorbing a part of yourself that is no longer growing, but is disintegrating? We're trying to show you that the paradigm you've been living in this particular universe of things eating each other is not quite as bad as it looks. The word predator has connotations in your language that are more violent, in the sense of malicious, than they need be. We don't think of predators as being malicious.

Cathee: Are there universes where there's not a cycle of life and death, and where there's absolutely no predation?

Leapers: Yes. Many. The birthing and dying of whole galaxies are words you use. It's kind of a funny word to consider something that is just breaking down into its constituent parts—and what you would call less complex forms—dying. Why do you call that "dying?" Why isn't a star exploding and eventually becoming gas again called the birth of the gas instead of the death of the star? It's a definite prejudice towards light. Stars you can see. They seem more real to you than gases that you cannot see. So the gasses must be dead, right? Part of the background. And then of course, your hunch would be that black holes are forces of death, instead of forces of life in the universes they give birth to in other dimensional realities.

There is no birth without a gathering of forces into form. In fact, you tend to think of an incarnation as involving energies being sent down from the higher dimensions into a lower dimension and taking on dense form. Is it the death of the energetic matrix when it gets coagulated into the birth of a new form? The death of the spaciousness? It's kind of absurd when you talk like that, even in English. There have been cultures that did not have anything near the concepts you have defining death and birth in the way you do. Or even defining self and other. Or time and space as two separate things.

Merging Experience Focii

It probably confused you when you were channeling with Steve and Helen, and we said that you can learn to work with the cords that Alan cords you with, and you can send love back through those hoses to him. "Cord" is kind of a funny term. Or "streamer." Streamer is probably more accurate, but you keep thinking of the streamers you throw at parties. It's kind of a funny term too. Cords you like to think of as being able to be positive, like bonding mechanisms between people that go both ways can be positive, so let's use the word cording. Or hosing. You think of people putting their straw into each other and sucking energy. OK, let's use strawing.

So if you, Cathee John, straw over to the Johnny who's been abused and wants out by saying we're willing to take not just your lifeforce, but your wisdom—your focus of experience. (And perhaps nothing is real anyway, ultimately, but the focus through which you perceive your experience.) And we are going to merge our focus of experience with your focus of experience. We're going to together create a complex understanding that comes from joining the focii of our experiences. So we're together becoming this larger self, that is even more aware from this joining. What you're talking about is not two selves creating each other through relationship. You're talking about selves feeding a greater joint self. Merging, really. But in that merging, something more complex and hopefully beautiful comes from it, wiser.

The we experiences this dynamic every time any of you has an experience. That experience contributes to the joint understanding of the whole we. So, would you say that the oversoul feeds on its many selves? You could say that. But we think that's a rather bizarre vocabulary to use.

Cathee, yesterday when John came more into your joint body after loving and merging with Johnny on the other parallel, he brought an intensity then into your joint body. That may be some of why you're feeling sick right now. Your body is trying to accommodate the larger energy of this merging, of this jointness, and find a way to ground this. And of course, John has not been entirely grounded in your body anyway to begin with, before you did this. It's a stretch for the body to take on the bigger John now, which will be as it gets assimilated the bigger Cathee-John-Johnny.


Now, this brings us back to Alan. You've gotten a variety of explanations for what was going on with his cording. When we released his initial cord from you and you felt a great relief, we reminded you that you had channeled for him when you cancelled your appointment that he needed to feel his longing. And you felt you probably should have specified more that you meant his longing for nature, not his longing for anything you were doing. But irregardless, we told you that he would probably perceive Old Man Mountain and the earth as being accessible through you, since he didn't know how to go there on his own. And that you may be the entry point for other people to be able to access nature, through your human/nature interface. And that this may look like people falling in love with you. You felt very uncomfortable when we told you that, because you've had experiences of people who wanted something from you, and were almost angry if you didn't fall in love with them in quite the same way. It seemed like an uncomfortable position to be in.

Other times you have felt, when Alan kept cording you, that he was draining your energy. And recently when you were tuning in, you felt that your aura was very big and clear. Except there was one little point where you felt that Alan was still waiting, like a spider on a web, to be able to reach in from and control you in a competitive way. Maybe even competitive towards Kari's attention.

So it's been confusing to you, and you think it's got to be one or the other. Either he is in a more benign way just trying to fill his cup from nature. And nature does reach out through you to him with longing. So that's a more benign form of what the cording is about. Or is it about draining your energy for his own purposes, maybe even to be able to do his energy work with this combined psychic force without your permission?

Now, from what we've said, you can see that combining forces is not a bad thing. So-called cording, or strawing, as we're going to say now, is not necessarily a bad thing. But once a human ego gets in there and determines what should happen, rather than experiencing itself in the context of a greater self where energy is being moved around and forms are being supported, fed, built up or composted—there's quite a difference.

It comes down to, what was Alan's intent? And what is in the flow? We do not think it's at all in the flow for you to be drained by him. He came by on the inner planes and said, "Let's work together. You supply the words and I'll supply the energy." And you felt corded even after that conversation, where you told him, "No, I can do both." You felt like he was trying to use you, actually.

The thought of working with him just does not seem safe with a person like this, whether his intention is good or bad, or whether he's really even aware of the cording at all. But behind that is the context of him really, you think, trying to do good for people in his healing work with his clients. To wake them up, as he says. Although you can't help but wonder if he's really corded into Kari.

OK, let's take the human ego out of the Alan situation, in anything he may be doing out of a conscious or unconscious competitiveness or grandiosity. And anything your ego may feel in terms of feeling threatened. What could this look like? Could there be a back and forth circulating of energy when one or the other needs it, as you sometimes call "holding space" for someone? With you being willing to go into the nature part of yourself and be matrix a bit. And the other person then feeling more freedom and spaciousness in their creations, with more energy, really. In that case it's not energy coming from you, but through you as the background.

We've told you that we as Leapers hold space—a more vibrant matrix—for thoughts that we think you want to grow. And a very sterile, arid matrix for thoughts that we discern you don't want to grow, like your obsessive and compulsive thoughts. So holding space can mean providing a matrix that feeds more effectively what the action is.

We've talked before about the utter attraction that a predator feels towards his prey. He doesn't want something putrid in his system. And we do think Alan is attracted to you, and attracted to Peter, whom he also corded. He sees something beautiful there, and so is drawn to it, and maybe you could say, wants it to be a part of himself. And this seems innocent enough. Is this predation?

We do think there was predation in the negative sense with Alan's strawing of you, that probably came from a sense of inadequacy in himself, and lack. Whereas with two people making love, there is a back and forth sharing of energies, and something bigger than both in that relationship deva grows, that comes from an abundance of love.

When you get strawed, perhaps what you're feeling from the other person is their lack, whether that lack is real or perceived. Even if someone's lack is because they're blocking the natural flow of energy in the universe, and they are creating that lack, through strawing they're usually trying to fill it in a very narrow, restricted way rather than opening to the abundance of life. You think of Alan's words and behavior as being cult-leader-like, with a kind of narcissistic thinking that it's OK to take. But we think in Alan's case there's more a sense of inadequacy.

So in that sense, what is coming from that dynamic? Perhaps what needs to be done is not to say stop strawing me. You can say that, but also recognize that he has an abundance of love around him, an abundance of adequacy. He has value as a person. And if he were not trying to pull what he thinks he needs from someone else, but would open to how beautiful he is already, then there's no need to straw anybody.

If you send back the love through the straw that the person needs, it may help them recognize that that love is around them already anyway. So it's not feeding your energy back to them in the sense that you'll have less and they'll have more. It's just feeding your awareness that there's plenty for everybody.

Now, why is it possible for somebody to drain you? Were you feeling a lack of energy, of ability to tap into the abundance of the universe yourself?

You've been puzzling, Cathee. We told you almost ten years ago, that for you to be the goddess for Peter didn't mean he was draining you when he experienced you as the goddess. It meant that you were in this world of polarity allowing yourself to be the goddess and him to be not the goddess, and to come together and enjoy that. We told you, you don't have to be able to play every role, every part of each polarity. He can be the male, you can be the female. He can be the god, you can be the goddess. Someone can be more intuitive, someone can be more rational. You don't have to be perfect at everything if you come together in love and enjoy sharing in each other's traits.

We do happen to agree with you, Cathee, that it's not like Alan has the energy talent and you have the verbal talent. We do think the energies are very powerful in the room when we come through. So we do think that's an inappropriate distinction. And you were probably right. He probably was wanting to latch onto your talents, again, from a sense of inadequacy. But it is possible that you might arbitrarily say tonight I'm going to be the channeler verbally, and you're going to be the channeler through healing work. Tonight, let's do that. Then people coming to your gatherings could bask in the words while being worked on by a body worker. It's a possibility. We don't see that as a strong likelihood right now. But there are ways of doing this that expand the energy together mutually rather than one drawing off the energy of the other.

So when we say to cord over to Johnny, that does not mean to drain his energy over into yourself like a vampire. It's more like a pooling of talent, of wisdom, of experience. And John truly came back to you a changed man. He felt more grounded than you've ever felt, more in the body. And somehow, wiser in that way that only comes from having met tragedy. He seemed to be so compassionate. And he would love to put a lot of focus there still, on building that synergy, that oneness, with the other John.

It seems as though zero point energy is like a black hole, or worse. Things just disappear into it, like the Bermuda triangle. But since you don't know where things pop out on the other side, that's kind of a misconception. When Johnny's plane went into that black hole, what happened? Did it totally just disintegrate? Or did it go somewhere?

Johnny's disappearing into that zero point spot made it more possible to join hands with the John in this parallel, with more of an intact astral body and etheric body. We do not have the words to describe why. We would love to be able to describe why going into a zero point spot like he did was less disintegrating and composting than had he died and his body rotted. We've told you that zero point is involved in the cloning process, and the creation of artificial parallel selves by your military and beyond. And obviously, they then later try to get the parallel to be able to merge back into the original person. So it's not a disintegration. It's kind of a doorway.

If Johnny can come to you more intact than just his memory or his karmic strands from a dead reincarnational self, is this not closer to what we're describing in saying that when we leap you, you take your body and your memory with? And your focus of experience—the way you perceive the world. The sense of selfhood built around that.

It gets very rich, does it not? John the walk-in becomes Cathee-John. Johnny joins and becomes a threesome. All with still a sense of self, of polarity, of individuation. And yet, one being in terms of the body they share now.

Spirits of the Cloned

Now you're wondering, when we said that HAARP could clone everybody, what would happen to all those spirits? Can someone gather them into themselves in an egoicly motivated way? Sorcerors have always tried that, thinking they can capture someone's soul and feed on that energy. It never works. You can't pull another person's soul into you in any way that looks helpful without love being the interface there, the glue. So a sorcerer can end up with a roomful of gourds containing other people's etheric bodies, and after a time it's like, why do I have all this stuff here? It's not doing me any good. It was so fun to think I could control these people, but really, I'm haunted by them. It never really pays off.

And the whole idea of making slaves of the clones. That's been tried many times too. The clones do not thrive. Even on a physical level, they're more trouble than they're worth, with disease. They're just not viable very long, as you would think.

On a spiritual level, a world without love doesn't ultimately feel good to anyone, even the conqueror. It can't pan out. It's never a viable probability when that's going on. It's bound to be washed out to sea, into the great sea of new creation, because it's just not rich. It's like a dark black-and-white movie that needs to be recycled. So, the whole parallel Johnny was on was becoming like a dark black-and-white movie that just needed to be recycled. But although HAARP could not be dismantled, as he told you, the souls could be freed from HAARP. Each individually, or in mass.

Can you see, Cathee, that when John is so crazy about wanting to immediately spend time and energy being with Johnny and loving him, it is a very wonderful experience for him, even though he's pulling him home from a very bleak place. And in a very real sense, the act of John and you merging with Johnny takes you jointly to a new parallel, creates a new parallel. Creates you as Cathee John Johnny. And you are becoming a magnificent creature, not because of predatory behavior in a negative sense, but because of love.

The forces of love are so much greater in this universe than the forces of emptiness, meaninglessness, isolation, and separation. They always prevail in the long run. They are the stuff of the universe. And we do think you know that no matter what intention Alan had consciously or subconsciously to drain you the last couple weeks, ultimately the love is going to prevail there too. But in the meantime sometimes protection, and even confrontation are necessary. And you can do those—you can protect yourself and you can confront in a loving way.

OK, you happen to be hungry now, and you're contemplating what plants to join forces with and digest into your body, in love. It's funny, you're always choosing. You don't ask them whom to eat next.


photo of cactus

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