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The Parallel Worlds Handbook:

Leap to a Joyful Parallel Life!

President John Kennedy Jr.'s Prologue

photo of Longs Peak in Rocky Mountain National Park

As far as I can tell, it was pure love—the purest imaginable to me—that pulled me from my captivity. I was utterly alone, my spirit body cast aside from its physical incarnation and imprisoned. My impersonator for a few brief moments controlled my body, reputation, and position—and through them, the country.

I've watched the reactions of people who have accessed our work on Cathee's parallel world, and sometimes it's difficult to restrain myself from shouting "where our world went, yours is headed!" But I wouldn't have listened had the situation been reversed.

My parallel world is now frozen in time. After the death of their president's body, the populace panicked and rioted. Atrocious technology was turned on which could have delivered to the masses my same fate. But nature intervened.

My work now is an eerie tracing of roads backward, to find points where I can influence the parallel self I was to make choices from the broader vision I hope to instill in him. In sorting through my many parallel selves as John Kennedy Jr., I'm humbly grateful to the Leapers—the compassionate natural forces of incarnation—that something I can call an "I" exists and can write this introduction.

Over several years, I've helped "leap" thousands of people from many parallel worlds—some from back in time from my vantage point here/now. "Leaping" involves splitting off a parallel self on a subtle astral level. That self is transplanted-stepped down as a physical selfhood in a new parallel world. Some leaps are huge, like the equivalent of growing up in New York and finding yourself living in the African bush. Some are small, like waking up one morning and finding a minor health problem simply gone, or getting a new job. In all cases, you and those who share your oversoul decide that your life as it relates to the purposes of the whole group would best be lived out under different circumstances. You'll bring the wisdom of experience you've accrued thus far to your new parallel world.

Parallel worlds coagulate around collective paradigms. The culture in which I was an influential leader was organized around, among other motifs, seeing power as a competitive, separative, individual possession, quite distinct from the flow of the natural universe. It exercised human ego to the max. Among the myriad of parallel worlds, and the infinite universes in which they creatively play, I participated in an absurd one in a major role.

My mother, Jackie, steeped my sister and I in world literature with its iconography, and managed to brand our family legacy noble "Camelot." I was encouraged to live life to the fullest according to our culture's ideals of "the good life," and was famous in that pursuit. But as with ancient kings who were ritually scythed so that the seeds of their experiences could return to earth—birthing new potential in human evolution—my own and my parallel world's experience should have blessed all parallel worlds. Unfortunately, our cultural goals set forces in motion that could destroy a large group of related parallel worlds.

Nature has intervened. We "leapees" are now tasked with re-writing our past, alerting similar worlds to their likely demise, and helping to leap people out of those worlds to safer places that still flow with nature and the whole. Together we sit around and say, "Wow, what all led to that outcome? How can we steer our boats through the current differently to a more beautiful shore, even in rewriting the past?"

If you're in the situation I was, there are many signs pointing to difficult outcomes for your world. If you're reading this book, you may have been born to steer its boat to catch a different current, and turn it around. But it may be too late for you to perform that task. You might help most by asking to be transplanted, and work back from a safe place.

Not all of our readers are in that scenario. Some are living sweet lives and resonating toward future happiness, and will naturally end up in beautiful outcomes. They too can benefit from this book in learning about how parallel realities sprout and interact and dissolve. It's the way of things, at least in this universe.

With an understanding of parallel worlds, you may be able to access more mature cultural understandings, and even green technologies to benefit many. You may also come into greater communion with a multi-dimensional, multi-faceted community rather than live shielded by ignorance from seeing those you could be loving-including your own parallel selves.

I'm utterly grateful for the willingness of the Leapers to lovingly leap people regardless of what harm they may have caused, and for this blessed information to have come forth for the many. Some of the biggest scoundrels I've ever met—including my former impersonator—now shine like the sun in their new cultures, having gone into the heart of darkness and learned something for all of us there about the human experience.

This book may not only be your ticket to a safer place in which to live out the rest of your life in joy, but lead to a jump in consciousness for you. The leap is not a philosophy. It's a journey, and you will be changed.

I highly recommend it.

- John Kennedy Jr.
President of the United States on my former parallel world


photo of Longs Peak in Rocky Mountain National Park

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