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Parallel Worlds Leap Handbook:

Co-create a Joyful Parallel Life

The Astral Level of Electronic Internet Surveillance

Kim is a former U.S. Secret Service agent, originally from the parallel world where a parallel self of John Kennedy, Jr. was president. That world came to a dead end through the misuse of technologies like HAARP. He has "leapt" to a more viable world, and now assists those who wish to also be transplanted to other parallel worlds. He speaks through channeler Cathee Courter.

Our electronic communication devices transmit frequencies that allow us to resonate with each other on higher dimensional astral levels. In other parallel universes, the astral level of everything—minerals, plants, etc.—is recognized and related to. On our world, our phones and computers are considered to lack consciousness. This leaves room for humans to fill in the astral level of these devices, which can either enhance the spirits of the humans using them, or separate people from their ability to access their own spiritual level—making it easy to enslave people.


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