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Parallel Worlds Leap Handbook:

Co-create a Joyful Parallel Life

Parallel World Leaping: My Parallel Self Speaks

Psychic Cathee Courter split off a parallel self, who leapt to another parallel world. In this video, she channels that parallel self, nicknamed Leenee. Leenee describes her leap, transitioning in her astral essence and downstepping into a body that matches the vibration of her new world. The world she now inhabits is in the same location in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, U.S.A. where Cathee lives, but at a different frequency. Leenee works with other immigrants who have leapt there, organizing housing, orientation and language classes, etc. She talks about leapees from President John Kennedy, Jr.'s world who are reaching back in time as spirit guides to their parallel selves in their old world, influencing them to make better decisions.

Leenee's world is a telepathic world. She and Cathee contrast the natural telepathy there with the contrived mechanical telecommunications gadgets here that strive to do the same thing.

This video is a great introduction on what to expect when you leap.


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