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The Parallel Worlds Handbook:

Leap to a Joyful Parallel Life!

Your Parallel Universe Between Parallel Universes

Being on a parallel universe between parallel universes enables you to help people on a variety of parallel worlds. In this channeling, The Leapers—the natural forces of incarnation—speak through psychic Cathee Courter. Her mountain town was isolated in the 2013 Colorado flood, during which time she made a "leap" to another parallel world by splitting off a parallel self that spans both that world and her former one. The Leapers say that much cultural information exchange is happening between parallel selves, and now many people are ready to make the kind of leap Cathee made, and be a parallel self coordinating information on a soul level consciously between their parallel selves.

The Leapers are working with many people who wish to leave the sinking ship of their present civilization and "leap" off a parallel self to a life-enhancing parallel world. Thousands have leapt already.


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