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Psychic Readings by Cathee Courter

photo of Cathee Courter

With over two decades of professional experience, my specialties include:

Personal Readings — channeling your spirit guides

Astrological Consultations (often included above)

Channeling Tutorials

Parallel World Transition Readings

Nature Spirit Communication Tutorials

We can work over the phone (internationally using Skype), in the woods, or in person at my home office in Pinewood Springs, Colorado, U.S.A. (near Rocky Mountain National Park). Sessions last up to two hours. My fee is $150 per session, payable through Paypal, cash, or a check in advance. Call me at 303-823-6108 to make an appointment any day between 10 AM and 9 PM, MST, or see my contact e-mail address. If you wish, I will record the session and send you a DVD of it.

with Peter MacGill, I also perform:

Space Clearings and Enhancements

Conscious Building Consultations

Parallel World Technology Exchange

Channelings for Groups


See samples of my written channeling all through weness.org, and videos of me channeling on our youtube channel.

Every reading is different. We go for a shift. Sometimes that comes with channeled information on your higher purpose and the decisions before you, or a detailed astrology reading, or an energy healing, or a session of you listening to your own body, or a jumpstart for you channeling your guides, or a leap, or even an exorcism, or. . . . Love heals, profoundly.

Sometimes someone calls and says "I have no idea why I feel impulsed to call you." And many times it becomes obvious that someone's guides are using a space clearing to reach them about something else.

So I ask you to trust Spirit's recommendation, if you feel that (for instance, if you keep thinking about calling). If you should call, please try not to block! Do call.

I'm looking forward to meeting you.


Wishing you many blessings!