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Loving Metal

We through Cathee Courter

The deva [spirit]of cotton has been so abused that it can not even hold its form in cotton clothing any more. It is almost grotesque what has happened to the deva of cotton through many causes, starting with slavery, and then pesticide use and genetic engineering and so forth. Even more, things like genetic engineering and pesticide use and the total mechanization of cotton production have taken human contact out of the bodily equation. Humans used to pull the seeds out of the cotton by hand way back when. And when the first cotton gin came along, at least people were still carrying baskets over and dumping them in, and they picked the cotton by hand. Humans need to be involved, in other words, in cotton production in a very tangible, touchable way.

Humans used to forge metal tools, and this was the glorious day of the metal, when it was used, yes, lovingly by humans who would have their own forge and the flame and would be holding the metal. Now even a lot of power tools have handles that aren't even metal. Peter still touches metal quite a bit, like big I-beams and so forth, but not to mold it. There are a few welders around yet. Not that they're touching the metal when it's hot, but they generally are still putting their own energy into the shaping. Often that's how you get close to metal—you shape it. Part of its function and its glory is how it can be shaped.

Metal sculptures are beautiful, even ones made with molds where the metal is poured into the shape of a human form—even a statue. This is where metal shines in the human realm.

Using metal to carry electrical charge has been a whole different development. It's a very recent development, where metal becomes hidden for the most part, where it's strung into long streams that look nothing like what comes out of the earth. And you rarely see metal except in cities in skyscrapers. In telephone lines, you don't see the metal. It's coated. And even in wiring in homes, you don't see the metal, the beautiful copper. Even in your computers, they're usually covered with some kind of plastic, although some have just metal exposed. You still have filing cabinets and so forth, and some people have metal roofs. (Metal roofs are almost always a terrible idea electromagnetically.)

So, our short history of metal.

Cathee is looking at her lamps. One shows the metal exposed and the other is enameled. Enamel—what a strange thing that you often see. It's unfortunate that metal gets so coated by the enamel. Of course it's not recyclable any more and it's covered. It's got the metallic quality to it, but people forget that it's metal underneath, and so it's hidden again. We know that Cathee is not attracted to kitchens with stainless steel fridges, etc. It's interesting that they're in vogue now, in the age of metal. But we rather like the idea of it being obvious the fridge is metal. Seeing what things really are in that way—a white enameled fridge may not look much different than a white painted cupboard or a white counter, and you forget how much metal is in your house. But when things are exposed and it looks metallic, then if the kitchen looks like, whoa, this is really metallic, you're realizing then that you may have a real imbalance in your modern kitchen of metal. It's just too much metal in one small space, especially if people also have metal chairs, etc.

Metal, we're saying, can be really beautiful, like when you think of bronze sculptures or the glisten of copper, especially when it is seen and appreciated as metal. You have used metal to be mainly a carrier lately, not only for human intention in your inventions with it but a carrier for EMFs, or at least the device that sprays them. We're going to sound very strong here, but this is important.

When you use one nature realm element primarily to embed another element into it, this is disrespectful of the deva of the element used.

We are wanting you to begin to relate to even materials that are a part of other materials that are made into objects. Both the materials involved, as well as the finished product. The wildflower salsify told you last summer you can try to relate to the deva of a house, but really it's hard to make houses feel really good when they are not made from natural materials any more. They're full of all sorts of things—plastic paint on the wall and so forth.

Metal carries electricity. And this electricity is something that humans have forgotten also runs in the earth naturally. Most humans haven't a clue that there is such a thing as earth energy. If you talk about ley lines, they say prove them, they haven't been proven. So strange. So bizarre. They haven't been proven, so they don't exist. So we can do what we want with the earth without worrying about them. Which is a barbaric mindset.

In the earth, electrical currents often follow veins of metals, as they do water. And the geology is a way of predicting what the electricity flows will be. Really the only healthy way to see your wiring infrastructure, the grids not only to your house but around your house, is as an extension of earth energies and how they flow. There really is no difference if you are generating those earth energies. When you do "generate" them, it's another word for saying you are directing the flow of them. You are directing into very conductive materials natural electricity. Even cosmic energies are "natural." It's all natural. Your part is natural.

Whether you spin magnets, whether you bring in other cosmic energies like sunlight, etc., it's a natural flow of energy, and you are simply directing that energy to flow in certain parameters like 60 hertz. So when we say that future electromagnetic environments may not support 60 hertz, this is very easy to understand. Just because you in your scientific mindset have measured a certain broadband in 3D, and you've come up with numbers and measurements for certain types of frequency wavelengths, doesn't mean those are the only wavelengths there are. Doesn't mean that they always behave in certain ways. Doesn't mean that they're things and not consciousnesses. Doesn't mean that they can't carry thoughts as well as embedded digital sound or something.

We think your hubris as a species is only equalled by your ignorance. To think that you even begin to know what something as fascinating, as intricately, infinitely rich and multi-faceted as either electricity or metal are, to think that you can reduce them to formulas, let alone gadgets, and ignore the greater resonance of these precious, precious parts of earth is mind-boggling to us. Your current very unhealthy infrastructure could only have been built by extremely ignorant people. Extremely ignorant people. And that ignorance probably could not have become so extreme if the arrogance was not there. All of life is calling to every cell in your body. Tugging is the way Cathee feels that at times.

It's tragic to us that at this time those who can most feel the full richness in consciousness of things like copper and 60 hertz frequencies are shamed and shunned by the very establishments that need your wisdom, that seem to have become very blind to what they're even working with, by reducing everything down to measurable parts for human use.

Of course, you're going to hear this message stronger from the metallic realm, the earth realm, than probably any other realms, as it's been incredibly grossly abused and ignored on a spiritual level.

Frequencies are amazing consciousnesses. Sunlight actually responds to people. We once told you that the difference between the deva [spirit] of something human-generated and the deva of a natural flower, say, both of which are conscious beings of sorts, is that the deva of a human-generated thing is not nearly as creative.

Let's look deeper. The deva of a human-generated thing draws on the intention of its creator, the human. The mindset, the intention, and therefore the limitations of its creator. Now, someone created the human who created the thing, and it does involve, of course, always natural elements. Humans used to create things, such as the clay figurines back in the old days that have been unearthed. They were full of love for the elements that went into the creation. It truly was co-creation. It was the clay and the human together coming up with something beautiful.

The same with their homes. The same with their buffalo hides that they wore and slept in. The world was alive in a way that you can only glimpse, partly because you are so inundated with human-made frequencies from satellites that no one knows what it used to be like before spirit was largely shunned from the Earth by the humans.

So, the creations of humans do not have this wide infinite depth of creative possibility that comes from co-creating with something you consider equal and beautiful. Equal is even a measurement term. We don't even like the word equal, because that implies that there is a hierarchy, implies that there is unequal. And we don't think there are unequal consciousnesses. It's a strange term of competition, really.

You have somehow managed to take immense creative conscious beings and reduce their physical forms into something that feels dead and controllable. You've done this with nearly everything on the planet. And not dead in the sense of a rich death process, as we've often talked about. Dead in terms of spiritual numbness, silencing. Not a rich death process of something coming apart and going back to the whole. We don't even have a word for what you've done. Sterilization, maybe?

You've made it so hard for things to return to the earth. Your junkyards are full of things that are having a hard time returning to the earth. Some are going to take thousands of years to return to a natural state. We wonder how people know how long styrofoam will take, when you read that styrofoam will take a hundred years. How does anybody know that, since you haven't had styrofoam for a hundred years. And we would say that long after it's not really visible, it will take longer for the toxicity of it to dispel in the earth, to come to a natural balance of soil again where it's been.

So, here we are in this context. The question is often, "How can you make electricity healthy for the human body?" Or can you? How can we have a healthy tech? In the bigger picture that we just painted, it seems like a pretty dismal prospect, doesn't it? To us it is a matter of seeing it through different eyes, what things are made of. Even what frequencies are made of, what they are. And we feel that if you wish to coax zero point frequencies out of hiding into form that willingly supplies you with what you think you need—electricity, you must love it. You must respect it for who it is—the very, very stuff of the universe coming into form. We're always talking about things coming into form from the void. And Cathee wonders if some of her sinus headaches the last few days were really third eye headaches, from trying to trace back into where does zero point come from.

To us, the question is: can zero point energy consciousness be coaxed into a world set up to abuse it? Would you want to be discovered and come into direct contact with human consciousness under those circumstances? And when you look at the tremendous violence that has happened to people who have been working on free energy devices, it's just a symbol of the violence humans inflict. Half the time even the people trying to work on these devices are inflicting violence on the metals, on the frequencies, in their attitudes towards them.

We think it is a good pursuit to come up with healthy tech. But we think the human relationship with nature is at the root of whether it's even possible or not, ever, to get there. And it comes down to, is the human capable of love? truthfully. We know people think they love their cell phones. And there is truth in some of this, like some people loving their automobiles, and almost feeling loved by them. This is not purely a human putting out the energy and it being held by the metal, so they can feel it again. Some people have managed to develop a conscious relationship with even human-dominated forms. And we think this is good, this is wonderful. Can you feel love towards the wiring in your walls and the grid? It's possible, and this is what we try to encourage Cathee to do, and to love her computer. It helps. It helps.

This is something we are not confident to talk about, which is why you have not received this channeling earlier. How can we convert the system of this mode of relationship before humans die off from their own stupidity and crassness, their own blindness to the spiritual side of everything?

You have taken this whole mindset, what you call the patriarchal mindset, to an extreme that we rarely have seen anywhere in the universe. You are on that probable planet in that probable timeline where tech has gone off the deep end. You see your space brothers and sisters supposedly flying around in 3D spaceships, which they're able to step down and land sometimes. And you know they have gone through some kind of development. We don't know whether to tell you this or not, that from our viewpoint—and you know that our we includes beings like Laser Heart that span many galaxies. (He spans three galaxies—his focus is not so much on the others, but he is of a vast network of similar beings that do.) We have rarely seen it get this bad, to where people are so polluting themselves and overpopulating, etc. Where people on an overpopulated Earth are pouring massive energy into fertility treatments instead of getting the message. Hello? You don't need more people.

If you can turn it around here, you can turn it around anywhere.

We have told you there are probable timelines on Earth where even close to this timeline, there are civilizations paralleling your time that have healthy tech. Where you did not decide en masse to shun the spiritual life of plants and metals and earth energies and atmosphere. Really, when you think of it, the majority of the time on this planet, people have honored your co-creators. It's only been a very brief time where this experiment has just gone berserk of human consciousness. It's extremely not normal and unnatural.

You call it evolution. We find that to be a rather neutral term, actually. You seem to think that if things evolve in a certain direction, that means they're better and better, more and more complex. We would use that term to just mean that someone had an intention and then their creations evolved towards that intention, but if that intention was a very destructive one or greedy one, then your evolution is towards that end. So yes, you've had very advanced evolution, but we question whether your intentions will bring you happiness.

We want to talk a little bit about the Hindu great ages. Cathee keeps thinking you're in an age of darkness, and this is what happens. The word darkness is used differently in that polarity. You think of light as enlightenment, and darkness is supposed to carry both the image of evil or really this coldness of technology of which we've been speaking, the separation of density—we won't say density, that's how you speak of it, as density. And you think of light as being higher vibrational. But darkness also is used in your language to refer to the feminine, the receptive, the fecundity of the earth, of death. Which you're starting to see as a really positive thing. Fecundity in terms of things composting and releasing their experience as well as their nutrients, so that new possibilities, new potentials—that darkness can be potential. Darkness like of space. You've heard that space contains incredible energy. Of course, it's always referred to as, "you know, the amount of energy in a square yard of space could run the electrical needs of cities." What a comparison. "How can we use it?"

In looking at the swing of your solar system around the galaxy, and the talk about going from light to darkness to light to darkness in your orbital swings. We think your language in associating what seems to be negative intention with both matter and evil, has somewhat led to the difficulty you're in. You talk about the shadow self, as the repressed unconscious parts of yourselves, rather than as the great mass unconsciousness out of which consciousness springs and upon which it depends. In other words, you can see it as, consciousness is what's real, I'm conscious of my own feelings. And what I repress is then in this darkness that's destructive and chaotic. But what if you see that mass of unconsciousness as the fertile pool from which conscious thought can arise, and into which it falls again. What if you see matter as the very basis that is the foundation for higher frequencies, and that to bring something down, down, down into form is one of the greatest accomplishments of consciousness? How can you have something extremely beautiful in a form that you can go into polarity with and enjoy fully, richly, sensually, without form and matter? Matter is in that sense almost the pinnacle of beauty made manifest. Or of anything made manifest. There is something so satisfying about that, bringing things into physical form.

Now. You are wanting healthy tech that's beautiful. That is bringing an intention down into form. And many people do consider your cities and your computers and your tech that rely so much on electricity and its uses—many people see that as incredibly beautiful. Almost as if it's worth sacrificing the whole planet to have a beautiful computer that works on a grid of electricity, and beams and receives wireless signals from the sky, infiltrating the whole atmosphere. What an addict's dream, huh?

Unfortunately, we think like with any addiction, you probably have to dry out and go through the withdrawal before you can then create tech with a different intention. This is what Cathee has feared, that we would agree with her worse fears that you probably cannot get there from here without a phase of drying out.

Were there not so many people on the planet, it would not seem like such a hopeless thing to step back. Already many places have been deforested for people to stay warm or cook their food, and already there are people living in climates that they may not even survive in very well without their tech pumping water up from deep in the ground, growing food under grow lights, heating.

Many people believe it's tech that has allowed the people to overpopulate themselves. We can feel Cathee wanting to know what we think of all this, and we can feel her not wanting to know. Not wanting to hear us speak. But we have told you already that we do see massive death coming. And you are past the point where you can step back and go natural and sustain this many people. You're far beyond that. And so you are living in a crisis. You're almost living in a lottery system, where those with wealth are most likely to survive, it seems. But we disagree with that. Even though those who still have a connection to a spirituality in everything around you seem to be the ones who are suffering the most and are the weakest, and many seem to be the highly sensitive individuals, the meek will inherit the Earth. And we speak this with conviction. And these will be the ones to build new ways of doing things in alignment with Earth. The ones who can still feel the energies of the earth. People such as yourselves.

How do you start? Do you have to give up electricity altogether? How do you communicate to the world without computer-based or telecommunications-based gadgets?

What we would say, with some very high beings in we who span long periods of time, as many of us do: survival is not the goal. The survival of the many is not the goal. Comfort is not the goal. Learning might be a very important aspect of this.

Daisy told you last summer that if the seed of a civilization is a bad seed, let it compost—don't let it bear a new plant, don't let it bear fruit and continue on. And she was implying that this civilization has many bad seeds to it. But not all bad in terms of viability. Not in terms of learning.

Experience is the main thing, not beauty or comfort or happiness necessarily, but learning, experience. And learning is even a funny word, because you're so used to book learning. We would say experience has implicitly within it learning, and that's the kind we mean, not the storing up of encyclopedic knowledge for future generations or something. It's experience.

There is no way to know what taking this intention of tech being your god to the extreme is like unless you experience it, collectively and individually. As you know, many people are experiencing it by using the gadgetry in such a way that it will kill them. And it is killing them now. And in the meantime, it is dulling their minds and closing down their hearts.

If you see the purpose of the particular timeline you're on as being about experiencing what it's like if you take your present cultural intentions to the extreme, this is a successful civilization. It is really doing what you set out to do. And in that sense, there are many of you who have agreed, who have exceptional ability to fully experience a thing consciously, and not just kind of be a part of the flow of people running through an auditorium pushed along and not knowing where they're going. But to truly digest this experience. Fully explore it. And now may be doing this on a bigger level, if our teachings get out to a bigger audience. This is not suffering in vain. Even exploring the consequences of stupidity is not a stupid thing to do. It has its own richness.

And you have volunteered for this to some extent, as have many people who have already died of brain tumors. Or have come in as autistic children of mothers who were on their cell phones a lot. Or whatnot.

You are moving towards a choice point for those we have told you have come to perhaps more unconsciously—well, who is to say—OK, for those who have really come to play this to the hilt and push it along with some of these destructive, greedy and controlling intentions. As we've said before, those who wanted to kill God. Kill the god in everything, which is kind of an interesting concept in itself, to kill God. Those will only be on the planet a few more years. You could say they will have taken this about as far as you can take it. How many more nuclear bombs can we have on the planet in stockpiles without destroying the planet? Their experiment's over.

This is hard for us to explain in a way that you don't cringe. Even though your cultural paradigm of what's happening on the planet is the polarity struggle between good and evil, we don't think that's primarily what's playing out. We think a lot of what's playing out, at least in terms of EMFs, is a bunch of people seeing what happens if you take the state of intention to the extreme. And even what we call a negative intention—we're looking for words, because it's not really negative. What is greed, it's part of nature, it's part of your makeup, and destructiveness is part of nature, part of what is, it's all just what is. So it's even hard to find good or bad to it, but certain of these intentions are certainly being played out big time.

So it's not between good and evil so much as just between those who wish to come to spiritual wholeness awareness of what's happening and those who wish to perpetuate it unconsciously. And at a time when everything's spinning a little faster, a little higher frequency, the coming to a spiritual awareness of what's been going on is getting more widespread. And so as you collectively gain awareness, and come to spiritual awareness more, those who are perpetuating the game and are not coming to spiritual awareness will no longer feel welcome or feel in control here, and they will be very happy, really, to get out of here. It just won't feel good here any more. It's too much light and love for them.

And by all means, push this along. Bring it on. Bring it on. It's not by fighting the bad, it's by raising the vibration that the ignorance can no longer be sustained.

So that's primarily the level we work on, is helping to bring awareness to people with all the spiritual power that we can muster as your fellow co-inhabitants of the planet, no matter how you try to paint us as if we were unspiritual. That's a funny word too. The word spiritual implies that there is anything not spiritual. To even talk in terms of spiritual, as if everything were not spirit. It's usually played off against matter, of course, as being unspiritual, which of course is ridiculous. Matter as being a solidified form of a spiritual intention, how could that not be spiritual?

So we feel like we're coming to an end of what we want to say, and yet you feel hanging, like should we just forget about healthy tech? Or what should we do? And will I survive, and how can I survive, and how can I work with the wiring around me and the satellites beaming down on me, etc.? Don't just leave me hanging, you say. And what does it mean, a drying out period? Does that mean living . . . in what? Without electricity? Without light at night?

That would set you ahead so far, so fast, were you to even live without artificial light at night, and let the night speak to you once again. A week of that, and you'd be set way ahead in returning to a normal healthy existence on this planet. On so many levels. On biochemical levels, on your ability to sense energies, your ability to connect with the stars again in a conscious way. It would be marvelous. It would really be marvelous. You are missing the night sky. Cathee, we suggest you go for a walk at night, every night. You are missing that. Instead you read books on EMFs by lamplight, and your mind is on that.

We do not wish to depress you or leave you hanging. Yes, you have brought investors into your life wanting to be part of solutions, and you're wondering what are the steps to getting to zero point or healthy tech? They are an attitude change, and everything will come from that. We're not saying there won't be interim steps. We have told you already that we don't think that you will need nearly so many of the gadgets that you do now, as they are actually slowing down your telepathy. The internet is slowing down your natural telepathy. Your phones are. And we mean that. And when we say that, you can even just imagine how intense it will be to be able to talk to anybody telepathically as clearly as you now can talk to them on the phone. We say more clearly, because you will sense their whole energy field, and then you'll know immediately how they are. You won't have to ask. A lot of the conversation can be much shorter and more direct. More like channeling. In fact, we think already regular conversation, Cathee, is seeming cumbersome to you. You felt that with your houseguest this week as he expected you to chitchat with him, and you just wanted to channel, go a lot more directly, cut the need for all this talk.

So will this planet survive on the present timeline that you're on? Yes. Will things in a few years be totally different? Yes. Timelines that diverge from the same point can be totally different even though they start out the same. Someone's life can go into vastly different probabilities. We do see you here on a positive spin that will make it. There will be, as we have said, a lot fewer people on the Earth, but people with joy and with beauty around, still trees left and so forth. And it will come to a spiritual flowering. This is a very good timeline to be on. You will get to see the transformation from the negative intention to much more positive ones, and this is happening, hopefully in big numbers. But we were serious when we said that we think those who are able to communicate with nature and who are sensitive to nature still, those are the ones who will be here. Can you see how in the big picture those are the ones who will be needed? Those are the ones who will create the new Earth, here. They are the ones who will be able to clean up the mess and start on a new intention of joy. That's what we're always saying—go for joy. Set that in motion now for a new paradigm. Joy.

Where can you live, and how can you survive and start to change things, even while the old intention is still playing out? At this point, the best you personally can do is channel us, and bring awareness to as many people as you can. We say work with scientists, but when you're working with scientists, you're trying to raise their awareness. When we say nature can hand tech into the human world, the relationship there of even believing that nature loves you and you can relate to it so that it gives you that, is as important as whatever tech it brings. You see, the paradigms have to change. And fast. This is part of what you're here for.

If this channeling can go out to people, that in itself is as important as coming up with a free energy generator. Do you see? The paradigms have to change.

There is much, much, much we can give you that will help to alleviate the effects of your present tech, and to help steer you in the ways of designing new better tech, but of course, even the process, we feel, of people who are wanting this information, coming to you, knowing that you channel nature beings—for them to come and want you on their team is the new paradigm we're talking about. It is having a respect for the intelligence of nature and the spirituality of nature, and so that's why healthy solutions can come out of that partnership, because it's founded on a new paradigm, and anew intention of co-creation.


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