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Who We Are

photo of Cathee Courter and Peter MacGill in Rocky Mountain National Park

by Cathee Courter

Our particular "we"—our soul family—is comprised of many beings, some of whom are more human and some of whom are more nature. We work as a team to bring nature's vast intelligence and connectedness to meet twenty-first century humans in this time of extreme abstract thought, technology, and social change. I'd like to think that the quality of the information that comes through has to do with my superior channeling abilities, but the truth is that among our articulate nature allies and spirit guides are those who have worked with humans for millennia, and understand us humans maybe better than we do ourselves. We find joy in creating new forms for our times. We invite you to join us in this creativity as we heal the relationship between the human and nature realms, and thereby the planet.

You'll find channelings from our team's nature beings on this web site. Many are land-based in or near Rocky Mountain National Park, which is near Boulder and Estes Park in northern Colorado, U.S.A. where we live and work from. This is a hotspot for nature/human communication.

My human partner Peter MacGill has a M.S. in Geology, and was a geologist for the state of Florida for seven years. He's been a general contractor since the early eighties, bringing together land and people in the building and renovation of homes, businesses, and non-profits. He was responsible for building a retreat center in New Mexico using natural building techniques, and while there served on the county Water Advisory Board, which created water use plans for one of the largest counties in the U.S.

My graduate studies were in comparative theology. I've been channeling professionally since the late eighties. I was the Coordinator for International and Comparative Studies at The University of Iowa for six years in the nineties. When I felt led to move near Rocky Mountain National Park, my guidance urged me to use my psychic abilities with nature.

Peter and I met and took a hike together in 2000, which commenced five years of bi-weekly intensive weekend workshops for the two of us taught by our spirit guides and local land spirits.

Together we perform channelings for groups, workshops, building and land use consultations, space clearings and enhancements, electromagnetic field audits, and shamanic tutoring. Our work goes "beyond green" to facilitate deeper relationships between clients and their environments. Peter renovates buildings, often using sacred geometry, and I counsel clients using channeling and astrology.

We are in the process of bringing other nature psychics and technical experts together. We're exploring the idea of forming an institute, to meld nature's wisdom and human technical know-how in practical projects that will be a knowledge resource base for the development of healthy technologies. Some of these projects involve bringing wisdom over from other parallel versions of Earth and beyond, from humans who have worked out more nature-friendly tech in their timelines than we have in ours.

We experience ourselves to be always part of various "wenesses" that arise—our overarching greater soul group, the groups we channel for, close friends, and yes, you when you read this website and think thoughts and feel feelings about it, and otherwise participate. We hope you will find the concepts you read well, fascinating, as we do, but we also hope you'll go further and form your own relationship on the inner planes with those who speak within these pages. Whether we ever meet or talk to you or not, this website is sacred space, and you and the rest of the "we" that has visited now have a connection. We wish you joy in our "weness."


©Cathee Courter and Peter MacGill, photos and text.

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